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A website should not only present a company and its products/services, but also sell these ones. E-commerce platform reduces costs due to automation of sale process, it lets clients have access to a company from anywhere in the world. Your clients may find here: client?s address book, history of purchases, indication of article quantity available, list of bestsellers, etc. As for administration, you may find here: user-friendly interface, statistics of articles and buyers, add/edit/delete categories, articles, manufacturers, clients? accounts and overviews, adjustment of article characteristics in the listing, ability to use SSL Server for order forms, etc.

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  • : TheAnotherWorld
  • : 04.04.2010

Owning your own affiliate directory is an excellent revenue generating traffic tool that you can use to promote your own website network. Plus you make 100% of advertising space. / The affiliate directory website is 100% automated and users administer their own accounts. /

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  • : tony
  • : 27.03.2008

All Webmaster Forum is a site that helps the webmasters to discuss and chat about any topics given in this site. In this site there are many categories to discuss they are, Marketing Forums, Web Development Forums, Search engine forums, Market place forums and general discussions like announcements, forum rules etc., Only members could discuss their doubts through this site.

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  • : P-Lance
  • : 18.12.2008

In need of custom freelance programming? Then programmers freelance is the right place for you. Our programmers are dedicated to giving the best quality scripts and programming to the webmasters in need of help.

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  • : mike
  • : 20.09.2009 offers few PHP scripts like, statz, pandora and leecher. Webmasters can use it on their sites. This site also helps you to host your site and to design your website. They offer different services regarding website design and development. This site also offers personal web solutions and dynamic website applications for business needs.

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  • : AK Communications
  • : 12.01.2008

Apache-MySQL-PHP is a very useful website from which the PHP beginners can learn about Apache server, MY SQL and PHP. This website offers various information like, tutorials, articles, scripts and books about MySQL, Apache server and PHP. This website also offers general information like hosting, computer information and about XML.

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  • : 01.02.2011

Appcreator is a resource site for web developers. It contains PHP scripts, applications and links to other resources.

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  • : Tonyaaaa
  • : 12.10.2011

App creator site has many php web applications that helps the webmasters to download PHP based scripts to design their site. This site helps them to connect with other sites according to their search requirements. Each link will have several scripts to download. Programmers can post their comments regarding to this site. This website contains more resource links.

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  • : Appcreator
  • : 21.01.2010

Dt6 Software - Auction Website is an user friendly website template through which the users can build a fully functional auction website. This website offers several modules like banner rotator, form creator, guest book, RSS etc.

  • : Shareware / $19.98
  • : DT6 Software
  • : 17.01.2009

Aynsoft is a company who develops web based programme like web site design, web hosting, ecommerce, search engine optimiization and more related to web developments. Aynsoft is also focused in PHP programming, developing flash for graphics and animation in web sites, road map for e-business, Business Process Outsourcing etc.,

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  • : Aynsoft
  • : 22.11.2009

AzDGDatingPlatinum is the most powerful Dating script working on PHP and MySQL. It has very many features. Is not possible to show all features available in this script. 100% Templates Based, Messaging System, Multilanguage, Ban Users, Blogs, Articles, Testimonials, Moderators, News system, Matchmaker, Vote, Featured Profiles (Top Men and Women), upload up to 64 photos and up to unlimited number of private photos, 40 registration fields, birthdays, recommend us script, powerful admin maillist feature, quick/simple/advanced search, thumbnails, friend`s links, profiles subscription, messages control, privilegied users by IP, ban users by IP, decrease photos when upload, show photos on search results, known languages fields, very many configurable features as register mode, update mode, favorites users list, feedback with webmaster, FAQ integrated system for all users, securely working on sessions (temporary cookies), 2CheckOut integration, Affiliates program, BadWords Checking, E-cards, Chat, Access Management, Forum, Cache system, Banner Ads, Who seen my profile, MultiTemplate, Database Backup, Comments, Flash template and more... Tested on 1.000.000 users

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  • : AzDG Support
  • : 14.01.2008

Bali Script is a website that offers PHP scripts, such as guestbooks and more.

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  • : Asn
  • : 09.04.2009

BPHotels - is a hotel site script, included site for bookings, admin panel for hotel management and reports.

Technology: Ruby On Rails 2.2.2
Database: MySQL

Main Features:
- Search for rooms and booking available rooms
- Payment module
- Administrator can create new rooms and rates
- Administrator can view and manage orders
- Search history
- Power reports with graphs

  • : Shareware / $39.99
  • : BPowerhouse
  • : 25.02.2008

BPAutosales is ready for use automotive site. Users and dealers may register and post cars/bikes for sale. Users may search cars/bikes posted by other users and dealers. The site has robust dealer and administrator panels. Admin Panel includes management of site data, banners, postings approval and much more.

  • : Shareware / $38.90
  • : BPowerhouse
  • : 29.09.2007

BPDoctor Appointment:
This script is a on site doctor appointment setting,
User can book doctor appointments, admin can view and manage the appointments.
User site:
Users can book a doctor appointment by:
- choosing a specialization they want to book a doctor appointment.
- choosing a doctor form the list of doctors.
- clicking the date and time they need the appointment.
- entering personal information.
users will receive an email with all appointments details.

Admin Panel:
Administrator can:
- manage specialization.
- manage doctors.
- manage shifts.
- manage days of work.
- manage appointment periods.
- view a list of appointments, and cancel them.
- view history appointments.
- edit email templates.

Main Features:
user chooses a specialization and doctor
user selectes date and time
user fills in personal information
admin- manage appointments
manage doctors
manage appointment period

  • Unix, Windows
  • : Shareware / $36.90
  • : BPowerhouse
  • : 17.02.2007

BPDoctorAppointment is an online doctor appointment script. Site users can view doctors, view availability and book doctor appointments. Administrator can view and manage the appointments.

Site Users:
Users can book a doctor appointment by:
- choosing a specialization they want to book a doctor appointment.
- choosing a doctor form the list of doctors.
- clicking the date and time they need the appointment.
- entering personal information.
users will receive an email with all appointments details.

Admin Panel:
Administrator can:
- Manage specialization.
- Manage doctors.
- Manage shifts.
- Manage days of work.
- Manage appointment periods.

- View a list of appointments, and cancel them.
- View history appointments.
- Edit email templates.

Main Features:

* User chooses a specialization and doctor.
* User selects date and time.
* User fills in personal information.
* Admin can view and manage appointments.
* Manage doctors.
* Manage appointment period.

  • Linux, Unix, Windows
  • : Shareware / $49.80
  • : BPowerhouse
  • : 28.10.2007

BPDomains is a script for building a domain marketplace site. The user can buy and sell domains, check for available domain names online and register new domains. The program has built-in powerful search page, on which site users can search domain names according to categories, subcategories, extensions and keywords. Each domain, before it is displayed on the site, must pass system admin verification.

Domain purchase negotiation is made in auction-like way. The seller places his domains for some start price, and then buyers can make him their offers. If the seller agree to one of offers, the system sends buyer an email notification that his offer has won this so-called auction and he needs to pay. All money transactions are managed by site admin.

The site is multilingual - has 4 languages and 3 currencies so far.

Main Features:

* Buy domains
* Sell domains
* Auction-like negotiations
* Domain name information
* Multi-lingual
* Multi-currency
* Paypal payments
* Admin panel

  • Unix, Windows
  • : Shareware / $38.00
  • : BPowerhouse
  • : 01.05.2010

BPHotels is a hotel reservation site script where site users will be able to search rooms availability with an online booking reservation system. Site users can also browse hotels, view room inventory, check availability, and book reservations in real-time.

Site users enter arrival date and departure date then search for availability and rates. After choosing the right room in the wanted hotel - all booking and reservation process is done on the site and an email is sent to confirm the booking.

Administrator Panel
Account Manager
- Administrators - Administrator can add / edit and manage administrator accounts.
Hotels Manager
- Hotels - Administrator can manage hotels that will appear on the site with the hotel name, description, address, phone and fax.
- Room Types - Administrator can define the type of rooms in the hotels, rooms prices and upload an image for each room.
- Hotel Rooms - For each hotel the administrator can define the rooms available, rooms number, max occupants and remarks on the specific room.
Bookings Manager
- Bookings - All bookings and reservations maid on the site are displayed with all booking details: arrival date, departure date, hotel name, room type, number of passengers, price...
- Available Rooms - Administrator can also search for room availability from the administrators panel and does not have to go on the site in order to look for hotels.
- Bookings History - Administrators can view all bookings ever maid on the site.
- Bookings Statistics - Administrator can view statistics of booking on bar charts that show the difference in bookings according to months.
- Email Templates - Administrators can edit the text on each email.
- Languages - Define the languages that will be viewed on the site with the language code.
- Constants - Foe each language the administrator can define the wording.
- Panel Settings - Here the administrator can define the basic site name and header.
- Menu Manager - Here the site administrator can rearrange the menu bar with the sub pages of the administrator panel.
- Site Settings - Here the administrator can define if to use pay pal on the site and if yes then what will be the pay-pal email address used, the administrator can also define the administrator email address where all reservation emails will be sent to.
- Static Pages - Here the administrator can edit the content of the static pages on the site for each language: Area Information Page, Rooms Page...

Main Features:
-Search for available rooms and bookings
-Paypal module
-Administrator can create new rooms and rates
-Administrator can view and manage bookings and their history
-Power reports with graphs

  • : Shareware / $48.49
  • : BPowerhouse
  • : 29.10.2008

BPMembers is a simple script to use, cost effective way for associations, clubs, businesses and individuals to manage a database of members, subscribers, customers or suppliers online.

Technology: Ruby On Rails 2.0.2
Database: MySQL

Main Features:

* Company registration
* Company owners may create registration forms for members
* Admin Panel with reports, including export to Excel

  • : Shareware / $14.95
  • : BPowerhouse
  • : 04.04.2007

BPRestaurant - is a script to create restaurant site. The site will include menu of dishes with option to order them online, gallery of interior pictures, general pages like about us. The site is prepared for multilanguage. Admin panel includes options to manage products, orders, gallery, content of home page and other pages (CMS).

Technology: PHP5 OO
Database: MySQL

Main Features:
* Restaurant menu.
* Option to order meals.
* Interior pictures gallery.
* Admin panel to manage products, orders, gallery, content of home page and other pages(CMS)

  • : Shareware / $42.90
  • : BPowerhouse
  • : 05.01.2008