Virtual Communities


The Clan Engine is a PHP and MySQL based database engine that is created for the purpose of gaming clans. It consists of a fully featured admin login section, players profile, challenge forum, shout box etc. It is also a theme based clan and consists of various themes in the database and new themes are constantly being developed every week. The script is very simple and easy to use.

  • : Shareware / $20.00
  • : Frederick
  • : 20.07.2011

The Clanboard is a simple and easy to use script created using PHP with which you will be able to manage clans easily. It requires MySQL database for storing and retrieving the information. The features of this script include private message box for sending messages to other clan members, allows to change layouts easily with Style sheets or you can have a own logo of your clan, fully featured forum for tactics, news forum with comment option and much more. An online demo is available in the website.

  • : Shareware / $19.89
  • : WEP
  • : 23.06.2011

The CliServ Web Community is a PHP based virtual community script which allow the users to access their accounts through a web server. It can also be used as a web based virtual office. It allows to have unlimited number of users and can send e-mail to all the members on any special event. The information regarding the members like their name, e-mail IDs, telephone numbers etc are stored in the PostgreSQL database.

  • : Free
  • : Curtis Ireland
  • : 12.05.2010

This is a program that comes with all features of an online communication development system. It is possible to build several types of websites such as online schools, download directories, dating, article websites etc., by using this program. This program sports several enhanced features including providing facility for the administrators to manage users by the username and password, facility to build chat rooms, allowing members to upload photos and audio and video clips, forum creation etc.,

  • : Shareware / $275.00
  • :
  • : 13.07.2009

The IntroBuilder FX is an automatic web publishing system which enables your clients the ability to create their own Multimedia Intro without having any knowledge in Flash or FTP and HTML. With this script you will be able to save your time and gain extra revenue. It has a password protected login and user friendly control panel, WYSIWYG feature for web site content, ability to customize the text, ability to add meta keywords, title and description to make your project search engine friendly and has many other features. The admin section includes fast PHP language backend, ability to add, editor delete e-mail users, allows you to create your own skins or use the readily available skins in the script. An online demo is also available in the website.

  • : Shareware / $349.00
  • : WebDesignHQ Inc
  • : 13.12.2011

MRLiveShare is a revolutionary PHP live file sharing facility that does not require any java applets. Whenever you upload a file, it will be instantly available for preview or download for everyone who is currently online within the same web address. Just call your friend, tell him to go to the same web address and try it together. You can also open two separate browser windows, point them to the same address (e.g. Demo on, upload a file in the first one and see the result in the second! Currently *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.gif, *.png, *.doc, *.xls and *.txt file types are supported. MS Word and MS Excel files will not appear on other OS than MS Windows. Please note that each upload will take a while to appear.

  • : Free
  • : Marek Rozanski
  • : 13.11.2011

The PHP Disc is a virtual community script written using PHP and requires MySQL for storing all the information. You will be able to modify the profile of every memeber. It contains various options for members, administrators as well as for webmasters. Member options include adding and modifying news posts, private messaging system. Administrator have the controlling of adding, changing and deleting users or members, set user position, ability to add and delete replay and map etc. The features for webmasters include the ability to change survey, poll, color, channels options and many other features.

  • : Shareware / $50.00
  • : PHP Disc
  • : 02.02.2009

PHP Twitter PE Edition (Personal Edition) Is a script website written in PHP and using one mysql database.This open source PHP package allows for you to run your own website like the popular twitter site does (aka: a php twitter clone) accept that it is tailored toward you and your visitors only.

  • Linux
  • : Shareware / $249.97
  • :
  • : 09.03.2010

How it works and why is it so popular? / It's a simple! here is an idea: user can register for free but he must invite his friends to join the community! And if he want to communicate with members he can pay very small and symbolic fee or invite 24 other people. Those guys made more than $1000000 so far! Why can't you? / Idea is best and price for what we are offering is cheapest on the market!

  • : Shareware / $99.95
  • : Joe Davis
  • : 16.09.2008

TUFaT is one of the only places on the Internet where you can create a dynamic web-based family tree, and it was the ORIGINAL online family tree builder when first introduced in 1999. / With TUFaT, you can start your family tree, and then give your username and password to family members across the world so that they can add their own branches to the tree. You can upload images and biographies of family members, lock records, and export the tree to the popular GEDCOM file format so that it can be used in desktop genealogy programs. / Since TUFaT is PHP/MySQL-based, it can manage millions of family records. This version costs $5, and includes 100% of the source code, as well as simple installation instructions and free technical support on the support forum.

  • : Shareware / $5.00
  • : Darren Gates
  • : 14.11.2011

The Viral Hit Generator is a script written using PHP for the purpose of creating a viral marketing system from your website. It requires MySQL database for storing data. This script allows to have unlimited number of levels within the matrix srtucture, includes an administration area for member management, sends e-mail to all members, provides statistics for all levels, administration banners etc. An online demo is available in the website.

  • : Shareware / $149.00
  • : IcaNet
  • : 05.03.2008