Usenet Gateway


MyNewsGroups :) is a web based news reader in PHP utility with MySQL database backend. This USENET news client has plenty of news servers support. Feature highlights are, optional login system, web based administration interface, subscription system, save, print or send by email your favourite articles to others, news and unread messages highlighting, optimized article downloading and indexing system, search engine and easy installation.

  • : Free
  • : Txarly
  • : 19.05.2009

myPHP usenet is an application in PHP to select a news group and conduct searches regarding subject, email, message body, author and date. With this script you can browse each and every topic, full or a selected newsgroup. With this script, the user can index their own archives. Easy to download and install. Easy to run this software.

  • : Free
  • : Martin Kaltoft
  • : 24.09.2009

News Portal is multi-platform compatible. This script enables the access to a news server (by NNTP) from a webpage. It allows you to combine web-forums and newsgroups. The script is also suitable for presentation of announce newsgroups on web pages, without having the user notice that he is in fact accessing a news server. It features: simple installation does not require a SQL database, tree structure display of the article overview, and more.

  • : Free
  • : Florian Amrhein
  • : 08.04.2011

NewsReader on-line is a software useful for getting, sending, answering, displaying usenet news which is updating news round the clock, on your website. This online script can be downloaded and installed easily. With this script you can get the latest news from usenet news groups easily. Easy to access the programme.

  • : Free
  • : Linuxnews
  • : 14.04.2009

nntp2rss is an application written in PHP serves as a link maker to get latest new from news groups by using an RSS reader. This RSS makes access to any kind of frequently posted news. Feature highlights are, read any usegroup with the same script ie- group name is passed as a parameter, puts the latest 1 to 25 articles into the feed, option to use google groups to view groups and article texts, feed caching, creates RSS0.91, 1.0 ir 2.0 PIE 0.1 feeds and even Unix mbox files. This programme's default news server is Easy to use and install.

  • : Free
  • : Kai Blankenhorn
  • : 02.07.2009

Usenet.php is a software that makes you to browse a usenet newsgroup. / This script allows the users to view the news in a database, browse and search news. Support by the MySQL database adds a stable backend. This acts as a mirror to usenet newsgroups who are updating the news round the clock. Easy to download and install. simple to run this programme.

  • : Free
  • : Metalhead
  • : 10.04.2011