Help your visitors find the information they need quickly and easily using the features of FastFind. Totally Re-brandable, features: Automatic updates, multiple search modes, restricted content, URL filters, template driven, and powerful statistics and reporting.

  • : Shareware / $97.00
  • : Eddie Machaalaniaaaa
  • : 13.07.2011

Free search engine script that makes it easy to add a search engine to any website. No programming required. Utilizes the Google API on the backend, so there is no database required.

  • : Free
  • : Jackaaaa
  • : 03.03.2008

Check if a website is banned from Google. Just enter a domain name and see if it is included in the Google index.

  • : $9.95
  • : 28.01.2011
  • : 1.0

MX Site Search looks through multiple tables of the site's database. Easy to configure. Search in multiple tables. Full text/normal text indexing.

  • : Shareware / $75.00
  • : InterAKTaaaa
  • : 10.12.2011

This module allows members to bid on ad placement position to appear higher in search results. Members setup their ads on the site and then buy a credit balance of funds (called a reserve). The advertiser then assigns a "bid amount" to each ad they setup. Advertisers can setup as many ads as they like. The bid amount determines the placement of the ad when displayed with other ads in a listing. The higher the bid amount, the closer to the top

  • : Shareware / $119.95
  • : Alinaaaaa
  • : 22.11.2011

phpMiniCrawler is a simple tool using which you would be able to search for meta tags for websites. This tool is simple and is built with PHP. Some of the key features are simple and intuitive interface, ability to search for whole website, simple integration etc., you will also be provided with a short description and the name of the author of the website for which you search the meta tags.

  • : Free
  • : Kyle Eagle
  • : 13.01.2008

Free script for SEO masters creates your own search engine and directory with thousands of SE-optimized pages and paid links. You can use the script as part of your portal.

  • : Free
  • : GoldenBullaaaa
  • : 22.12.2007

This is a powerful search engine utility that helps you to find the search engine ranking for your website on google. This program can query for your keywords with the specific font tag combination and displays both the physical and site position of your website on the google search engine. This program is simple and is easy to use.

  • : Free
  • : Web-Max
  • : 25.12.2008

Search Pilot Pro is a PHP based program which is helpful for the webmasters to facilitate their website with search engine by which the web visitors can search and access their requested link easily. It grabs the result from search engine server like, revenue pilot and searchfeed. By using this tool the webmasters can earn money according to the result. If the visitor search the result from search feed search engine it will pay fifty percent money to the website owners at the same time if the visitor retrieve the result from revenue pilot it will pay sixty percent of money to the web owners. This script is simple to setup and to use. It offers several important and enhanced features.

  • : Shareware / $49.95
  • : Searchpilot pro
  • : 07.01.2009

With this script you can be up and running your own pay per click search engine in just a few minutes. SearchFeed Search Engine is one of best ways to make use of SearchFeeds pay per click search engine affiliate program. SearchFeed Search Engine only takes a minute to configure, just enter your SearchFeed affiliate ID, site title, upload your files and you are up and running.

  • : Free
  • : Justin Congdonaaaa
  • : 25.01.2007

SearchPilot Pro is an instant search engine script that parses results from two of the most popular pay-per-click search engines - SearchFeed and RevenuePilot. These results are then shown in your Web site, with your affiliate ID embedded so that you will earn money for each and every click made from your Web site. SearchFeed pays you upto 50% of the bid amount for a search term and RevenuePilot pays 60%.

  • : Shareware / $49.95
  • : Anand P Iyeraaaa
  • : 15.07.2010

A feature-enrich Pay per Click Search Engine for your Web site. Members can signup to add their site to your search engine. You earn money for each visitor they get through this script. For each Web site that member adds, he can specify multiple relevant keywords with different bids. Sites are also arranged in a multilevel hierarchy. Members can place their Web sites in multiple categories with different bid. Script supports extensive stats plus a very sound admin panel.

  • : Shareware / $69.00
  • : Savvyaaaa
  • : 24.11.2008

Features fast search with cache and an advanced AJAX search box with results as you type. The search box can be customized to the look of your site. The search engine can index standard html sites and dynamic site by following links on your Web site. Easy configuration and integration with any existing site.

  • : Shareware / $199.99
  • : Cory Rauchaaaa
  • : 02.02.2007

This scripts takes data from a temporary database (as an example) to extract search terms along with their number of searches and display the result as a tag cloud.

  • : PHP 3, MySQL
  • : Free
  • : 16.07.2009
  • : 1.0.0

TSEP is a free php search engine for a website / You can put a "Search this site" anywhere on your website and let people quickly find what they are looking for. / - See our website for screenshots / - It supports (MySQL-) boolean search terms if you have a MySQL version of 4 or higher. / - TSEP is designed to be very easy to install and use. / - TSEP can be implemented into your layout (there is also a pre-made search page available) / With only two lines of code you can add TSEP to your website and into your layout! / - TSEP uses CSS for formating. / You should be able to adjust any color, font, anything of the look to your needs. / - Profiles to index divide indexing / - TSEP is localized! (translated in many languages)

  • : Free
  • : olaf_noehring
  • : 22.06.2008

Online tool searches and generates neighborhood keyword, relevant keyword, and related keyword search times.

  • : Shareware / $50.00
  • : puputer@gmail.comaaaa
  • : 29.09.2007

This Video Search Script is an easy to install PHP script, which searches YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion and Google Video at once.

Script Features:
- Search engine optimized speaking url's, titles and meta tags.
- Search YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion and Google Video at once.
- All searches, videos and video ratings are stored in your MySQL Database to build a unique video site
- 1-10 stars video rating feature
- The search results page shows a video thumbnail preview if you go with your mouse over the video title.
- Your visitors will watch the videos on your site and will not be redirected to the site where the video is hosted.
- Browse popular and recent tags
- Browse the most and recently watched videos on your site
- Easily configure maximum values and the number of stars for the video rating feature
- Possibility to ban special words on your site
- Setup your site meta tags and static pages (about and contact) without HTML knowledge
- The whole script is full search engine optimized (css design)
- No big hosting space and not a lot of bandwidth required (low costs to run this site)
- Easy AdSense and ad management
- Easy and fast installation
- 100% PHP source code

  • : Shareware / $49.90
  • : e-Soft24
  • : 24.02.2010

Add related theme content to Web pages dynamically, create search directories or branded directories, provide search capabilities to visitors. Search for n words excluding especific phrases returning x sites from page y with link and no link nofollow options.

  • : Free
  • : Sergio Vargas-Sanabriaaaaa
  • : 10.09.2010