Recommendation Scripts


Ace Referer enables you to let your visitors refer people to your site. All of the options are definable, and you can have an unlimited number of people to refer (just set the number of people you are referring in a hidden HTML tag). This can be a promotional tool, and the HTML code can be placed on ANY page you want! No variables to setup, just define your options in the HTML, upload the script and off you go!

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  • : 11.11.2009

AHI Plugger is multi-platform compatible. Easy to install comes with just for files to up. A very nice option for you vistors to post link to their site which is growing very popular on many websites. This version also has a flood protection.

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  • : 04.06.2007

With this PHP Tell A Friend Script you are able to let visitors recommend your website. Both HTML layout and e-mail layout are template driven and customizable. This script also includes several security features to prevent abuse by spammers.

The script can only be called from a site that has been added to a white list of referring sites. Additionally you can put one or more fix recipients to the mail template without possibilities of manipulation by a third party. And third you can determine the number of e-mails that a user can send with your form within a fix duration.

Functions and features of Tell A Friend Script:

* Processing form data and send it per e-mail
* Handling of several forms with the same script
* Full customizable website layout by templates
* Full customizable mail content by templates
* Sending text or HTML e-mails
* E-mail message logging feature
* Security features against abuse
* Preview of the messages
* Available language files: Arabic, Czech, English, German, Swedish

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  • : 25.06.2010

Phplite Recommend is a multi-platform compatible program that provides your users the ability to recommend your website to their friends. It is an excellent way of allowing your users to do the promotion for you and spread the word about your great website. This script is file based, so no database is required.

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  • : 29.05.2007

Some of the best way to generate traffic to your website, or promote your services is via word of mouth. By providing Recommend It to your visitors, you offer them the ability the recommend your site to their friends! It is a low-cost, and very effective tool!

  • : Shareware / $5.99
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  • : 17.03.2008