A?Z is a simple and efficient web-based address book powered by PHP & MySQL. It helps you to replace your phonebook or even use it as an office-wide phone directory.

  • : Free
  • : Maxime Plante
  • : 17.11.2008

Backdoor is an online organizer. This simple small programme facilitates, file transfer protocol, emailing facility, calender facility, notepad, addressbook and easy installation. No need for database to manage. The layout has the same view and feel as this website. The colours and fonts can be easily changed with the inclusion of CSS sheet in the programme. Simple to run this programme.

  • : Free
  • : Jeroenwijering
  • : 23.04.2007

Booby - contacts is multi-platform compatible. Booby provides Web-based management for bookmarks/favorites, contacts, todos/tasks, notes, and news, allowing the user to import and export to common standards (Netscape/Opera bookmarks, Opera contacts/vCards, etc.). The application is fully themeable (by using phpSavant) and has support for multiple users and languages. Booby is written in PHP and is database independant (sort of) by using the database abstraction layer 'ADOdb'. Booby is a framework that is based on a generic MVC design pattern. This pattern is based on items with a potential hierarchical relationship.

  • : Free
  • : Barry Nauta
  • : 06.03.2009

Booklistex is an application in PHP script to maintain address book and contact details. You can store many addresses, names, phone numbers, email ids, fax details. This script support many pages viewing. This software has facility to include more coloums and rows in each page for storing more information about your friends, business peoples, customers and other family details. besides, a convertor is supplied to work with Randex to show your pages randomly. This user friendly software can be easily installed. Running is also easy.

  • : Free
  • : Thomas Tsoi
  • : 03.03.2010

Cardfile is an organizer programme to create a rolodex type cardfile. With this open card file you can store multiple contact addresses, phone numbers, email addresses with latest modified dates. This helps to maintain your address lists and facility to update the lists. This user friendly programme can be easily installed. Simple to run this script.

  • : Free
  • : Mark Nisski
  • : 16.02.2007

This software enables you to manage all your recipes with ease. Adding, editing, printing and searching for recipes is simple and fast. You can make your own ebook. Features : Web Based,- Add / Remove Recipe Category,- Add / Remove Recipe in Category,- Search recipe in title, ingredient, method,- Export to E-book (format PDF),- Make US Index Card 4x6 and 5x8 (format PDF),- Printer Friendly. Demo Available.

  • : Free
  • : dora
  • : 17.03.2009

The EZ Phone Directory makes life easy for those that use PHP3, to have an online phone directory at your fingertips. This is used for people that have PHP3 type web pages and are familiar with PostgreSQL. The EZ Phone Directory is a very enhanced personal directory complete with clickable links from the information you input such as Email Addresses and Home Pages. This comprehensive Phone Directory system is well worth the download.

  • : Free
  • : Kimmie Dicaire
  • : 04.02.2007

jab Phone is a program where users can create a table to store their employee's contact informations like name, phone number, address and other informations. This program requires Mysql database as backend. Each listing contains up to 10 data fields with image fields and URL. This program has two passwords which are administration and management password those can be used to add or modify listings. These two passwords can be changed in the admin area. This program allows you to sort database index by any data field. An online demo is available on the website.

  • : Shareware / $79.00
  • : Joshbeam
  • : 07.01.2011

mg.applanix is an efficient tour organising software integrated with customer management program to assist tour organisers. Using this software you will be able to manage customers tour programs with an easy to use occupation table containing the arrival and departure schedules of all customers. This online organizing software is backed with MySQL database to store all essential details of your customers such as addresses, phone numbers etc., in an easy to use customizable file. Admin are provided with the ability to manage book keepings, billing accounts etc., online that can be easily browsed through the templates. Some of the main features include billing data export, support for i18n, access-restriction mechanism, secured login and logout-procedures etc.,

  • : Free
  • : mfgl
  • : 25.04.2007

Myfriends is a web based application in php that allows you to store an address list of your family, friends and colleges. This helps to update the current address details simply. This lets you to share informations with you and your friends each other for cordial relationship. Features are, storing infos like notes, declare the note names under admin menu, notes like bank account number, general infos, favourite breakfast cerial, produce sorted lists for printing or CSV list for spreadsheets and easy installation.

  • : Free
  • : Ottar Kvindesland
  • : 17.05.2009

MyPHPRolodex is an organiser programme to suit your needs. Features includes inserting and deleting and updating of your mailing list, ability to export a comma-delimited text file and import into MicroSoft Word file for mail merging purposes,ability to keep your mailing lists for future recall and easy to dowload and install. Easy to execute this programme.

  • : Free
  • : Bostonmacosx
  • : 19.12.2011

The script is PHP and MYSQL driven and allows customers to reserve an appointment with a Company via the Company's homepage. Appointment and customer data can be edited in the administration area by the operator. /

  • : Shareware / $49.00
  • : Ralf
  • : 30.09.2011

(, this is a PHP/MySQL-driven contact database application featuring a clean interface. It supports search, update, add delete functions. The interface consists of two frames. The left frame does the search, the right frame displays matching records. Searches are performed by either entering a last name or campany name to search or by pressing a button corresponding to the first letter of the last name. /

  • : Free
  • : Barry Logan
  • : 31.12.2011

PHP vCard class is a vcard specification useful for maintaining contact lists. Supporting features are, saving names, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, email ids, notes, website urls, important dates like birthday, wedding day, etc. This script can be download and install easily. A user friendly software and simple to run.

  • : Free
  • : Kai Blankenhorn
  • : 05.09.2011

PhpMyComic is a software meant for gathering and organizing your comics content. This comic tool feature highlights are, template system, user login system, export comics and import exported files to your database, novel admin feature, changing all the program configs online, search for comics, bookmark your favorite comics, good browsing options, adding similar comics easily and easy installation.

  • : Free
  • : PhpMyComic
  • : 04.04.2008

This is a simple personal information manager which is independent of SQL databases and uses a simple flat file to generate and organize your online address book. You can use this program to save telephone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, store links in groups, store important notes either in text or HTML format, upload, delete and browse files etc., You can even upload images to your contact database and send emails to any desired recipient through this program.

  • : Free
  • :
  • : 05.12.2007

Pre Business Management System is consists of complete Customer Relationship Management System, project tracking system, inventory control system and office automation system. A system which controls all business activities from only one terminal. Built in inventory control system manage business related stock, products and categories and many more. Built in calendar shows daily activities, event and alerts. Built in project manage system with instant messaging with employers and clients. Can add projects,- assign tasks, monitor projects, set permissions and many more. Built in time tracking system saves employee time in and time out information and also track the tasks assignments and save complete log and many more. Built in documents management system allows user to share documents with assigned permissions. Also restrict add, edit, delete and view permissions. Built in chat and messaging system for inter communication with complete features. Built in address book: to save important contacts and addresses. We have defined main features of our product while it contains a lot more which we cannot explain in short paragraph. Please for brief description. Login with ID: demo and Password: demo and view its complete features in script manual. Please click on demo and take look at our complete Business Management System. / General Features are: / Inventory System, Site configuration, Peer servers, User accounts, User groups, Applications, Global Categories, Change main screen message, View sessions, View access log, View error log, Find and Register all Application Hooks, PHP information, Site configuration, Image Editor, Site configuration, Calendar, Site configuration, Calendar Management, Time track, Edit Location Table, Edit Job Status ID Table, Edit Work Category Table, Site Setup, Address book, Site configuration, Edit Custom Fields, Info Log, Site configuration, CSV-Import, Breaking News Admin, Maintain News, Forum, Forum Administration, Notes, SiteMgr.

  • : Shareware / $99.00
  • : PreProjects
  • : 17.10.2008

Procurement Software is an organizing software designed to asssit small or medium size business people to manage purchasing projects. You can use this software to sort all purchase bids based on their price and quality and can also archive old procurement bids very easily. Key features include easy web based administration, simple configuration, support for multiple purchase orders etc.

  • : Free
  • : Edwards Chad
  • : 10.12.2011

This is an online time tracking software in PHP with MySQL database support. You can ban IP's, manage and calculate over time through a calculator, backup database, customize timesheets specifically for every user etc., A detailed performance report for every individual user is generated based on the expenses and these reports can be exported to a seperate excel sheet for convenient procedures. This time management system supports project branching levels with unlimited user levels.

  • : Shareware / $399.00
  • : Creative Digital Resources Sdn Bhd
  • : 26.02.2010

TAF is an application in PHP. This is a small todo list manager using / PostgreSQL database on backend. TAF manage tasks by priority, category, and owner. With this multi user script, you can terminate task with termination date information. Easy to install. Easy to execute this programme.

  • : Free
  • : Francois Tourde
  • : 22.05.2010