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How to display visitor's IP Address in a graphic on your website pages (or any other pages) with this simple PHP script. This script makes use of the GD image tools. Can easily be changed to match whatever colors you wish. To use just create an image tag to the php page.

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  • : MVaaaa
  • : 11.06.2009

Tired of paying costly fees just to search and grab expired names of your choice? Do not worry because Expired Name Script aims to provide affordable expired domain names search and monitoring services. We also provide a full suite of tools such as Bulk Link Popularity, Whois, Domain History and Alexa Ranking to aid our members in getting high traffic domain names!

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  • : 02.07.2007

FuZZY is a network analyzer that is designed to act as an Acceptable Use Policy Infraction Detector (AUPID). It is a tool that will allow Network or System Administrators to monitor and manage their user's activies over the network. This includes web, image, and email filtering.

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  • : Jeremiah K. Jonesaaaa
  • : 05.01.2007

The Fuzzy is an Opensource project written using PHP programming. It is a tool which allows the Network or System Administrators to monitor and manage their user's activies over the network. The script is simple and very easy to customize. You can change the code so that it will suit your network system. Look out for more new features in the future versions of Fuzzy.

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  • : Jeremiah K. Jones
  • : 07.07.2009

GeoIP module looks up the country by IP address. It is used in some places of the phpFaber CMS now. So, you are able to see country flag near IP address. It can be a necessary feature sometimes.

  • : Free
  • : phpFaber, LLC
  • : 03.08.2009

Gs - Stormpay Randomizer is a Unix compatible original stormpay randomizer includes all the features of the famous randomizer system. Random cash generator, admin makes money from every member. The New Scripts that currently sweep the Internet.

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  • : 12.05.2007

The IDIA for PHP is a simple and easy to use Open Source script which helps you in communicating with computers with specific IP addresses and keeps track of it. To say it in a different way, it allows the public to access your own computer as a web, mail or news server through a single permanent internet address. The script does not require any database. It produces the output into a file which can be added on your website to create a permanent way to access your computer for outsiders.

  • : Free
  • : timothy bauscher
  • : 14.12.2008

Ip To Country is a PHP based online program using which you will come to know the place from which your site visitors surf your web pages. This program is independent of any database and is simple in its integration. Whenever a surfer visits your site the exact geographical location of that particular visitor is displayed on the screen. This program can be easily integrated on any website.

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  • : 31.10.2007

Ip To Country Without Databases is a multi-platform compatible geographical location based on IP address is available through this script, with one mayor difference to other ones: no databases are used. Instead, several files are used, which are saved to a directory within the server, and only one is requested each time.

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  • : 20.11.2010

The IPplan is an advanced PHP script for networking which supports mulitiple languages. This script helps you in simplifying the administration of your IP address space. It has the capability of handling single network or multiple networks with overlapping address space. The features that are available with this script includes an audit log, keeps track of SWIP or registration information, importing definitions from TAB delimited files, multiple administrators with different access profiles and much more. In addition to these features, the script offers two authentication modes.

  • : Free
  • : Richard Ellerbrock
  • : 13.12.2010

Ipplan Ip Address Management System is a multi-platform compatible web based, multilingual, IP address management and tracking tool based on php 4, simplifying the administration of your IP address space. IPplan can handle a single network or cater for multiple networks with overlapping address space. Support for multiple database platforms and various IP registrars is standard.

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  • : 31.01.2008

The JFFNMS is a Network management system based on PHP and uses either MySQL or PostgreSQL as the database backend. The script can be used to monitor any standards compliant SNMP device, server, TCP port and also it has some Cisco oriented features. Other main features includes a Status map which gives you a quick look of all your network, Events console-that shows the events in the same time ordered display, contains graphical interface traffic, errors and status monitoring and many more features.

  • : Free
  • : Javier Szyszlican
  • : 31.10.2007

MRWhois Lite is a ready to use whois lookup PHP script. Just unpack, upload and you are ready to go. Script checks for .com, .net, .org, .info and .biz domain names. No PHP knowledge required. The commercial version can check any domain name you need, is much, much faster and can even check at servers with query number limits/restrictions. Latest version can produce an output for further processing (eg. shopping cart integration).

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  • : Marekaaaa
  • : 25.11.2007

Neoscripts Spyname (expired Domains) is a multi-platform compatible complex system designed for searching and monitoring expired or onhold domain names together with a suite of useful tools such as Bulk Link Popularity, Domain Digger, Yahoo/Dmoz Expired Domains Extraction, Alexa Ranking, Domain History. You can now grab expired names with our software or even start an expired names business by offering membership subscriptions using our paypal integrated membership system. Limited number of Reseller Licenses avaiable.

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  • : 01.03.2011

Network management system is a PHP based networking tool using which you can easily command on the services and supporting details for all of your netwroking devices like hubs, mouse rings, routers, switches, firewalls etc., This program comes with a web based management systems to assist users in maintaining seperate spreadsheets on the details of the services for all the devices.

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  • : 07.02.2007

The php IP Management is a simple script for managing Internet Protocol address in your network easily. It requires MySQL database for storing and retrieving the information regarding the IPs. It is featured with the rights for accessing the Historical logging, form validity checks, customize searches and IP database. An online demo is also available in the website.

  • : Free
  • : Michael Earls
  • : 18.08.2008

This class returns the whois information an checks the availability of at least 270 different top level domains. / Also it validates the domains name (Thought have been given to the new IDN special chars). CNO WHOIS informations where returned completely. / ========= !!! Attention begin !!! ========= / If you want to check the new IDN domain names please use the IDN Convert class by Matthias Sommerfeld ( / First translate the domain and the check it normally with the domain class.

  • : Free
  • : Sven Wagener
  • : 06.08.2007

The phpHostsFinder is a script written using PHP which allows you to find all the hostnames on a particular domain. It provides you an option to enter either an IP address or a hostname that you want to find. With that information, the script searches the subdomains completely to locate the hostnames. The script is simple and very to install as well as to use. An online working demo can be had on the website.

  • : Free
  • : Nilesh Dosooye
  • : 05.10.2010

The ProxyChecker is a PHP based networking tool which can also be used as a proxy scanner. It has the ability to change connection timeout value. With this script you can ensure that your own list of proxies is never outdated. It will go through a list of web proxies which are available with the script and checks each proxy to determine whether it is active or not.

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  • : CGI Factory
  • : 25.06.2011

The original stormpay randomizer includes all the features of the famous randomizer system. Random cash generator admin makes money from every member. a great script available now.

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  • : 22.09.2008