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his script propose a links directory, you can create unlimited categories and sub-categories. A lot of option are available in the administration section.

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  • : sim100
  • : 11.06.2009

Spice up you website by offering this great webmaster's tool. This PHP Script checks Google Page Rank, Link Popularity and major Directory Placement for the given website.

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  • : Alex Hom
  • : 29.09.2011

USER PANEL FEATURESAccount Management: * Add/Delete Site * Change Password * Get the CodeView Stats: * Select Time Period between 30 and 365 days * Display Total Hits, Total Visitors, Average Visitors Per Day, Total Hits For Last 30 DaysHit Statistics: * Daily Visitors * Monthly Visitors * Total VisitorsBrowsers Systems Display: * Browser * Color Depth * Java & Javascript * Language * Operating System * Screen ResolutionADMIN PANEL FEATURES * Create Account * Email Members * View/Edit/Delete Members List

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  • : 30.09.2009

The AITSH Links is a script written using PHP and uses MySQL for storing information like name, e-mail, website URL, project title, description, category etc. This is also a free for all links script. With this script it is easy to define the required fields, automatic reply through e-mail to the visitor who submits or sends you links, better documentation inside the script and much more.

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  • : Advanced IT Services Holland
  • : 06.06.2010

The AllMyLinks is a PHP and MySQL based script for creating your own link directory. The major features available with this script includes spam protection filter, badword filter, flood controlling, LOG system, freely selectable structures and independent entries, extensive e-mail feature, allows users to comment and rate the links in your website and much more.

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  • : Voice Of Web
  • : 12.10.2007

Asp Upload Component is a Windows compatible ActiveX component designed to ease access to multipart/form-data received from client's browser when developing Active Server Pages applications. With this component installed on the server you can access multiple file uploads and other form data just the way it is done with Request object.

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  • : RF
  • : 05.02.2007

Automated Link Swapping is multi-platform compatible. Allow your site visitors to quickly and easily add their links to your site. The scripts first checks to verify that the URL being added has a reciprocal link. Links are displayed ten at a time, the top three referring websites are always listed at the top in bold, the remaining seven are randomly chosen from sites which have added links. This gives the sites incentive to refer more traffic to you.

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  • : 15.07.2010

How do you track which of your link exchange partners are still linking to your site? Do you check each partners site everyday???? No need to waste your time for this now. This script will check your link partners site and send you a daily report regarding which sites are still linking back to you and which are not. You just need to creat a list of your linking partners and script will do the rest. Experience the power of this unique script before you buy. FULL DEMO AVALAIBLE.

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  • : 31.03.2008

This script will check your link partners site and send you a daily report regarding which sites are still linking back to you and which are not. You just need to creat a list of your linking partners and script will do the rest.

  • : Shareware / $10.00
  • : Softbizsolutions.comaaaa
  • : 20.02.2007

beSeen automatically spiders a link exchange partner's Web site before adding the link to it's directory. Directory is: easy to integrate in your design; includes search engine and is easy to use. Administrators can: have total control over links and categories; earn money by including Sponsored Links; search for links by keyword; contact link exchange partners and more.

  • : Shareware / $49.00
  • : Emir Plicanicaaaa
  • : 06.05.2007

beSeen was built on PHP/MySQL technology. It includes detailed instructions and installation script which makes the installation and use really easy. It's link directory can be incorporated in your existing design. The directory can be searched by keywords. Administrators can sign up with to provide sponsored links. Administrators can: choose to add links without checking for existing back links; Check for back links of all or individual links listed; Add, edit and delete links and categories; Contact link exchange partners.

  • : Shareware / $49.00
  • : Emir Plicanic
  • : 06.04.2007

This class parses IE, Netscape and Opera bookmark files and returns arrays with the bookmark / folder information. / STILL BETA! / FUNCTIONS: / function parseOpera($url, $folderID, $urlFunction, $folderFunction) / function parseNetscape($url, $folderID, $urlFunction, $folderFunction) / function parseInternetExplorer($url, $folderID, $urlFunction, $folderFunction, $firstCall = true) /

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  • : Lennart Groetzbach
  • : 20.08.2008

The BosDirectory system is the perfect way to organization to present your visitors with links which are relavent to your website. / Allow your visitors to add links to the directory with either automatic or manual approval of their suggestion. Visitors may also rate the links as well as write reviews for others to read. / Create endless numbers of directories and sub-directories so that you may organize the directory however YOU wish it to be laid out. / Imagine if you ran a website which dealt with crafts. Now, imagine your website using the BosDirectory system to allow your users to provide links to resources on the Internet. Your website just grew! What if your site was programming related... or automotive... / BosDirectory is now multi-lingual!

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  • : BosDev
  • : 10.03.2010

Unlimited Categories, Unlimited Links. Organize Categories into any order and Links are added alphabetically. Includes support for using an image as a link.

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  • : Tom
  • : 05.01.2011

Checkbox is both a Unix and Linux compatible script that helps you deal two of the most confusing HTML form elements. Dealing with them via ASP isn't hard, but it can get confusing. Hopefully this will help clear things up for you.

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  • : RF
  • : 01.02.2011

An advanced links indexing and management system to establish a Yahoo-style directory on your website. It features premium links, personalize category icons, unlimited categories, category description, short cut to sub category, links hit, link rating, reviews, bookmarks, recommend to a friend, link submission and more.

  • : Shareware / $59.00
  • : SL Yu
  • : 09.02.2009

cpDynaLinks creates highly search engine friendly link and resource directories using Apache mod_rewrite techniques. An .htaccess file with the mod_rewrite rules is included and source code is supplied.

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  • : Chris Rayaaaa
  • : 14.08.2007

cpLinks is a powerful online PHP software with a MySQL database using which you can create indices for your website pages, files, folders and links in static HTML pages. All web pages in the directory are search engine friendly containing title, keywords, description tags etc., and hence visitors would find it easy to search for the pages easily. Key features like fast page responses and minimal server loads are available in this program.

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  • : Media Netrix Limited
  • : 26.09.2007

A flat file link database that takes a user's name, email address and URL and stores it in a data file. It is then rendered into HTML through another file.

  • : PHP 4+
  • : Free
  • : 12.09.2007
  • : 1.0

The db Masters Directory is a dynamic directory script which can be installed in your website as a search engine to search the directory. The features of this script has the ability to have visitor submit links and return to edit them, option to require admin approval before links are displayed publically and auto-respond e-mail to users when listing is submitted and also when the listing is approved. The administration tool can be protected with password. It also has an option to report dead links by the visitor. The script is compliant with XHTML coding and contains a color scheming through a complete style sheet and much more.

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  • : db Master's Scripts
  • : 26.10.2007