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This Script allows you to diplay a daily image on any page of your site using a simple php include call.

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  • : 07.04.2009

Gallery Generator is the perfect and easy solution to generate picture galleries on your web site. It is all template based so just upload your templates and when you choose a template the script will automatically put the images where they are supposed to go.

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  • : 01.12.2011

Simple Gallery is an easy to use image gallery management system. It allows multiple categories and subcategories as well as image hit / download tracking and a built in installer.

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  • : 03.10.2010

FreeVF php MySQL (Free Vanity Fair Image Rating script) includes Hot or Not ? features is a fun way for users to rate pictures or see how they rank by submitting their own photo. This type of site generates tremendous user participation and can produce many thousands of ad views for the webmaster. FreeVF is a great add on script for our best selling FreeLove program. At the same time it can be a stand alone program that but goes far beyond than that providing unique and advanced features for users and administration. / The design possibilities are unlimited! You can use our professional default templates or create your own. FreeVF can be used to complement your existing website or will function as a stand alone website. The user friendly format keeps visitors clicking for extended periods of time and returning often creating ad revenue for you and your site.

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  • : Russian London Ltd
  • : 25.07.2007

The Funk Gallery is a photo gallery system available online with multiple categories. This system offers unlimited galleries, unlimited number of photos with easily configurable colour schemes and also to add comments to photos. You can create thumbnail image of photos automatically. You are requested to login for free demo or to download this system.

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  • : Colin Birch
  • : 22.07.2009

The Futura Friends is an image gallery script with which you can upload and publish the pictures of your friends or anyone you like. The script helps you to create a list of the pictures in your folder. By clicking a selected name, a thumbnail image of the particular image will be displayed at the top lefthand side of the gallery. You can also specify the number of rows and columns to be displayed in the page.

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  • : Sheuron Azxe
  • : 26.05.2009

galerie.php is a powerful application that helps you to build online image galleries. This program can generate automatic thumbnails for the pictures and enables you to manage file trees, to configure the gallery with different skins etc., This simple program can be used either as a stand alone application or can be integrated on any existing website. Some important features are, it support multi languages, is light weight and simple to install etc.,

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  • : Daniel Wacker
  • : 23.08.2007

Galleristic is a web based application which is specifically designed to create image gallery containing any number of pictures. Using this applciation you can easily upload flash movies to your image gallery as well as you can create thumbnails. This application contains several templates which are customizable. This application is easy to install on your web sites.

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  • : 11.05.2010

Powerful and feature-rich interface includes options for automatic vertical and horizontal image panning, as well as an option to view more information about any image, and auto-loop through any set of images. / Image gallery settings are loaded externally, from an XML configuration file. Options exist for setting thumbnail width and height display (number of images to show vertically and horizontally), whether or not to allow HTML popups, image delays, and (NEW!) watermarks! Now, instead of manually adding your watermark to every image, you can set the watermark in the XML file, and Flash will add the watermark text to every image. / Over 3 dozen XML configuration options are available for this gallery, including options to change the background music MP3 file, gallery title, the default (first) picture to display upon gallery loading, and much more! view / Every sound in the gallery is fully configurable through external MP3 files (must be 64 Kbps encoded). / All menu options are fully configurable - and yes, you can remove the "About" popup window via this XML file (this is not recommended, though). Easily change the order of the menu items simply by re-ordering the XML tags. / Images and image categories can be set via the external XML configuration file. Please note that the XML settings must match the files names and folder names on the server, and that on Unix and Linux servers, this is case-sensitive! Only non-progressive JPG images are allowed. / With some Flash 2004 Pro. knowledge, you can add additional gallery skins. This is a very advanced feature, and is not recommended for everyone, but you *can* do it. Set the default volumne and tint values through the external XML file, too. / Advanced image options available in the "image options" menu. These options can be fully configured via the external XML file (re-ordered or disabled). / Nearly every interface color is configurable through the XML configuration file. In short, it's easily to make the gallery match your website's color scheme. / 100% of the Flash 2004 Pro. source code (.fla and .as files) included upon purchase. Thus, even if you can't do something via the XML configuration file, you can certainly do it by editing the Flash files, provided that you own the Flash 7 authoring environment. / Zoom controls allow you to zoom in or out, and reset the zoom to 100%. These options can be hidden via the XML configuration file. / Advanced sound options include: multiple background MP3 tracks, ability to change the volume of the interface sounds or the background music (or both), ability to adjust the speech volume in the case of presentations, and skip / pause / fast-forward / rewind speeh tracks. / Instantly preview any image simply by rolling-over the image number at the bottom of the screen. The full image can then be loaded by actually clicking on the number.

  • : Shareware / $5.00
  • : Darren Gates
  • : 01.03.2007

Gallery Director is an online gallery, shopping cart, album proofing and order tracking system put together in a feature rich and easy to use solution for all your client proofing needs. No monthly fees, no commissions, use any lab you want.


Gallery Director simplifies and accelerates your path from shooting to order processing. With an integrated gallery, shopping cart, album proofing and order tracking system, it's ideal for portrait and wedding photographers.

A web based application, Gallery Director allows you to publish your client pictures from any computer with internet access. It resizes your pictures for
web viewing prior to uploading them, saving you even more time.

* An online gallery and slideshow are automatically created based on your presets: image dimensions, slideshow speed, background music etc.
* Compatible with the popular slide show application ShowIt Web, you can integrate your favorite ShowIt slideshows with Gallery Director's online gallery and shopping cart.
* PayPal payment processing or mail-in order processing make handling orders inexpensive and convenient for both you and
your client.
* Album proofing is simple and fun! Your clients can fully experience the digital version of their album by literally flipping through its pages. (Warning: Could be addictive!)
* The order tracking system makes it easy to look up any PayPal order. You can view financial information and download PayPal order history to an Excel file for off-server back up.
* The customizable interface lets you easily integrate Gallery Director with your current website. Customization ranges from simple color adjustments to advanced CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) editing.
* Easy installation means anybody can set it up. Seriously. Anybody. (That means YOU!)

  • : Shareware / $299.00
  • : Gallery Director Pro
  • : 16.08.2007

EasyGallery is a multi - platform, server-based, fully automates the process of publishing, viewing, and maintaining your Web-based multimedia gallery or your online store. EasyGallery fully supports all media types, including images, video, and sound. EasyGallery handles unlimited number of categories, subcategories, and images. EasyGallery is using MySQL on backend. It's very easy to install and use as its name.. More... /

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  • : Admin
  • : 19.04.2011

The Gallery Thingie is a PHP script for image gallery. It is small and simple and is easy for anyone to have their own gallery. The Gallery Thingie is featured with image database with titles and descriptions, allows to create multiple categories, automatic creation of thumbnails, edit / images in the database and can be integrated with your existing website. A demo containing pictures can be viewed in the website.

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  • : Andreas
  • : 11.08.2009

This super-lightweight script allows you to render any text into any TrueType font that is then displayed as an image on your webpage. It includes the option to cache any image created to reduce server load.

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  • : 04.11.2009
  • : 1.5

This super-lightweight script allows you to render any text into any TrueType font that is then displayed as an image on your webpage. It includes the option to cache any image created to reduce server load.

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  • : 22.01.2008

This script allows a visitor to select a style, enter a string, submit the form, and view their phrase (minus spaces) in image form along with the code to be put on their website or MySpace page. It is based on "letter sets".

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  • : 04.07.2009
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Generate background gradient images for css designs with this PHP script. The Gradient Image Generator lets you quickly create gradient images to use in your css designs.

Common uses include for navigation bars, or for adding a gentle fade on your web page background into the actual background color 3/4 or more down the page.

After creating the gradient image, right click on the image, and "save as" to your computer.

  • : Shareware / $9.99
  • : PHP Galleria
  • : 02.01.2007

Higher Power Web Image Gallery is an online software with which you can generate clear thumbnails. This PHP application uses javascript in creating the thumbnails and is independent of SQL database but requires GD library to support all image processings. Webmasters are facilitated with advanced and instant image viewing features that enables them to customize their image thumbnails then and there. Key features include easy installation and simple configuration.

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  • : Higher Power Web
  • : 05.06.2010

The Hot or Not site is a picture rating website where people can post pictures for other's to rate and post comments on. The site also features an email system for members to communicate through the website. This is is an excellent traffic builder with advertising revenue potential. How it works The Hot or Not is a free site for people to join where they can rate and post pictures. The site is 100% automated with advanced options available from the admin such as wanting to approve all pics and comments. With no extra fees other than hosting, this site is a serious traffic generation and advertising based money making tool that runs hands free.

  • : Shareware / $25.00
  • : shopscripts
  • : 14.11.2007

hwdeGALLERY is a small script that displays various picture series. With a given filename the script knows how many pictures in your gallery are and displays them in a Overview. Then you can click on each picture to enlarge it or browse through the pictures by using 'Back' and 'Forward' Buttons. The layout is completely adjustable because the script works with template files. Use this script in almost any design.

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  • : S. Huttenlocheraaaa
  • : 13.07.2008

The Image Helper is an online image gallery script which proves to be an ideal solution for uploading hundreds of images. The script is written using PHP programming. Once the script is loaded with the folder containing images, it processes every image using your browser and displays each image with it's filenames. The script is also easily customizable.

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  • : TDavid
  • : 26.08.2007