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The EasyGallery is an image gallery script with which you can create your online photo gallery with automated thumbnail generation. The script is coded in PHP and does not require any / database. The thumbnails created can be easily customized. In addition, you can add text informatin to each and every image in the gallery, upload new images, delete images, and generate the HTML within a gallery folder.

  • : Free
  • : onlinetools
  • : 08.09.2011

The EasyImageCatalogue is an image gallery script written using PHP and requires GD library to upload the pictures and for creating thumbnail images of the original pictures. Each gallery created using this script is provided with a hit counter, thumbnail table, next and previous / links for easy navigation through pages. The viewers and online visitors are allowed to view and / post their comments about the pictures. The full image of the picture can be viewed by clicking / the thumbnail.

  • : Free
  • : onlinetools
  • : 09.12.2011

Just drop the index.php file in your Web directory with photos and your album is online. Features include: automatic menu creation, a 100% configurable layout, automatic thumbnail-cache, slideshow, image resize, image rotate, hitcounter, rating system, add text descriptions, add copyright notice, login system, and more.

  • : Free
  • : JFNaaaa
  • : 05.06.2011

The EasyThumbs is a simple and easy to use script available online to create a fully navigational gallery with thumbnail pictures. The entire script is template and comment driven that makes it easy to customize without the knowledge of PHP. It also allows you to specify the number of pictures to be placed in each row and column. In addition, it is provided with next and back links for easy navigation through previous and next pictures and much more.

  • : Free
  • : onlinetools
  • : 26.01.2008

With the help of this PHP built online application you can create and manage image galleries on your website with several categories. You can easily upload images and photos online through this script and you have the facility to add unlimited number of categories for your gallery through the admin control panel. This program is simple and easy to handle.

  • : Free
  • : Eden Projects
  • : 12.04.2011

A simple and easy to install script that will let your users enter their name and email address and provide an easy to use upload method. Their image will be stored onto your server and an email will be forwarded to you with the link to the image file. The script is simple to modify and provides installation instructions.

  • : Free
  • : 25.08.2007
  • : 4.1

ncapsGallery is an image gallery, / supports different independent layouts/themes. / Web-design based on native php+html templates. / Has predefined 4 web-themes (acd,raym,expo,light) / Key features: / - mysql/pgsql support / - create unlimited folders / - upload unlimited photos / - automatic thumbnail creation / - easy to install and customize / - web-admin presented / - large images number will be spleted by pages (number of images by one page / may be configured from web-admin)

  • : Shareware / $10.00
  • : Andrey Ivanov
  • : 17.08.2007

My gallery is a online image gallery programme created in php. This programme has many featureslike, admin controlled adding, uploading, deleting and sorting of images, assigning and unassigning images to sections, number of pictures to appear in a page and number of thumbnails to appear per page and per row and its order of appearance also.

  • : Free
  • : Eoin's Script Site
  • : 20.06.2008

The Ewie's Gallery is a perfect solution for creating your online photo gallery where you can store your images or pictures and can share with your friends and family members. It offers you to design your gallery with or without thumbnail images of the original picture. To view the full size of the thumbnails, just click the thumb image. This script is easy to use and customize.

  • : Free
  • : Ewie Greetz
  • : 14.02.2007

This library reads the EXIF data embeded in images taken from digital cameras. It reads many more tags than standard PHP and will work without needing to compile PHP with the exif option.

  • : Free
  • : 05.03.2009
  • : 1.2

This library reads the EXIF data embeded in images taken from digital cameras. It reads many more tags than standard PHP and will work without needing to compile PHP with the exif option.

  • : Free
  • :
  • : 04.02.2011

Extensive GD2+Image Manipulating Class is both Unix and Linux compatible. This thumbnailing class works using the GD libraries and is specifically for versions 2 and upwards. The range of manipulations include Bevel, Motion Blur, Merge, GreyScale, Frame, Round Edges, Drop Shadow and Ellipse which can be stacked together to provide almost infinite permutations.

  • : Free
  • : Mark Douglas
  • : 04.10.2011

The ezAlbum is a simple and easy to use image gallery script which helps you in creating and managing your online photo gallery. It supports templates and generates thumbnail images automatically. It does not require any database. It includes features like allowing to view thumbnails in multiple pages, supports multiple categories and albums, you can create descriptions in XML files and much more. An online demo of can be viewed in the web site.

  • : Free
  • : Fabrice Armisen
  • : 11.02.2010

The Family Photo Album is a script with which you can create your personal photo gallery of your family and view and share them with your friends and relations. The script allows you to add, change update and delete the pictures in your gallery. You can also create folders, sub-categories and image rotation. An online demo can be viewed in the website.

  • : Free
  • : steve
  • : 26.08.2007

The Fantastic Picture of the Day is a PHP based image gallery script that allows you to display a picture randomly from your picture database folder or directory and does not show the other pictures. Every day, the admin changes the picture automatically so that to make your job easy. The setting of this script is easy to customize by simply editing the templates.

  • : Free
  • : Tony Baird
  • : 22.01.2010

Instantly make custom Favicons for your website from GIF, JPG, PNG and BMP images. The Favicon is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox and other Mozilla-based browsers, and Opera. It can create transparent Favicons and allows direct download of all generated images via browser after creation.

  • : $30
  • : 10.12.2010
  • : 1.0

Easily add a favicon generator script to your website. Allow your website visitors to generate their own favicon images for their website. It will generate a favicon in ICO format as well as a PNG in 16x16, 32x32 and 64x64. If desired, a database can keep track of the latest-generated and total number of favicons.

  • : $15
  • : 08.07.2007
  • : 1.0

PHP-FlashImageConverter is a rather simple php-script that runs on your server and can be used as an interface for Macromedia Flash MX to load any JPEG, gif or bmp file (in any size needed) on your server or anywhere else on the internet into flash at runtime using the loadMovie() function. And the most important thing: it's free! :-)

  • : Free
  • : Paul Kerspe
  • : 08.06.2009

The FotolioUSER is a script to design a photo gallery. The features in this system helps you in the creation of individual galleries, automatic generation of thumbnails, possible of Uploading resized photographs, adding visitor's comments and also XHTML complied. Customization is made easy using the template sytem. Currently the script is available with four layouts. An online demo can be viewed in the website.

  • : Free
  • : All Hype Design
  • : 14.06.2009

Franciscocharrua's Photo Gallery is an advanced image gallery program helping you to generate online galleries with thumbnails. This program supports JPEG image formats and saves all your images in a MySQL database. Using this system you can upload all your images online for the gallery and this simple program is easy to use and to customize.

  • : Free
  • : Franciscocharrua
  • : 31.12.2008