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Photo Gallery automatically handles file uploads, content updates, navigation bar, thumbnail creation. gallery display sequence and linking, and multiple categories.

  • : Shareware / $59.00
  • : SL Yu
  • : 24.06.2009

Comus TGP is a Linux compatible script that allows you to run a high traffic TGP site with just one application. It offers thumbnail support, is easy to install and customizable, template driven emails, gallery listings, and notifications, and much more! It is a free script that gives you a full range of features.

  • : Shareware / $50.00
  • : nibbi
  • : 10.02.2010

Comus Thumbs is a simple thumbnail gallery management system that excels itself in providing much advanced advertising technologies and powerful layout controls for your websites. You can even promote sales, increase your network and get more sponsors. There are several enhanced features like multi thumb sizes, custom and hidden categories, abilty to split and control your galleries etc,. All the image gallery listing are provided with static HTML's so that image loadings are very fast even for large websites. Bulk gallery scan tools are also made available by the software with which users can also scan moving pictures too. Using this script you can customize thumbnail tables in their size, borders, cell spaces and paddings.

  • : Shareware / $195.00
  • : Nibbi's Script
  • : 08.04.2007

A tool that allows you to add copyright notices directly onto your images without any fussing around in image editors. You can either use the program yourself, or add it to your web sites to add functionality.

  • : Free
  • : 05.09.2011
  • : 2.1

Create smilies with your own text. You can shape your text and select a custom font, size and text position. After creating your smiley, the script auto-creates an HTML link, MySpace, Friendster, TagWorld, Xanga Code as well as Bulletin Board Code (BBCode).

  • : $9.99
  • : 16.04.2008
  • : 2.0

Crop Canvus is multi-platform compatible. This is a class allows you to crop an image in a variety of ways. You can crop in an absolute or relative way, both as a pixel number or a percentage. You can also save or display the cropped image. The cropping can be done in 9 different positions: top left, top, top right, left, center, right, bottom left, bottom, or bottom right. Or you can have it automatically cropped based on a threshold value. The original image can be loaded from the file system or from a string. It will also compensate so you can use GD versions 1.x or 2.x.

  • : Free
  • : Andrew Collington
  • : 06.05.2007

Cs Thumbnail Image Gallery is multi-platform compatible. A graphical PHP coded thumbnail image gallery using either a text file database OR Mysql for the database. Easy to install. features include multiple image galleries, alter the look and design, favorite photos and user tracking.

  • : Free
  • :
  • : 03.11.2010

The Dellary is yet another image gallery script which helps you in creating your own personal image gallery. The script is written using PHP and requires no database for storing the images. It supports to upload the images and to create multiple albums or categories. It will be useful for webmasters and for those who want to create a simple gallery with easy to understand functions.

  • : Free
  • : Marcus Proest
  • : 26.09.2010

Dreamgal is an online image gallery written in php with a mysql backend. / Installation wizard available, admin area also, unlimited categories, autothumbnailing system, uploading new pictures has never been easyer, just upload them with a ftp program in the right directories.

  • : Free
  • : Ionel Olariu
  • : 29.05.2008

This program that takes two inputs - an image URL and the size - and creates code that will generate a new, re-sized image each time the image is requested. You can add the program to your web site or use it yourself. It's easy to install.

  • : Free
  • : 17.10.2009
  • : 1.5

This script allows you to add a variety of frames of any size to images on your site.

  • : $11
  • : 03.05.2008
  • : 1.00

This script allows you to add a variety of frames of any size to images on your site.

  • : Shareware / $11.00
  • :
  • : 01.10.2007

This script will dynamically render a thermostat at different levels. Designed to keep a visual track of donations.

  • : Free
  • : 04.01.2009

This script will dynamically render a thermostat at different levels. Designed to keep a visual track of donations.

  • : Free
  • :
  • : 06.05.2008

The DynapicSE is a simple script for creating an image gallery written using PHP and requires no database. It generates thumbnail pictures of the original images automatically. Other features includes customizable appearance, with next and prev links for easy navigation through pages, supports to have unlimited number of thumbnail galleries and much more.

  • : Free
  • : Mike Baikov
  • : 28.03.2009

Easy Gallery is a multi-platform compatible script that makes it a lot easier for you to publish your multimedia files over the internet. Supports all media types: images, video and sound. Easy to install and uses a MySQL backend, it can handle an unlimited number of categories, subcategories, and images. Does not require any programming skills.

  • : Shareware / $59.95
  • : Ugo
  • : 22.06.2007

The Easy Image Maker is a script for creating your picture gallery which is designed to provide you an easy to use interface on your webserver. The script is capable of handling multiple categories, handles media files like jpg, gif, mp3, txt, html, audio, wav and exe files. Admin area allows you to modify template through web browsers, preview the template output, add, change or delete categories and much more. Demo for users as well as admin are available in the web site.

  • : Shareware / $59.00
  • : UgoPHP
  • : 24.04.2010

Easy Image Catalogue is a multi-platform compatible script that creates different thumbnail galleries just by uploading pictures. Offers customizable displays, and add-on descriptions, it also allows users to add comments and add browse the different galleries.

  • : Shareware / $50.00
  • : onlinetools
  • : 10.01.2008

Ever had a collection of photos from your holidays or parties that you wanted to make them available on the web for your friends and relatives to enjoy? With EPIG, you can do just that. All that you need is web space to host your EPIG album with PHP & GD support. Simply upload the EPIG files on the same folder where your photos are and you are done! EPIG displays an image gallery with automatically generated thumbnails for all the image files (supports JPEG, GIF and PNG files). You can then click on the thumbnails to see the actual images. You can navigate page-by-page or by page numbers. EPIG has been designed to work without any modification. However, it is very simple to customise it. All your settings are kept in a separate XML file that allows you to set a title, a description and a contact email address. You can also customise the dimensions of the generated thumbnails and/or their quality (applies only to JPG images). If you want to customise it further, you can modify the supplied template or create your own.

  • : Free
  • : Apostolos Dountsis
  • : 01.06.2007

Easy Thumbs is a multi-platform compatible PHP based script that creates tables from thumbnail directories. You can customize how many cells you want or how to display them. You can even add and remove images without having to change the code.

  • : Free
  • : tachi
  • : 13.03.2011