Flash and PHP


AmfPHP flash fortune is multi-platform compatible. This is my second attempt to create a forum using Flash as front end and PHP/MYSQL as server side part.This is completely made using AMFPHP flash remoting.To use this files you need first to downaload and install AMFPHP at: flash remoting components from Macromedia site.

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  • : 10.07.2008

Amfphp flash forum is a PHP scripted programme to create flash forum using MySQL dabase backend. This flash forum is full of AMFPHP flash remoting components. To use this software, the user must download and install AMFPHP and then flash remoting components from Macromedia site.

  • : Free
  • : Alessandro Crugnola
  • : 19.07.2008

The Flash remoting allows to easily transfer complex data between ActionScript code running in a flash movie, and PHP code running on a webserver, in both directions. Simply saying that it lets you to call (from ActionScript) PHP functions defined in files on a webserver as if they were defined in your ActionScript code. Carbon connector file is easy to install and simple to execute.

  • : Free
  • : Attila Egyedi
  • : 17.05.2008

PHP and ActionScript code for Remoting - it allows remote invocation of PHP methods from Flash movies. No PHP extensions needed. Multilanguage support, timed deserialization. PHP 4.0.5 or above required!

  • : Free
  • : Attila Egyedi
  • : 06.02.2010

Advanced FLV Flash video player component for your Flash projects. This FLV player and Flash component is fully customizable, includes 100% of the source code, and includes free updates. Please note that the Flash applet has a different design and feature set from this component, but an applet version of this component is in development.

* This component is installed in the Flash 8 Pro extension manager. Thus, it requires the Flash development environment (IDE), and is intended for Flash developers only.
* After installation in the extension manager, the component is available in the Flash Components panel, for direct dragging to the Flash stage.
* Many options are settable in the component properties panel after dragging the component to the stage, including labels, looping, buffer time, and others.
* 100% of the Flash 8 Pro source code is included with the purchased version of this script, including the MXP, MXI, and FLV files, as well as a PDF API, and all other source code.
* Movies are buffered on load. Buffering text is configurable in the component parameters.
* Closed captioning option allows you to set text captions at various points of the movie timeline. Controls exist for volume CC (closed captioning), movie info, movie navigation.

  • : Shareware / $5.00
  • : Development Team
  • : 23.05.2008

This is a PHP3 (server side)/Flash 4 (client side) chat room program. It is easy to setup and customize. It features: private messages, review messages, IP banning, user kicking, filter for bad words, sound, etc. Available in Spanish and English. The latest version includes scroll. All settings and complete translation from a single file. You can select now text order, hour displaying and automatic deletion when room is empty. Chat works now with IP or password.

  • : Free
  • : Juan Carlos Pose
  • : 30.07.2007

Dynamic SWF Video Multi Player is a modern techinique inducted programme with full control over the player. Feature highlights are, each and every part of the players skin is customizable through XML files, capable of easy translation by editing the external XML files, adjustable to allow several number of externally loaded SWF video files, compactly designed for not take up valuable space, can control the size of the popup window, when a video is loaded in a larger window and allowing for flash cookies or shared objects to save users choices ie-bandwidth selector, sound volume and looping of videos and easy installation. This programme is easy to run.

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  • : Video Spark
  • : 04.05.2010

Convert currency's between 40 different countries. This application is a free download (including FLA) that should prove a useful example (code and notes) and learning experience on how to integrate Flash with a Web Service - using PHP and SOAP. A useful application and great addition to any site wanting to allow their visitors to convert between currency's. /

  • : Free
  • : Jeffrey F. Hill
  • : 13.09.2009

This is a flash based guestbook wiht an php back-end script and an admin kit to administrate the entries.

  • : Free
  • : Matthias Kannengiesser
  • : 11.10.2007

This is a Highscore script for Flash games that displays player name, scores and the number of who are online (in a variable time range). Includes an option to hide negative scores. Requires: Flash5/MX, Php, and MySQL.

  • : Free
  • : Daniel Lonn
  • : 08.01.2008

This application shows you how to integrate a Flash application with a soap based web service. The web service in this case is a language translation service (Babelfish). This is meant to be useful - while at the same time be simple enough to help you get started consuming web services within a Flash interface. The soap toolkit used in this case was Nusoap. A good starting place for reviewing the code and example for an application combining Flash, PHP, and Soap. /

  • : Free
  • : Jeffrey F. Hill
  • : 29.07.2011

Flash Mail Truck w/ PHP Processing $19.95 Click to enlarge This fun Flash form will allow you to collect information from visitors to your website in a unique way. The Flash movie collects the user information and is submitted to PHP script that will send you an instant email with the customer information!

  • : Shareware / $19.94
  • : Flash Warp
  • : 07.05.2011

Flash MX poll. It allow a multiple poll management through a flash admin panel. You can see a demo of this admin file at:

  • : Free
  • : sephiroth
  • : 29.05.2009

Flash Poll is a Flash/PHP-based poll script that uses MySQL to store data. It includes an admin for creating polls, and uses cookies to prevent double voting by the same user.

  • : Free
  • : sephiroth
  • : 24.07.2011

A flash application for looking up server details for any server. Useful for viewing the type of web server and other information on a certain site. The interface was done in Flash - the Script in PHP.

  • : Free
  • : Jeffrey F. Hill
  • : 08.10.2011

Flash php and xml integration for this version of the Poll system. Please note this is still a beta version.. take a look at the readme file inside the .zip

  • : Free
  • : sephiroth
  • : 04.03.2010

This is a class for binding the Swift Generator to the PHP scripting language. What it does: The class generates a temporary swift generator file, which is then opened with the swift generator Binary with a supplied flash template. The method makemovie returns the Flash file, which can be echoed to the browser or into a file (for generating Flash Greeting cards for sending with E-Mail). For documentation see swifttest.php.

  • : Free
  • : Martin Scheffler, Benny Schemberg
  • : 06.12.2011

The FlashWriter Toolkit is a reimplementation of several functions from the original SWF FileFormatSDK. It provides PHP functions to build a SWF-coat around any JPEG so it can be loaded into Flash via loadMovie. This is not a PHP-module or add-on but simple PHP-functions you can include into your code.

  • : Free
  • : Stefan Schu?ler
  • : 18.05.2010

Handy XP Style Menu is a multi-platform compatible menu in XP Style. Easy to setup, highly customizable. See a working demo at:

  • : Free
  • : Marcelo Franco
  • : 12.12.2009

Ming is an open-source (LGPL) library which allows you to create SWF ("Flash") format movies. Ming supports almost all of Flash 4's features, including: shapes, gradients, bitmaps (pngs and jpegs), morphs ("shape tweens"), text, buttons, actions, sprites ("movie clips"), streaming mp3, and color transforms--the only thing that's missing is sound events. Ming contains wrappers for PHP, Zope/Python, Perl, Ruby, and c++. Ming is not an acronym. Also, Ming contains a Flash 5 actionscript compiler and support for clip event actions.

  • : Free
  • : Opaque Industries
  • : 01.10.2011