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Checkbook is a simple and handy financial tool that helps users to manage their bank cheques and cheque transactions online. You can access this program from any remote locations through a browser and update the entries and find cheque transaction details. You can maintain your personal cheque accounts with the entry number, date of transaction, check leaf number, the subject of transaction, the name of payee, amount withdrawn or deposited, the total and balance remaining in your account etc.,

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  • : Elton Wilson
  • : 15.03.2010

High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) 3.1RML is multi-platform compatible. Top secure HYIP software is built on this version of High Yield Investment Program. Besides known HYIP features (see older versions 2.5RL and 2.6RM), it gives you most flexible HYIP operations, such as auto-payment from an alternative e-gold account, transfering of principal and balance between members, withdrawing of investment amount with predefined fee. It too shows several investment plans. And, you can disable the things if you dont want to use them at all. Just join and see how it works

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  • : Advanced eBusiness Studios
  • : 05.09.2008

'GOLDPRO' combines the easy recruitment and lite registration of GOLD EDITION with the much sought after INTEREST COMPONDING ADDON that are demanded by most of our customers. In additional, GOLD PRO added a important way which admins are able to offer investment plans to their customers,- giving the ultimate flexibilities in ability to offer numerious plans with different interests, minimum and maximum deposit ranges, different affiliate commisions to different loan/investment offerings.

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  • : logihyip admin
  • : 10.09.2008

FeaturesAdministration Control Panel:You can control every aspect of the website through our all inclusive user friendly admin page that only you will have access to. Edit/Delete/Suspend users, manage users, preferences, email templates,..., send mass emails out to your users or easily ban users who may be causing problems.System processAutomatically suspend UsersCan edit their detailsCan view the commission earned ( full or monthly )Can send a email to their referrals.Can put their banner advertisement in the home pagecan view the balance can view the full accountCan cancel his/her accountNewsletter AdminMass email usersAccount AdminAdd/Edit/View the balance,withdraw details,deposit details,penalty details and bonus details. Admin can view the Earning detailsMasspayout AdminGrant the withdraw amount to single user or all user.Rates AdminAdd/Delete/Edit RatesView the InvestorsAdmin can view the Top/Last 10 Investors.

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  • : A&J Square, Inc
  • : 16.08.2008

AJ HYIP is a complete financial tool with no technical knowledge required to manage the site. AJ HYIP software is the latest and most advanced HYIP Script with excellent navigation features. Our HYIP Script can be easily customized to accustom your needs with a potential to generate heavy revenues.

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  • : AJ Square Inc
  • : 02.07.2011

LOGITRADE MANAGER is your most affordable start to capitalize on your predictions. It is a fully automated, highly functional and self-administering online system which help you do more than the following things:PUBLISH your stock/options/fx predictions,- / TRACK your performance,- MANAGE your clientele membership through either free, subscription or trial basis,-AUTOMATE your email correspondence,-most importantly, FACILIATE the collection of your well deserved fees.

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  • : Logicodes Admin
  • : 22.09.2011

Nuke-Salary module is a PHP based script that provides complete solution in calculating salaries, commissions, bonus, renumeration schemes etc,. For your company staffs based on their performances. Using this script you can set dates for counting salaries, payments to either single or multiple letters, payment methods etc,.

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  • : PB & MPL
  • : 26.01.2010

OneStopHYIP - All in one HYIP Solutions is Unix compatible. 'ONESTOPHYIP' ~ We give the best for value & one stop shop solutions for any HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs) needs. Others may provide one of the needed components for you to operate the site. At ONESTOPHYIP.COM we provide you with a ready to go; all in one solutions. What are needed from you is to find the right name for your site and to fill in come customized content, and you are on your way to make money by offering your investment options to the internet world.

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  • : Onestophyip admin
  • : 11.10.2010

paCheckbook is a financial management software written in PHP and is designed for managing accounts. Using this script you can perform each and every tasks related to accounts, balances and transactions. This is a handy tool in preparing financial statements, track savings account and check books etc,. without errors. This program has features like support for multiple users, multiple accounts, skin support, customizable transaction type and language customization.

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  • : PHP Arena
  • : 24.01.2010

Paypal like Payment Processor is a collection PHP and MySQL driven classes through which you can run an online ecommerce system more easier. Payments can be transferred to others in no time. Funds can be withdrawn via several payment modules like Paypal, E-Gold, Bank Transfer, etc., Admin can allow users with password and maintain profiles for each member. Supports referral program and calculates referrer earnings. Provides details about deposits, withdrawals, etc., In-built templates can be customized as per your wish.

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  • : 02.02.2011

PHP High Yield Investment Program is a invest management software that helps managing plans like daily, weekly, monthly, straight deposits etc,. Features like multilingual support, mass payments with a single click, additional investment modules and fraud protection. There is an online demo on the website for admins. This is a secure program in PHP / MYSQL.

  • : Shareware / $440.00
  • : Advanced eBusiness Studios
  • : 07.10.2007

PHP High Yield Investment Multi-planning and Auto-payment Portal is a PHP based financial tool that excels itself in assistting users in obtaining payments from e-gold account, transfering both principal and balances between members, withdrawing investments etc,. Using this script you can perform all type of HYIP operations easily with flexible mechanism. Online demo is avaialble on the website.

  • : Shareware / $530.00
  • : Advanced eBusiness Studios
  • : 10.11.2010

This is an invoice design form which can be used by the users to create invoice. Users can customize the generated invoice form by including the form with their own logo or graphics or by using their own letter headed paper to meet out their needs in creating an invoice. Users can either activate or deactivate the VAT. It allows users to configure through its config file.

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  • : Steve Dawson
  • : 22.07.2011

PHP Payment Management Tool is an advanced paysystem software capable of reporting on your recurring bills, payment dues etc., This PHP built financial tool can give you a detailed daily report on your financial status regarding your recurring payments by analyzing paysystem CSV file. Automated mails, notifying the payment dues are sent for all your clients and enables you to view manual reports for your transactions.

  • : Shareware / $39.95
  • :, LLC
  • : 11.02.2011

PHPFinance is a PHP based online financial management program capable of generating statistical report for all your transactions. All incomes and expenses are recorded on a seperate database and thus you can have your report any time when desired. Percentage and progress graphical representations are provided with predictions that could increase your expenses.

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  • : Alexis Mancini
  • : 05.03.2010

PhpTax is a PHP based script to perform income tax calculations for american citizens only. The results got in pdf formats may be printed and filed with the tax department. This script is database independent and uses single line text files for storing informations. Users can enter their details manually and in online to calculate the taxes.

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  • : Bill berggren
  • : 17.03.2010

Quick HYIP is an user friendly HYIP system that helps to run along with HYIP sites. This tool offers various features like facilitates the provision to change the header and footer of the existing website with respect to the HYIP sites, allows admin to manage the users accounts, manage forums and to manage system payouts.

  • : Shareware / $40.00
  • : Roger Stringer
  • : 09.09.2010

saCASH is a PHP based financial package programmed to meet all financial and accounting needs. Using this script you can create single and multiple accounts in UI using 118N struts features for supporting locals. You can add and delete entries and accounts, update transfer needs for accounts, reconcile functions etc,. This script is designed with CSS based HTML, for easy customization and is users can scheduled transaction as desired.

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  • : Scott Carlson
  • : 21.07.2008

FeaturesAdministration Control PanelYou can control every aspect of the website through our all inclusive user friendly admin page that only you will have access to. Add/Edit/Activate/DeActivate share lines, manage users, , preferences, payment processors accounts, email templates,..., send mass emails out to your users or easily ban users who may be causing problems. Email Template AdminAdd/Delete/Edit email templates associated with different auction eventsPayment optionsUsers may fund their money using stormpay, Intgold, E-Gold, Evocash ( other processor can be added upon request )Online HelpHelp for users covering General, Funding, Buying Shares,...Registration VerificationWhen creating a new user account, the user is sent an email with a verification code which is used to verify that the email address is real The user then can just click on the provided link and enter their password to verify their account.Email Templates / Events SystemAfter buying each sharesAfter cycling of each sharesAfter made a withdrawal requestAfter a referral joinedAfter earning commission through a referral UsersCan edit their detailsCan view their statistics ( no. of shares purchased, no. of shares cycled, no. of shares not cycled, ...)Can view their positions in the lines which they bought the sharesCan view the list of cycled sharesCan view a list of members he/she referred.Can put their banner advertisement in the home page ( 2 user banners at a time )Newsletter AdminMass email users

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  • : A&J Square, Inc
  • : 19.02.2010

zAurum mass payment is a PHP based financial software that is programmed for mass payments through e-gold, webmoney transfer, evocash etc,. Users would be able to interface and transfer semi-automated funds from shoping carts, affiliate programs and many other automated mass payment programs quickly and reliably.

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  • : Konstantin Boyandin
  • : 10.11.2008