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AJ Email Marketer provide the powerful software solution for smart online business owners. Easily and Effectively create high-impact bulk emails that are as professional as your business and escalate your customer relationship.

Top 5 reasons to choose AJ Email Marketer!:

- High E-mail deliverable rate. (Tested)
- Track the email traffic at a single glance using the graphical chart in the dashboard!
- Professionally designed email Templates, completely customizable on-demand.
- setting up & pay less attention for maintenance.
- with progressive features like auto-responders, Scheduled Email queuing & more!.

  • : Beta / $249.00
  • : AJ Square Inc
  • : 21.07.2011

Use this email form to alert the users if the form they sent is empty.

  • : Free
  • : John-Paul Ensignaaaa
  • : 05.07.2007

Provide anonymous e-mail inboxes for visitors to your site. Includes templating system, HTML e-mail support, virus and trojan attachment filtering, automatic pruning, clean database storage system, reserved e-mail addresses, friendly URLs, and more.

  • : Free
  • : Jake Andrewsaaaa
  • : 19.04.2011

FAST AOL Contact List Grabber and Invitation System

This is one of the most demanded modules for especially dating websites and web portals. User can login to AOL directly from your website and then his AOL Contact List will be displayed with a checkbox in front of every email address. Where he can select either one or more email addresses and on submission automatically an Elegant HTML email is sent to all the selected emails.

  • : Shareware / $15.00
  • : Fast Creators (offshore developers pakistan)
  • : 26.12.2010

With the help of this groupware tool you can create a virtual workplace for contacting and sharing data within your team members through an advanced group based authentication scheme. This customer relationship management will help you to manage appointments, daily tasks, in and out mails, invoices, notes etc., Some of the important features include flashing status alert icons, online context sensitive help, WebMAT for easy customization etc.,

  • : Free
  • : BrowserCRM Limited
  • : 06.07.2009

FREE PHP Send Mail script, send e-mails from your site to someones inbox! Very easy to customize, and support available in the Cyber-god2k forums!

  • : Free
  • : cyber-godaaaa
  • : 27.10.2011

A program for the management of a large mailing list (over 30,000 email addresses). You can add/delete email addresses, and manage the messages to send, with header, footer, autoresponder etc. Includes the fuctions to check for double emails and validate emails address. The program is password protected. Version: 1.3 - Platform(s): Unix, Windows

  • : Free
  • : Rizzuti JosR Gregorio
  • : 24.04.2009

This is release 3, it's a cleaner rewrite that organizes the code better for less expeirenced php users. Creates a php email form which allows a website viewer to send an email to the owner of the website from a form. This php script is useful for contact pages.

  • : Free
  • : Dan Zarrellaaaaa
  • : 09.05.2009

This is a Web-based form generator that allows you to create your own contact form, and choose the fields, lenght, default and caption. You can test the form online and if you are satisfied, the geneated script will be sent to you by e-mail. To use the generated script, you will need PHP4. The Interactive Site is available in English and German and will create your form in English or German accordingly. Added in Version 1.3: e-mail field validation function.

  • : Free
  • : Marian Heddesheimer
  • : 16.04.2007

With this PHP formmailer script you are able to put a contact form on your website. Both HTML layout and e-mail layout are fully customizable by templates.
Our script in action

Take a look at websites that use our script.

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Form Mail Script will allow you to send information from forms on your web site, by e-mail, to one, or to multiple recipients. It lets you send e-mail as text, or as HTML. The script can also log all the messages that are sent.

The layout of your forms, and e-mail, can be customized as you wish. You can also choose if the user will be redirected to a thank-you-page, or sees the information from the form displayed again

It also has multiple layers of security that reduce the possibility of unauthorized use.

Functions and features of the Formmailer:

* Processing form data and send it per e-mail
* Handling of several forms with the same script
* Full customizable website layout by templates
* Full customizable mail content by templates
* Sending text and HTML e-mails
* E-mail message logging feature
* Security features against abuse by spammers (filters, Captcha)
* Preview of the messages (optional)
* Display messages after sending e-mail or redirect to a special thanks page
* Different language files available: English, German etc.
* Sending attachments

  • : Shareware / $29.00
  • :
  • : 22.04.2009

A Web-based e-mail system. Language independent and template driven with advanced administartion panel. Based on PHP/MySQL. SMTP and POP3 managing capability. Addressbook, language options, customized folder management.

  • : Shareware / $300.00
  • : Sumit Biswasaaaa
  • : 13.08.2009

i-Net Multi User Email Script to start your own Email Website like GMAIL, YAHOO Mail, Hot Mail made in CGI/PERL, tested over Linux Servers. Features of i-Net Multi User Email Script, Advanced Spam Filtering, RBL Blacklisting, Completely MIME compatible, Contact List Members Filter Proof, Multiple Skins, Limit Users Outgoing Mail (Depending on User Level) Sort Inbox With Several Criteria, Fully customizable via HTML templates, Mod_Perl Compatible, New Mail Sounds, WYSIWYG Mail Interface, Multiple Tiered Premium Accounts, Premium Accounts using Paypal & Subscriptions, SMTP or Send mail, Fully functional calendar and scheduler, Unlimited User Folders, Folder Filtering (Incoming mail directed to specific folders), Email notifications of new mail, MySQL backend, Backup, Powerful Admin Panel, Ban IP, Advanced User Editing, Account Suspensions, User Address Book, i-Net Talk and many more features.

System Requirements:

* Linux Hosting
* PHP(with mail enabled), My SQL.
* Basic knowledge of HTML
* DNS zone access to add entry for wildcards
* Minimum space requirement - 1 GB

  • : Shareware / $300.00
  • : i-net solution
  • : 05.11.2011

MailMapper is a web-based mail client written in PHP. It supports IMAP servers and HTTP authentication. (messages in one or more folders)

  • : Free
  • : szewo
  • : 12.06.2007

This application allows your forum users to e-mail an application for a moderator position.

  • : Free
  • : FearKilleraaaa
  • : 10.03.2008

A set of graphical scripts with a MySQL-driven back end to allow an administrator to take control of mail boxes. Two main areas: Area 1 - Admin panel - Gives admins control of the the QMAIL Servers Mail Boxes; Area 2 - User panel - Gives users control of there own mail boxes.

  • : Shareware / $10.00
  • : MR Qmailaaaa
  • : 28.12.2010

This script checks your mailbox and sends notification on incoming e-mails. You can use this script for mobile notifications or mail robot applications.

  • : Shareware / $49.00
  • : Olexiy Merenkovaaaa
  • : 28.09.2007

This script checks POP3 mailbox, extracts graphical attachments and stores them in specified folder. This is ideal solution to enable image uploading by e-mail.

  • : Shareware / $49.00
  • : Olexiy Merenkovaaaa
  • : 22.09.2010

This is a program with which users can have an automated email system for their SMTP servers. This program provides support for encoding such as base64, 8bit, binary etc., This program comes with several features including word wrap, address reset functionality, supporting all win32 platforms, SMTP validation etc.,

  • : Free
  • : Bmatzelle
  • : 29.03.2010

Our autoresponder has been designed to compete with the other top autoresponder companies.

  • : Shareware / $67.00
  • : Stanil Dobrevaaaa
  • : 28.05.2011

Random email addresses is a PHP script that shows 100 email addresses from the various pages and displays them. This script scans on the webpages and look for mailto tags and fetch them according to the users input, they can specify how many times they wish the email address to display. The user can produce any number of loops. This is very useful for the spammers and it is easy to customize.

  • : Free
  • : Beginners PHP
  • : 14.07.2011