A gig lister designed for bands and music sites. The web-based control panel allows admins to add, edit, and delete shows and artists. The script supports multiple users, a web-based installer, an RSS feed for upcoming shows, archives of past shows, a mini-calendar with upcoming shows inserted, searching of shows, and more.

  • : PHP 4.4+, MySQL 4.1+
  • : Free
  • : 25.01.2010
  • : 1.0b

A Flash Calendar is a great Flash/PHP based calendar script that can be easily integrated into any web site. Flash Calendar has a user-friendly admin area that lets you customize your calendar colors and size to match your design. There is an installation script which will automatically install the Flash Calendar for you. All you have to do is to edit it using text editing software such as notepad and set the correct login details for your MySQL server. We offer free installation support. Once you install Flash Calendar all you have to do is to login your administration area. Via a web form you can edit the events for each day. You can install the Flash Calendar script on as many web sites as you want. We do ALL kind of modifications to the script.

  • : Shareware / $35.00
  • : phpjabbers
  • : 23.10.2007

A Multi User Availability Booking Calendar is a great Flash/PHP calendar script that can be used anywhere where booking and availability needs to be used. You can create as many availability calendars as you want and let different people manage each calendar. This is ideal for webmasters who have multiple properties and want to let users manage their own calendar.

  • : Shareware / $49.00
  • : phpjabbers
  • : 14.08.2010

Organise your week with this script. All you have to do is initialize the variables at the beginning of the script and you're set.

  • : PHP 4.3.3, MySQL
  • : Free
  • : 17.09.2010
  • : 1.0

This script displays a small calendar on your pages with links to events or news related to a date. It reads a file you specify and generates the needed links.

  • : Free
  • : 23.04.2009
  • : 1.0

The ApPHP Calendar (ApPHP CAL) is a powerful PHP calendar script that may be easily integrated and used with various PHP projects, such as schedulers, event processors etc. The calendar is very simple to install, implement and use. ApPHP Calendar has a user-friendly interface and navigation. It can be viewed in various ways - yearly, monthly, weekly and daily. ApPHP Calendar is the complete solution for all of your calendar needs.

  • Linux, Windows
  • : Free
  • : ApPHP
  • : 02.02.2011

This script allows clients to register and request appointments. Includes a mass email system, payment tracking, customizable financial and statistical reports, easy configuration and design customization, daily reminders, and automated procedures.

  • : MySQL
  • : $50
  • : 18.05.2007
  • : 1

Availability Booking Calendar is one of the most customizable calendars on the internet. It allows unlimited combinations of sizes, colors, fonts, borders, date and time formats, week starting dates, language, etc... Using a simple piece of JavaScript code you can put Availability Booking Calendar on any web page - HTML, HTM, PHP, ASP, JSP, etc. With 3 simple steps you will have Availability Booking Calendar installed on your website. Specify turn over days (half days booking); let your clients select available dates and submit booking form; specify if you allow day or night bookings only; your clients will pay for the reservations they make; prevent duplicate bookings using the built-in date range verification; select your currency and % for deposit payment; modify a reservation at any time and changes will apply on the calendar immediately; 10 different date formats; no page refresh; multi language support. With Developer Licence you receive full source files. Use Availability Booking Calendar on any website that you make for you or your clients.

  • : Shareware / $39.00
  • : phpjabbers
  • : 05.05.2008

A Flash/PHP calendar script that can be used anywhere where booking and availability is needed. It has a friendly user password-protected admin area where you can change the availability status for any date and set the colors.

  • : $25
  • : 17.05.2007
  • : 1.2

The Availability Booking Calendar is a great Flash/PHP calendar script that can be used anywhere where booking and availability needs to be used. Availability Calendar has friendly user password protected administration area where you can change availability status for any date. You can set the colors that you want via the Settings section at your administration area.

  • : Shareware / $25.00
  • : phpjabbers
  • : 25.09.2010

This software is designed for small to medium sized organizations who have a handful of events each month and want to display all of them, in a simple HTML page.

  • : PHP 4, MySQL
  • : Free
  • : 24.02.2007
  • : 1.0

This add-on is for rental sites with a need to allow online booking of rental units. The visitors will see a tentative calendar with available dates and can click on a link or the available cell on the calendar to start the resevation process. All payments and admin functions are controlled by one account. PayPal IPN is the payment gateway used, so the user pays online and their reservation is instantly updated. Inludes a read me file for setup. Support can be purchased for an additional charge.


* PayPal payment can be turned off so the user can make reservations and pay through alternative method.
* Agent can setup unavailable dates, useful for off-season or during renovations.
* Agent can set seasonal rental rates on a per listing basis.
* Agent notification sent whenever a reservation is made.
* Allows for confirmation/payment entry through admin panel
* Site Admin can choose currency (USD, GBP & EUR)
* Choose between 12 month calendar and single month
* Dates are formatted to Open-Realty date formats configured in site config
* Advance admin user interface, which incorporates on page for both agent and admin to configure the booking settings.
* Multilingual - English, Spanish, French and Italian (contact us if you would like to assist with another language).
* Site Admin can disable PayPal
* Additional Options can be added and fees set
* Minimum Stay can be set, so the rental cannot be reserved for less than the minimum.
* Rates can be set to different frequencies, daily, weekly and monthly.
* Units can be charged on a per room and per person basis.
* Optional reports plugin.
* Terms and Conditions can be setup to allow the user to view and agree before making a reservation.
* Calendar can be disabled on a per listing basis.

  • : Shareware / $125.00
  • : Judson Cooper - JNT WebDesigns, Inc.
  • : 12.09.2009

A flexible system allowing for multiple calendars, email notifications, private calendars and events, UBB style text editing, mini-calendar views and more.

  • : MySQL
  • : $100
  • : 19.01.2008
  • : 3.0

A calendar script with color-coded events, weekly/biweekly/monthly/yearly calendars, mini-calendar views of the previous and next months, repeat event scheduling, easy admin, UBB style code support, searching, a built-in help system, data backup, free installation, free or cheap upgrades and more.

  • : MySQL
  • : $99
  • : 10.01.2008
  • : 2.0

A customisable calendar with user management and support for multiple languages.

  • : MySQL
  • : Free
  • : 28.12.2010
  • : 0.2.20021003

A calendar add-on for the phpBB2 forum that features recurring events, group restricted access, private events, event validation and more. A lite version is available and freely supported.

  • : PhpBB2
  • : $25
  • : 16.12.2008
  • : 2.0.33

A blend of the Gregorian and Jewish calendar for people who require quick decisions at a glance.

  • : $5
  • : 15.02.2010
  • : 1.0

Organize your appointments and events with ease. Keep you and visitors up-to-date with birthdays, meetings, special occasions and more.You can add/edit/delete events, enter date/time/duration of event, use a popup calendar for date selection, choose event icon, create a description using a WYSIWYG editor and more.

  • : $59
  • : 04.10.2009
  • : 3.0

A calendar system that allows users to add and view events. Admin panel allows you to edit and delete events, and modify general calendar settings easily.

  • : PHP 4, MySQL
  • : Free
  • : 07.07.2009
  • : 0.3.0

A simple calendar that is easily integrated into your site and easy to customize. Easily customize colors, font sizes, table sizes and more. Toggle highlighting today's date, displaying the year, and more.

  • : Free/$8.95
  • : 02.08.2008
  • : 3.0