Advantages of PHP Over Java is an article that explains the more uses of PHP over Java for generating web pages. Web programmers who familiar with C,C++ or Java are frequently opt PHP script that can be programmed in few hours easily. PHP is designed specifically for web development gives it an edge as a development tool, remarked by the popular intranet Design Magazine. PHP is built with the needs of Web developers and this script solves complex problem scenarios faster and easier than comparable technologies. This article reveals that most of the web programmers are utilising PHP scripts because of its simple and easy nature.

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  • : 24.11.2007

This is an article that can be used by the readers to learn about the role of PHP in developing a website. The author of this article explains that PHP performs much better than CGI in coding and also details about how to utilize PHP. The author covers this subject over several topics by providing appropriate links. The discussed topics are search utility, Blogging, examining PHP installation, AD rotation, Quote display etc.,

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  • : Shelley Lowery
  • : 06.08.2007

This is a tutorial which tells the users how to use php output controlling functions for making their pages to load fast on their websites. This tutorial explains the users about the use of the function in which they can use it for using header and for setting cookie functions. The author says to the users that they should initialize the output buffering for performing this cache process. This tutorial provides more tips for the users who can make use of it on their websites.

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  • : Luis Argerich
  • : 30.04.2010

Any Access table can be converted to MySQL by using MyODBC. All the steps, with screen shots, are explained in this article.

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  • : 04.05.2007

In this article, the author recommends Midgard software which consists of some Apache modules that is great to work with the popular PHP. Midgard is fully database driven and uses MySQL database server. The author says that the next version of Midgard promises more ODBC support which makes it possible to work with other databases such as POstgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, etc. Installation particulars and to build a simple site with Midgard are also shown in this article. Fully useful for webmasters.

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  • : 26.07.2009

This is an article where users can find information about cannot modify errors. The author explains that this warning is obtained while we are about to start a session, to aim to set a cookie and when we try to perform a redirection and describes about the purpose of those errors. This is an easy to understand article that is provided with corresponding links for a better reference.

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Create your very own article directory with massive Google Adsense income in minutes. This script is very quick and easy to install and comes with detailed installation instructions.

Script Features:

- NEW: Search engine friendly speaking url's
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- Article search function
- RSS news feeds for every category
- Forget password recovery mechanism
- Integrated newsletter/email tool
- Edit static pages like privacy and tos in the admin panel
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- New article notify email to users
- Database backup function in the admin panel
- And many more...

Server Requirements:

1. PHP4 or Higher
2. MYSQL Database
3. htaccess and mod rewrite enabled web hosting

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Free PHP online questions.

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Inout Article Base is a powerful, feature rich, affordable, easy to use article script that works on PHP + MySQL. This is a highly Search Engine Optimized script which helps you to publish unlimited number of articles. Features Include # Unlimited Members # Admin and Members can post unlimited Articles # Unlimited Categories and Subcategories # Easy Article editing with WYSIWYG editor # Multiple language Support # RSS Feeds # Article Search # Multiple Image Uploads # User Comments and Ratings for Articles # Featured Articles and Categories # Email Articles to Friends # Automated lightbox integration for images # Article Archives # Manage Meta Data # Manage page views # Tag unlimited keywords to article # View Detailed Statistics # Modify Script Settings # 100% template driven and fully customizable # Professional Default Design # Open source code # SEO Ready # Advertisement Ready # 1 year FREE updates # 1 year FREE support # 1 Minute/FREE Installation # Starts from $89.95 # and more.....

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Learning Management Systems is an easy to understand article in which author discusses about performance and functionalities of learning management system. Here the author describes about the methods to manage learning and training from an organization.

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  • : 19.11.2010

Refactoring is changing of complex and complicated programming codes into simple and confusion-less ones, thereby restructuring the complete set of codes into easily readable formats, without any change in the output or functionality.Refactoring does not include fixing of glitches or including of new functionalities or practices to the existing set of codes.

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  • : 29.09.2010

PHP and XML, technical or cultural gap? is an article by Eric van der Vlist who in detail argues about the present gap in XML and PHP. Inspite of PHP being one of the first language to support XML, the XML programmers presently not seem to be interested in PHP, the author tries to figure out what maybe the problem.

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  • : Eric van der Vlist
  • : 07.06.2008

PHP Noise is a place for developers to come to learn more about PHP. There is a forum for discussions on php related subjects. / Tutorials are published every week.

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  • : 15.07.2009

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PHP: Past, Present, and Future is the topic of discussion on Webmonkey online radio, and the guests are PHP creator Rasmus Lerdorf and the core developers Stig Bakken, Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski. They discuss about the origin of PHP, why they developed it, what drived them in, its growth and what they plan to do in the future.

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  • : Webmonkey Radio, Lycos Network
  • : 30.08.2010

In this article, the author explains separately with examples on what is PHP? why PHP? How PHP is ideal for dynamic websites? it's speedy work, commercial use, functionality, its professional support, intellectual property protection, features, quality assured configurations etc. The author finishes that PHP is the best enterlprise speaking language.

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  • : Dan Orzech
  • : 25.07.2007 has various PHP scripts like, detecting a proxy server, auto password/ unique id generation, simple password protection using PHP, fighting ad-blocking software, online users etc., These scripts are very useful for webmasters to make their site with full of security. This site also has latest articles related to PHP and also you can send PHP articles to this site. This site is useful to learn more about PHP.

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Apache is the most popular Web servers on the net which works on all operating systems now available with new features. This works fast and has overall stability. If you are hosting a website mostly with static content, Apache is a fireball. If you are new to the Unix/ Linux/ BSD Os, you have to install source and binary packages. While downloading the apache package, you must grab the documentation also for easier operations. Easy to download and simple to run. Totally apache is an excellent webserver to the internet world.

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  • : Nakul Goyal
  • : 12.05.2010

Treasure trove: PHP offers features that will make your Web apps sparkle is a detailed article on PHP. It discusses about the silent growth of this script and how much it has leaped in just three years with some statistics. Some supporting forums and sites are also discussed here. Any newbie can get a birds eyeview of PHP through this article.

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  • : Nicholas Petreley
  • : 20.10.2011

This article talks about PHP right from the roots when Rasmus Lerdorf created is a 'Personal Home Page' script and which has been developed more than that to Hypertext Pre Processor and is posing a big threat to goliaths like Microsoft's IIS and Alliare's Cold Fusion. The future of PHP is also discussed. Many universities are expected to teach PHP in the near future.

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  • : Leon Atkinson
  • : 09.04.2007