XML and Perl


If you've ever thought about becoming a GeoCacher, then you know that the only way to get GPX files from is to pay for their membership services. That means a regular monthly charge to your credit card. But your PocketPC or GPS unit requires this type of file. This isn't a problem anymore. This little script graps waypoints from the site and makes a perfect GPX file for you!Simply collect waypoints, and include them in the URL. The browser will download the GPX file to the folder of your choice. You can then open this file using a program like GPX Sonar. Separated multiple waypoints with a pipe symbol (the verticle line).New! Paste in an LOC file, and this program will automatically parse it for you, and grab all of the waypoints from the site!

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  • : 27.03.2007

This is an easy to use XML parser that can be used to browse and view XML content on websites. This script has features like fast and easy navigation, quicker access to any XML document, Search through XML document etc., Absolutely no configuration needed, just upload the file and its ready to work already. It has a very easy to use interface, which allows easier navigation.

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  • : IndexSoft
  • : 11.09.2007

A new craze is going around among the web-development scene--Apache/mod_perl. We've recognized this craze and have worked hard to bring to you something similar and possibly even better--PerlEmbed. PerlEmbed brings you the power of mod_perl without the Apache restriction. Although Apache is an excellent webserver, not everybody prefers to use it. With PerlEmbed you can literally embed Perl code WITHIN your HTML files and let perlembed.cgi do all the dirty work! Include ENTIRE PROGRAMS within your HTML code and voila! You can have hundreds of Perl applications all executing within ONE process! It doesn't spawn a single external process (although you can force it to by using the system calls)

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  • : 24.05.2010

This easy-to-use script calls up RDF/RSS file for input and the outputs are altered RDF files. The then formed formatted text file is used as an include file.

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  • : manoje
  • : 12.05.2007

This PERL tool is a very useful tool for webmasters who want their site visitors to be in touch with them continuously. This tool supplies XML feeds to the sidebar in Netscape from the website. The webmaster can program to supply RSS feeds to the browser, this will be very useful for updating News, Stock, Game Scores etc.,

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  • : Dan Ragle
  • : 30.09.2011