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@1Customer Records is a database system targeted to bulk mailing modes. This runs on Unix/Linux and is available for a fee. This has a high privacy administration interface, keeps records, has individual emailing, bulk emailing, alert mode, print mode, au

  • : Shareware / $34.95
  • : @1 Customer Records
  • : 17.06.2008

Protect Web sites, software, and data libraries against unauthorized access. Combined with online billing, this script is suited for selling paid Web site memberships and electronic goods (software, e-books). Features include: Multiple subscriptions; .htaccess or special proxy gateway; seamless integration into existing content; advanced access management; online billing and various access parameters; preference settings; and customizable member lounge.

  • : Shareware / $116.00
  • : Tobias Eichneraaaa
  • : 05.09.2010

Account Manger Lite is a perl based program for membership management. This program also provides secure payment modes. This program has many features like, form field checking, retrieving lost username or password using account finder, adding or deleting .nsconfig and .htpasswd files, editing user account information, automatic user or member signup and email confirmation. Configuration of this program is very easy.

  • : Free
  • : Siteinteractive
  • : 09.11.2008

C3-Lock Lite is a highly sophisticated password protection and user management system written in Perl and using MySQL database backend capable of serving access to protected areas to thousands of users at the same time. It offers very high levels of security and is very easy to install and maintain. C3-Lock Lite is primarily aimed at website and web-based software developers that are after a simple password and user management solution for their current and future projects.

C3-Lock Lite comes with an admin interface where webmasters and administrators can create new user accounts, new user groups, activate/inactivate groups or individual accounts, set user level, view user logs, etc. This may be used to protect files for member-only areas. C3-Lock Lite was designed as module using the HTML::Template Framework that can be integrated into or used a foundation with any web based application that meets the requirements.

  • : Shareware / $50.00
  • : Create3
  • : 16.09.2010

Chico Digital Md5 Secure Encrypted Login multi-platform compatible. MD5-based encryption on both client and server machines allows 'pretty strong' password protection for web-based Perl/CGI applications. The browser JavaScript encrypts the password on the client's machine, and so the password is never stored or transmitted as plain text. Does not use .htaccess files or cookies. Also authenticates CGI sessions with a session database as an additional security measure. This is an open source working code framework can be customized by Perl programmers.

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  • : 04.02.2007

Join for free script is a perl based program that allows webmasters to provide the facility of allowing site visitors to create account to access restricted areas on a website by filling a form and then receiving an activation code to their mail address. With this activation code visitor can open an account in the members area. This program has more features like, sending html or standard formatted mails, using custom messages, logging security, importing and exporting email lists, sending custom bulk mails and individual emails to the members, changing admin password, getting affiliate earning reports, protecting spam complaint, managing affiliates and ban list etc. There is an online demo for admins and users on the website.

  • : Shareware / $50.00
  • : Xascripts
  • : 29.12.2007

Locked Area Pro also offers a member managementpanel giving the member full control over their account. The script alsocomes with a powerful administration panel with online administration ofusers, backup and full customisation facilities from the browser.

  • : Shareware / $95.00
  • : Locked Area Pro
  • : 10.02.2009

Mangerht is Unix compatible. ManageHT allows you to add multiple users, remove users and change the username and password for a certain user. You can perform all these on multiple directories as well. The program does have a relatavistic limit of 1500 to 2000 protected directories.

  • : Shareware / $35.00
  • :
  • : 17.04.2007

Member Manager multi-platform compatible. Need to block parts of your web site or certain files? Want to ensure that all users gave a real e-mail address before they can login? Member Manager will allow users to sign up instantly and if you choose, it will e-mail a random passcode to them for verification before they can login. Once a user logs in, they will be forwarded to your default members area that you specify, or to any location for each individual user.

  • : Shareware / $99.95
  • :
  • : 15.08.2010

Membership Client Pro is a password protection system that allows webmasters to password protect membership area. This program allows users to have multiple accounts with same username or password. Monitor private area logins can be added to deactive user name or passwords. This program has many features like, automatic account expiration, to include attachments in emails, automated backups, recurring billing with paypal and more. An online demo is available on the website.

  • : Shareware / $99.00
  • : Membership Client Pro
  • : 21.02.2009

Membership Manager Lite Unix/Linux compatible. Membership Manager Lite has nothing "lite" about it! It can still protect your directory and allow you to manage your member's, but does lack most of the more powerful features of Membership Manager Gold. Like Membership Manager Gold, Membership Manager Lite uses .htaccess, the most powerful directory protection. Membership Manager Lite use a flatfile database so there's no need for MySQL databases or phpMyAdmin to be installed on your server. Link Back and non commercial use.

  • : Free
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  • : 16.12.2010

Mojoprotector Personal is Unix compatible. mojoProtector is an advanced member management system and password protected directory system. It offers very high levels of security and is very easy to install and maintain. mojoProtector works perfectly with and ibill's pincoding, and optionally

  • : Shareware / $99.98
  • :
  • : 26.06.2007

Profile Manager scripts is a membership management program where you can create online community in your website. Customers can use it for many purposes like picuture albums, resume posting etc. Customer information tracking system can be included in this program. This program has an intranet user profile management. Private section can be added for the members. This program is available in three versions like basic, premium and professional.

  • : Shareware / $150.00
  • : Interlogy Internet Technologies
  • : 12.10.2010

Membership Gateway is a secured system where webmasters can protect membership area. This system also distributes password to secured member's area. All member data are stored in the data file. Passwords are deleted after few days automatically. Admin have facility to add, delete or suspend users. Lost password can be retrieved by users. This program has many features like paypal payment processors compatability, to paste 'order now' html form, user logs and automatic email notifications.

  • : Shareware / $199.00
  • : Smart Elf
  • : 26.06.2008

T4w Sentry is Unix compatible. A complete all-in-one password security solution and HTML form login script. It protects against *brute force* attacks and it neutralizes compromised passwords. Unsurpassed protection that works with, and enhances, your server's existing authentication system! Set up is easy and doesn't require special server modifications.

  • : Shareware / $89.00
  • :
  • : 05.10.2011

The Members Admin CGI Pro is a secured membership system where you can protect your membership area by assigning password. This system also manage the members. This program supports english and german language. Form field checking can be included in this program. Tracks can be added to share passwords. Lost username or password can be retrieved. This script performs approval of members automatically. .htpasswd or .nsconfig files can be added or deleted automatically.

  • : Shareware / $79.95
  • : Widexl
  • : 10.06.2010

With these scripts you will be able to protect directories, create login area or paid membership area within minutes. Self-installing software, no programming skills, no authentication or PHP knowledge required.

  • : Free
  • : Diofantaaaa
  • : 29.01.2008

Using one simple interface, this script manages each of the following types of password and group files: Human readable text files, DBM database files, Berkeley DB database files and SQL databases. In addition to running as a CGI script, user_manage can be used from the command-line to manipulate users and groups, replacing both dbmmanage and htpasswd with a simple and consistent interface. Furthermore, by allowing you to define security "realms" consisting of paired password and group files, it avoids operator errors that often result in the incorrect password file being modified.

  • : Free
  • : user_manage
  • : 02.08.2009