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This script has MySql backend,- Templates based layouts for the ranking lists,- Web-based admin interface,- Members self-managing interface (Account Managing System) / Voting gateway (Anti-cheating System),- IP logging (Anti-cheating System),- Built-in search feature in the admin script,- Split the list into several pages and more. /

  • : Shareware / $39.95
  • : Advanced Ranking System
  • : 03.09.2007

Bigwebmaster's Ultimate Topsite Script is a Unix compatible script that ranks sites from the ones who send the most to the least traffic. This script is so powerful that it will automatically analyze all incoming hits and determine where they are coming from without them signing up. The script will block sites loading your site in an image tag or iframe tag. This script also allows you to track the productivity of your traffic and base your returns on it. You can also adjust your return ratio to each site. UTS also uses templates for easy updating.

  • : Shareware / $100.00
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  • : 28.07.2010

Exchanging links back to your site is still one of the key ways to increase traffic. Finding creative ways to get these links has always been difficult.With this script, you can starting giving out your own 'site award.' Visitors will be sent special HTML code which they can insert in their pages, and this code links back to you! Want targeted traffic? Only give out awards to sites with relevant content. Do you have a site about ezines? Give your 'EZine Appreciation Award' to these sites so they'll link back to you. It's a great way to get noticed, and your visitors will appreciate the attention you give them.

  • : Shareware / $12.99
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  • : 25.04.2007

Besides, you can customize for your website the Top Ten list. It can also be changed easily by the use of HTML generated pages. So unlike other scripts you do not need to re-edit and upload each time you want to change this information. You must have SSI available on your website. You can choose how many items you want to have used in your list, any number from 1 up to 10.

  • : Free
  • : Junies Top Ten Generator
  • : 08.06.2007

This script is a freeware. It has a quick display, which loads pages quickly, with the option to set for half-hour or hour updates.

  • : Free
  • : Lyles Topsite
  • : 04.01.2009

Top Sites is a topsite raking program that is achieved through visitor's votes. A link that is placed on user's sites counts on a vote when it receives a visitors click. The maximum number of votes a site gets is placed on the topsite list. It has many features like, ability to send bulk email, ability to delete, resume or suspend accounts, customizable looks, can split the list into many parts, anti fraud system and more.

  • : Shareware / $150.00
  • : Optinet
  • : 22.05.2008

The script has Customizable banner breaks and total number of sites to be ranked,- / Automatically resets the votes every week- this function can be turned off,- Header and footer code is supported- Customizable layout for the ranking list,- Skips inactive accounts while creating the ranking list,- Members create their own account,- Anti-cheating gateway to prevent people from using pop-up windows,- Ranks members by both total votes and rating scores and Members don't need to place a voting image on their web site.

  • : Free
  • : Ranking System
  • : 07.01.2010

The main features are Fast, streamlined code,- Ability to integrate into Agents of Fortune Affiliate Software,- Crontab generation of hitcounts to handle heavy traffic,- Ergonomic, logical statistical interface,- Allows your affiliates to modify their account information,- / Link code generated for affiliates so they cannot make mistakes,- Statistics track both incoming and outgoing traffic for admin and members and more. /

  • : Shareware / $249.94
  • : Superscripts: Topsites
  • : 21.09.2007

Top Rep is a topsite list creator that can create any number of lists and sites. This script supports paid visitors to place sponsor banners. It has several features such as, configurable IP checking to avoid frauds, voting gateways to check voting frauds, webmasters uploading banner to the server, site ranking based on total hits out and in, average rating, hits in the last week, month etc. An online demo is available on the website.

  • : Shareware / $300.00
  • : Perl Coders
  • : 24.10.2011

Top Sites Professional is a website ranking script where user's sites area ranked based on clicks received on their site link. This script has several features like, crontab option, IP blocking to avoid frauds, sending bulk email to members, counts out going and incoming hits, headers and footers for easy customization, encrypted passwords, deleting member's accounts for not receiving hits in a preconfigurable amount of days or which were never activated. An online demo is available on the website.

  • : Shareware / $250.00
  • : Solution Scripts
  • : 20.11.2008

Create your own top-list replicator with this straightforward script. Provides an unlimited number of lists and sites, automatic e-mailing to list and site owners for varying events, all html is generated based on templates allowing for complete control of the site's design, uses the MySql database for bulletproof efficiency, and other countless bells and whistles to make this a must have script for generating that valued traffic. Script also allows for having "paid" members and allowing them more options, such as their own sponsor banners in the list, etc.

  • : Shareware / $300.00
  • :
  • : 21.12.2011