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Fantastic Shield offers a dynamic solution for providing security services for your website. It features an integrated administrative panel fully loaded with all the tools you need to manage your shielded areas. Members can be easily locked down, activated, deleted, or suspended with the click of button. You can even instantly send selected members announcement through email without the headache of exporting email addresses. What makes Fantastic Shield unique is that administrators have the ability to create as many protected member's areas as they want and manage them with simplicity and speed. There's more... / When a user registers for the access to a designated protected area, they have the option of paying with premium services like Paypal. Once their payment is processed, their account is instantly activated and they can access the member's area immediately. If a user signs up for a free package, their account is instantly activated. This allows the administrator to create an array of packages and control member's designated priveleges for each package. / An upside to the pragmatic design of Fantastic Shield is the practicality of the registration process. These days, registrations can be difficult and at times ambiguous. With the Fantastic Shield registration system, members simply enter their required information such as a designated username and password as well as their name and email, and they are set.

  • : Shareware / $49.99
  • : Fantastic Scripts
  • : 16.01.2008

Manage multiple usernames and passwords for .htaccess/.htpasswd directory protection. Works with the Apache web server (tested on Unix systems) and can be used to handle multiple password protected directories. Also generates what your .htaccess file should look like for the directory you're about to protect.

  • : Shareware / $50.00
  • : technotradeaaaa
  • : 27.07.2007

.htaccess Password Protector is a user management system with which you can manage multiple usernames and passwords. You can set expiration date for users. 'Member only' website can store members informations like name, email and comments. This program has several features like, to change protected directory, mass mailing and extracting emails, password retrieval, changing program settings, to add, edit, delete or view users, manual import feature to add members in just one click, generating .htaccess file and more.

  • : Shareware / $49.00
  • : Techno Trade
  • : 13.01.2008

The powerful web-based manager of .htpasswd, .htgroups and .htaccess files. It gives you easy management and control over all the restricted directories on your web-site, including managing access rights for all users, groups and hosts. indexsoft access manager provides convenient setup of simple .htaccess files even if you do not plan to setup complex access permissions for your site. Try it and see how much time it saves!

  • : Shareware / $14.94
  • : Serzh Black
  • : 09.06.2009

@1 Script Secure is built on perl programming that provides security methods to prevent the malicious users to access / modify your form datas and submitting forms from other domain servers. You can denote valid referers in 3 ways. Your existing script ca

  • : Free
  • : UPDI Network Enterprise
  • : 31.03.2009

Access Denied is a perl written program that allows users to manage secured contents on their websites by password protecting them. This program has many advanced features like, add and removes login and passwords, working on multiple password files, password protected admin options, deleting multiple login at the same time and more. This program is easily configurable by users.

  • : Free
  • : Solution Scripts
  • : 16.05.2008

A easy to use script that prevents other websites from linking or saving your full size images (a.k.a. Leeching or Hot Linking). Includes an easy to use interface. The script also includes a number of other image protection mechanisms. They cannot right-click save the image. They can't use keyboard to print screen, they can't use third party screen capture tools, and much more.

  • : Shareware / $35.00
  • : Andy Angrick/Mike Baroneaaaa
  • : 29.05.2010

Any Membership Manager is Unix compatible. Run an automated online Members Only Area on your website. Features Include: Auto signup or require admin approval. Email notification of new members. Allow members to update there own details (on or off). Automatic password/username retreival. Unique passcode prevents bookmarking. Add/Edit/Delete members online with ease. Tracks all correct logins. Tracks each members last login date and total logins. View top members and search the database for members.

  • : Shareware / $55.00
  • :
  • : 26.12.2010

Authenticate Assistant is a perl based script that allows registered users into any protected content on a website. This program along with the files to be protected has to be placed inside the same directory and validates users when the variable / $REG_ADMIN is set to YES.

  • : Free
  • : Ravensclaw
  • : 29.04.2008

Bandwidth Protector is powered in perl software that offers features to protect your content pages. Links for HTML pages and graphic files are barred from being copied into other website pages. It can monitor the log details with ID, IP address, log time and date and number of attended. You can save multiple domains using one bandwidth protector. You have to specify the domain name from which your HTML and graphic files to be loaded, thus can prohibit other domains to access your webiste. This script has an online demo.

  • : Shareware / $49.00
  • :
  • : 29.07.2009

Bot Buster is derived on Perl and CGI language that can protect your multimedia products from theft. Also, it can save your bandwidth, and control traffic increased by the malicious users. It automatically finds out the mulimedia grabbing robo softwares such as Teleport, PaqRat and Go!Zilla etc., Password sharing module prevents the entry of credit card frauds. Gives functions to view and access the multimedia products right on your websites. Abused activities can be monitored with detailed info. Online demonstration is available for this script.

  • : Shareware / $149.94
  • : Scripts-Are-Us.Com
  • : 24.08.2009

Bouncer is a perl based program that restricts unauthorised users to access protected content on the website. This program also checks predesignated passwords for entering to the login page. This program encrypts passwords and stops access from unauthorised bookmarking. This is also AVS type password system. Admin has rights to add, delete or view users. This is a simple and handy tool for webmasters.

  • : Free
  • : TD's Script Shop
  • : 06.11.2009

CheckMe is a password protection system where authorised users can generate password protected contents on their website and only authenticated visitors with correct username and password can gain access to secured content on the webpage. This program has several features like, protecting multiple individual pages, auto detecting secured pages, missing files detection system, error traps, bad login message for easy customization, logs each login, ability to add or delete through a form, redirecting to URL's, displaying credentials switch on bad login etc.

  • : Free
  • : Step Web
  • : 30.10.2009

Checkme Gold 6.0 is Unix compatible. CheckMe Gold is the most powerful password protection system and self-maintained account management system available. There is absolutely no system that can compare to CheckMe Gold. -Highly customizable to the smallest details! -Doesn't rely on .htaccess! -Password protect any files (video, audio, HTML, text, etc...)! -Password protect third party CGI scripts!!! -Password protect SSI scripts!! -Automatic member billing! -Anti-hacking features! -too much to mention here!

  • : Shareware / $129.00
  • :
  • : 03.02.2008

Automated system for creating and maintaining apache style .htaccess files to password protect website directories. Add, modify and delete password protection to any directory on your server. No limit to the number of directories the script can be used on. Administration through the web browser.

  • : Shareware / $35.00
  • : Andy Angrick/Mike Baroneaaaa
  • : 06.01.2009

This is a perl program and the basic function of this program is, it links your site with cybercash server which sells password for their membership sites directly. Hence this program automatically provide security and billing system for paysites. This program prevents duplicate order form submission. Features included with this program are, secured administrative interface, secures hacker proof analyser etc.,

  • : Free
  • : The Nulife Network
  • : 08.04.2010 is a user management program where webmaster can add, edit view or delete users via a browser based interface. Only authenticated users having valid username and password can access secured contents on the websites. This is a simple and very useful program for webmasters to authenticate users. Users can customize this software into their active websites.

  • : Free
  • : David Efflandt
  • : 23.10.2007

If you'd like to keep your visitors coming back, studies show that members area's do just that. Our members area will alow you to maintain a fully customized members area. We can integrate your members area into your existing web site or create a full site from just the members area.

  • : Shareware / $75.00
  • : ES Internet Design
  • : 26.10.2011

  • : Shareware / $79.00
  • : Securescripts
  • : 23.09.2011

htaccess Member Manager multi-platform compatible. Manage multiple usernames and passwords for .htaccess/.htpasswd directory protection. Works with the Apache web server (tested on Unix systems) and can be used to handle multiple password protected directories. Also generates what your .htaccess file should look like for the directory you're about to protect.

  • : Shareware / $50.00
  • :
  • : 07.06.2008