Recommendation Scripts


BNB Birdcast is Unix compatible. A very easy script to install and to help you promote your site. Features include: e-mail of current URL to an unlimited number of recipients, logging of pages referred, and a message area for the sender's comments. After sending the URL, the script returns the reader to the original page they were reading. All features are configured via the HTML form.

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  • : 04.08.2009

Instant Viral Marketing Program multi-platform compatible. Do you want two million visitors within 24 hours? If you give something away for free from your web site, did you know there's a secret technique you can use to make it bring you exponentially increasing levels of traffic and profit? This product creates an instant viral marketing program that will rapidly increase the traffic to your site and give a huge boost to the income from your other income streams - no kidding, your profit levels will go through the roof!

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  • : 24.02.2009

The powerful, customizable, and professional mojoTaf script allows visitors to suggest your web site to their friends, family and so on, giving you free advertising! This is a great way of getting more and more visitors. The referer URL is included in visitor email, optionally, an email can be sent to you and the refefer. Templates driven for both html and emails

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  • : 10.09.2010

This is a fantastic package inspired by a customer. It is perfect for any webmaster resource site. Package includes scripts that create customized scripts for webmasters instantly and allows them to download the customized script along with installation instructions.

  • : Shareware / $1,500.00
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  • : 06.11.2010

Site Recommender multi-platform compatible. This is the ultimate site recommender script. It will always stay in the corner of your visitor's browser to ensure they don't forget to recommend your web site. You can even have the recommendation box flash in intervals to make it more noticable. It also allows a visitor to enter an unlimited number of e-mail addresses in the box!

  • : Shareware / $149.94
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  • : 27.04.2011

tell 2002 multi-platform compatible. This script allows visitors to send any of your URLs to their friends. @Tell is a great program that can help your website get more hits. Features include: e-mail of current URL to an unlimited number of recipients, logging of pages referred, and a message area for the sender's comments. Email invalid checker. Capture sender email to database.

  • : Shareware / $39.99
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  • : 02.04.2011

There are plenty of 'recommend us' scripts out there, but none of them offers affiliate links generating. This script has been tested and is currently in use on my site. It is a great way to allow visitors to recommend your site to others because they will be interested in earning commissions from your sales. This script sends personalized messages, thank you messages, emails leads to you, and redirects the visitors to your desired page. This script helps you get extra coverage, more traffic and more affiliates that you may now be missing and allows you to acquire a lot of email addresses. How does it work? Your visitor fills out a short form with their names, email addresses, their ClickBank nickname and their optional message and then simply clicks the SEND button. He will receive a "thank you for refering friends" letter and everyone of his friends receives letters with automatically generated ClickBank affiliate links to your site. This way your visitors will be interested in suggesting your site to all of their friends because they can earn commissions for your sales. You will receive a full report with his friend's emails, names, date and IP address of sender. Features Include: Easy to install and to use; Full control of outgoing e-mail subject lines and body messages; Both of E-mail messages (to teller and to his friends) can be completely customized; Dynamic text feature lets you personalize messages everywhere; Send notifications with emails and names to the administrator; It will mail back automatically to the sender to say "thank you"; Advance checking error input; Checks for more than 12 possible errors and returns a message according to the error; This script uses standard text-files as a template for easy setup and greater control over the style of the email. Tell-Your-Friends is very easy to configure: A small HTML code is inserted into any HTML page; A few variables are assigned in the HTML code; Write your messages to the teller and to the friends; Configure the Perl script, and everything is set.

  • : Shareware / $13.44
  • : Dr.Daniel Quek
  • : 20.03.2009

Trafficwolf Marketing is Unix compatible. TrafficWolf is an easy to install site referral system. It helps you in website promotions by allowing your visitors to recommend the site to their friends. It also allows you to OFFER other webmasters the recommend-our-site service from their webites while you gain additional traffic to your website. Other features include: Saves all addresses and names for future reference. Supports unlimited number of recipients, and Can be customized to the layout and look of your website.

  • : Shareware / $50.00
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  • : 06.05.2011

Turboreferer: Increase Traffic & Sales multi-platform compatible. Dramatically increase your traffic and sales: Add a "Win It!" option in your site and let Turboreferer to: Increase Traffic and Sales - Track and Count Referrals That Lead To Sales - Manage All Leads, Sales and Winners - Reward Your Referrers-Sellers - Allow You To Contact With Referrers and Buyers. Additionally, upon subscription to Turboreferer Newsletter you get the Viral Marketing Email Tutorial.

  • : Shareware / $47.00
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  • : 04.12.2011