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AceMoney helps people organize and manage their personal finances quickly and easily. It supports all the features required for home or even small-business accounting needs

  • : Shareware / $20.00
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  • : 14.03.2010

Matlex Starter Solution contains a huge array of standard features, including web site replicator, uni-level and Australian x-up genealogy, contact manager, private messenger, genealogy reports, Admin and Users Panel, Promotional tools, Members Personal Mailbox and many more...

  • : Shareware / $1,499.99
  • : Matlex Software Inc.
  • : 30.07.2008

OxAffiliate DXO is an affiliate referrer tracking software with tracks affiliate commissions, website hits, sub-affiliate activities, and more. With the powerful administrative back office the admin can monitor affiliate activities all around the system. The admin can also generate payout reports on the fly. This software is equipped with features never used before on other competitive affiliate software; a powerful Sub-Affiliate Tracking System, a Bulletin Board, and much more.

  • : Shareware / $199.99
  • : NicPlex Corporation
  • : 06.07.2008

OxDownlineO is a powerful database driven Downline Club Builder Software. As the administrator and owner of the software, you have complete control over its entire use and objectives. Feature include: Web Site Replicator, Password System, Automatic Upline Notification of member sign-up, Real-time Genealogy reports, Mailing List System, Administrator Add/Delete/Modify accounts, etc...

  • : Shareware / $199.99
  • : NicPlex Corporation
  • : 04.06.2008

Main Program Features:- 1X(You Set) Downline: New members join using a fee that you set for your program and product. They are placed in the programs straight downline in order. After a member cycles they are automatically placed back in the downline with a free position. Sponsors will receive additional referral commissions for new members and new members auto free re-membership. Each member will also receive their own affiliate website url. - Product Download: Each member sees a link in their members section that contains a description of the product and download/join link. The product can be anything that you have to offer ( e-book, safelist, special memberships, tangibles, and non tangibles). - Script is configured to work with PayPal. Admin Section Includes:- Program Setup Calculator: You configure how many levels for members to cycle, cost of membership, percentage to payout in cycle commissions, and percentage to payout in referral commissions. The setup calculator will then give you an accurate report on how much money will be paid out and brought in. You can adjust the settings to however you like. - View Members Profiles: View and edit each of your affiliates data including username, email, password, and sponsor. See how many times they have cycled or referred new members - Affiliate Search: Search members based on username, email, password, sponsor, or matching all. - View All of Your Affiliates: View your entire program members database in order. You can view all members at once with all of their data including id numbers, number of times cycled, and auto re-entries. - Easily Pay Cycle and Referral Commissions: Admin back office keeps track of all your commissions owed and has mass pay support. Mark and pay commissions individually or all at once. - Email All of Your Members: Send a message, update, or promotion to all of your affiliates using just a click of one button. Mailing feature includes special easy to use tags that makes each email personalized to each member. The mailer will filter all duplicate emails before sending. - Export Center: Export your entire database or parts to other supportive data manipulative programs. - Add Members or Commissions: Admin section will let you manually add members or reward referral commissions. This is automatically done by the program. This feature can be used for special case situations. Members Section Includes:- Auto Generated Link Codes: Members will be able to immediately access their affiliate url. Members section includes auto generated link codes for each user that contains banner promotions and sample text promotions. - Real Time Referral Status: Members can see each referral they have brought into the program in real time. Data is generated for them by the program on the fly. - Members Profile: Each member can see their own personal profile and manage their password update. - Exploded Downline View: Each member can see the entire downline status. The members view downline section does not show personal details of other members. It only shows each members progress and how many times cycled with free re-entries.

  • : Shareware / $24.00
  • : Brian Mullis
  • : 22.06.2009

Ultimate Traffic System is Unix compatible. AUTS is a Perl/MySQL-based unique and feature rich script that allows you to run your own traffic system service. You have full control over layout via HTML templates and over functions and stats via an extensive control panel. Advanced Code Generation method to reduce server load and maximize security. Mailing List included. Also features: set ad levels, set code delay time, individual user stats, global stats etc.

  • : Shareware / $390.00
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  • : 02.07.2010

The xFlow is a fully customizable, automated membership management software, which provides full genealogy tracking for recycling matrix, X-Up, Uni-level, and other plan types for any size MLM or Affiliate business. It has an integrated transaction and payment systems with support for 28+ processors, notification, trigger and privilege systems allowing for more power and flexibility. It comes with several modules: User Name Generator, Block Replicator, Shopping Cart, Support System, Home Page Rotator and the unique EFI, which allows you to instantly transfer your existing database into the xFlow. Subdomain replication and easy database transfer from your old membership management software (Plexum, DH Software, etc.) are also available. The license includes the following: FREE installation by our professional support team, FREE software updates for life, ALL modules, and variable amounts of Customer Support through our unique Customer Service Account.The xFlow is capable of handling any size membership database, and it is the most customizable application in the industry today. Your full SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED or your money back. Try our online demo, see our online tour, read the online documentation, and browse our Knowledge Base to see why business owners have been relying on the xFlow for more than 5 years.

  • : Shareware / $400.00
  • : Envex Developments
  • : 28.02.2009