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Total turnkey web email solution. Setup a service similar to Hotmail under your own domainnames/branding. Or use the software as a webmail gateway for external POP3 accounts. Includes features such as SQL backend support, spell check, address book, and more.

  • : Shareware / $499.00
  • : Ben Duncanaaaa
  • : 28.09.2009

Automatic sequential e-mail autoresponder with powerful mailing list manager. When your visitor sends an e-mail to the autoresponder or fills up a subscribe HTML form, the script will automatically send out a reply, add the sender to the mailing list and followup will begin at predetermined intervals.

  • : Free
  • : Daniel Quekaaaa
  • : 10.01.2009

Centipaid developed Mail::Audit::Centipaid, a Perl toolkit designed to scan incoming mail for paid postage. Once a postage is detected, it is checked with Centipaid to insure that the proper payment has been made. Electronic postage rates are set by the recpient and can be as low as $0.001. It can be used by individuals or companies to designate one or more email accounts SPAM free. The toolkit can be used freely by companies and developers to create sophisticated, royalty free mail filters.

  • : Free
  • : Adonis El Fakihaaaa
  • : 02.01.2007

E-mail Verifier is a multi-platform compatible program thati is ideal for people who have a growing list of e-mail addresses that you promote to, or even sell to other companies. You also know how often you send out messages and you get the dreaded "returned mail", "message bounced", or "undeliverable message". You can now virtually eliminate that problem with the E-mail Verifier.

  • : Free
  • :
  • : 01.01.2011

A simple e-mail autoresponder with useful features. It comes with an unlimited number of autoresponders, unlimited follow-up messages and unlimited number of subscribers.

  • : Shareware / $17.94
  • : josephaaaa
  • : 24.01.2009

GroupMail is a full featured web based communication system using email or instant messaging or both. It uses one POP email account as a post office and delivers mail from there to each user inbox. The Intercom feature delivers messages instantly to user inboxes on the server - fast, private and secure. User accounts, features, resources and maintenance are administered from a control panel.

  • : Free
  • : Chez Surette Art
  • : 12.09.2008

Limitless Follow Up Autoresponder is a multi-platform compatible super easy to install CGI script that allows you to send unlimited followup emails with file attachments automatically from your website. Make as many sequential letters as you need and send them at the intervals you specify. One-click unsubscribe link. Works without CRON jobs (which are not allowed on many servers). Over 20 additional incredible features makes this the most coveted online marketing software of it's kind on the market today!

  • : Free
  • :
  • : 01.02.2007

mail Webbased Mail is Unix compatible. Total turnkey web email solution. Setup a service similar to Hotmail under your own domainnames/branding. Or use the software as a webmail gateway for external POP3 accounts. Includes features such as SQL backend support, spell check, address book, and more.

  • : Shareware / $499.00
  • :
  • : 09.03.2009

Program up to 20 different timed response letters per autoresponder; create an unlimited number of autoresponders. Allows for a variety of customizations per autoresponder, features e-mail list management features and demographics data collection capabilities.

  • : Shareware / $497.00
  • : John Rennaaaaa
  • : 27.07.2011

Multiaccount Web Mailer is a multi-platform compatible small and efficient program that supports multiple email addresses to check for emails using POP3 only, read/delete emails, and send emails with cc/bcc through SMTP. It is very useful because you can handle all your mail accounts from single browser window. Easy to install, very nice user interface.

  • : Free
  • :
  • : 31.01.2008

Perl Version Of Php Mail() is a multi-platform compatible great subroutine for PHP coders who are working on Perl projects. It mirrors the functionality of PHP's mail() function so that you don't have to manually open a pipe to sendmail in Perl. Helps break down another barrier between the two languages.

  • : Free
  • :
  • : 02.12.2008

Creates a searchable WWW archive of e-mail messages. The PRO version uses an ODBC source to store data and perform SQL queries.

  • : Free
  • : Aldo Calpini
  • : 06.12.2011

This script is used by webmasters to build a contact form on their website. It helps their site visitors to send their comments and feedbacks about their site and their site products. This script will ask the site visitors to provide their name and email address to receive reply message from the web owners.

  • : Shareware / $5.00
  • : Webmask
  • : 04.02.2009

Souper mail is a simple form of mail program. It is used for contacting with others. Webmasters can use this script on their own website to keep contact with their site visitors. This script validates each field and form to find error and it will send an error message to the sender if error is found. This script supports multiple file attachments. Webmasters can customize the layout using differrent templates.

  • : Free
  • : Vittal Aithal
  • : 30.10.2008

Procmail file manager to help manage the data used in our rc.nospam procmail script. Use with our rc.nospam script and the procmail Linux utility to cut down on spam.

  • : Free
  • : Charleston Software Associatesaaaa
  • : 03.08.2007

Email software to run your own Hotmail type website. It includes RBL blacklisting, virus scanning, a WYSIWYG mail editor, SPAM filtering, mail sounds, free or pay accounts,mail sigs, attachments and MIME compatible, address book, calendar and scheduler, remote POP3 access, multiple domain support, HTML templates for easy customization and more.

  • : Shareware / $79.00
  • : jafo@worldwidecreations.comaaaa
  • : 04.07.2009