Database Manipulation


This powerful script will make saving and restoring your MySQL databases as easy as "one-two-three. It is simple and convenient to use and will keep your databases backed up and safe. You can make backup copies of databases in any directory provided by your ISP, or you can back them up on your local computer, or you can upload them to the server. You can email backups to the database owner or to yourself. You can pack and unpack backups automatically. You can store databases backups to an FTP server, you can backup all the databases on your server with one click and much more. Try it for unlimited control of all the backups you created of all your databases.

  • : Shareware / $14.94
  • : Serzh Black
  • : 22.01.2009

@1 Table Publisher is a script that will assist you in creating, editing and displaying Microsoft Excel or Access tables directly via a browser. With its help you can create tables from blank, import MS-Excel/Access tables or use existing data files on se

  • : Shareware / $44.95
  • : @1 Table Publisher
  • : 21.08.2007

This free perl script allows you to view your web server's accesslog. access_logs, contain information about hits on your web site such as user's IP, country, date, time and path travelled. All you need is a cgi-bin and the path to any log file on your server. Tested on files as large as 500 megabytes, select a group of lines, view with or without word wrap, characters decoded fro easy reading.

  • : Free
  • : John Krinelos
  • : 22.02.2007

Alzabo can be used either as a data modeling tool or as a RDBMS to object mapping system. It allows you to define a schema by creating tables, columns, indexes, foreign keys, etc. The script can help you generate the SQL statements necessary to create a new schema or it can even reverse engineer an already existing schema. The other role that Alzabo plays is that instead of using SQL to access your database, you are given an object-oriented wrapper with which to access your data and you do not have to rewrite the same things over and over again.

  • : Free
  • : Alzabo
  • : 09.04.2008

is a script, where on entering in SQL you can have the statement run. This is a script that will help you to get to a database over the web. You can also upload files of SQL for population of database. You can view the results of select statements and also error messages, if any.

  • : Free
  • : aq.cgi
  • : 03.05.2009

ASDS is a simple database script. This script is useful for webmasters to facilitate their site with database table to allow their visitors to edit, retrieve, enter and remove the data from the database. Only CGI is enough for this script to run.

  • : Free
  • : Andrew Rowson
  • : 22.03.2009

This is a flexible, secure and easy-to-install flat file database management system written in Perl. You can use this software to add, update, delete, search, report and display any database records. All interfaces are template-driven. It also supports user images. Numerous add-ons at affordable prices. /

  • : Shareware / $80.00
  • : CNC Technology
  • : 29.04.2009

This script is useful for webmasters to build their site with database tables and facilities with searching, storing images and data, sorting etc., This software is built-in image support and online reporting functions. It has different html templates for neat interface. Webmasters can allow their site visitors to store their own data on websites. It makes them easy to search records and topics from the database.

  • : Shareware / $160.00
  • : Cnctek
  • : 30.04.2009

csGridview is a simple database management tool. User can create their own database table. They can import or copy and paste the existing data in the database. Flat text file is used to store the data. Users can perform multiple database management. Multiple HTML templates is generated to view data from the database. Programming knowledges are not required to use this tool.

  • : Shareware / $35.00
  • : CgiScript
  • : 01.07.2007

By using this script you can send your data from your own website to CSV write script. At last the informations will be added to the database and sends the visitors to a new web page. Several features of this script are, write data from any web form with CGI, redirect users to any web page after sending data, it hides the database location from visitors etc.

  • : Free
  • : EZscripting
  • : 16.04.2008

This database tool allows user to edit and search the stored records. It allows user to manage database without file transfer protocol. Several features of this script are, can customize the records from database, manage line breaks into HTML or spaces, can customize the look using template etc., This script is easy to install and to customize.

  • : Free
  • : EZscripting
  • : 01.03.2007

CSV manager is a script written in Perl. It facilitates you to add records or to perform searches on the csv databases. These searches can be made on one or unlimited csv databases with any number of fields. It offers various templates and makes customization or different look an easy possibility.

  • : Free
  • : CSV Manager
  • : 23.11.2010

This script is used to read data that has been stored in a database. It displays the result in the web page. It allows you to read, filter, sort or search the informations that is stored in the database. Several features of this script are, it displays all the database in your web page, display information using a virtual include and using a link, you can use more than one filter at a time and also it shows number of records and number of matching records.

  • : Free
  • : EZscripting
  • : 22.12.2008

CSV search is a tool used for searching data that stored in the database. Webmasters can use this tool on their site and allow their site visitors to search required data of them that is stored in the database. Several features of this script are, it allows to search all the database from any web page, search one field of the database from any web page, it shows number of records and number of matching records and you can customize the look by using template.

  • : Free
  • : EZscripting
  • : 28.02.2011

This script provides the front end for the dumping of a MySQL table. It can mail the dump table to the address that may be specified in the command line. It can alternately mail it to a default mail address that may be specified in the script.

  • : Free
  • : csvdump
  • : 05.12.2007

Custom ASP Access Database Scripts is a multi-platform compatible script that allows you to generate customised database scripts. Each record owner choses his own password to have edit/delete access to his record. Search results are presented in multiple pages.

  • : Free
  • : Satya Bhardwaj
  • : 22.06.2008

Generate instantly online custom perl database scripts with backend features. Many advanced features like paged display of search results, email notification when record added, auto-deletion of record after a set period etc.

  • : Shareware / $60.00
  • : Satyapal
  • : 24.05.2009

This script helps webmaster to modify MySQL application easily. Users can enter, edit, retrieve or remove the data from the database. This web application has built-in email support. This database tool has security that allows only authenticate person to enter database after validating their password. Search function is available that help users to retrieve data from database. Several features of this script are, highly customizable, multiple delete & delete confirmation, encrypted password, HTML template in single file, auto generate database structure etc., Online demo is available on the website.

  • : Shareware / $299.00
  • : Earnpin Lee
  • : 08.08.2011

Datcat Database Utility is helpful for webmasters to build their own database table on website. This script comes with most powerful features like, it can be configured entirely through the web browser, it supports upto seven level of categories with subcategories, it comes with the default fields like check boxes, radio buttons, drop-down lists, text boxes and more, searching facility is available that allows users to search their fields and topics etc., You can customize all error messages. It displays the lists of multiple categories and more.

  • : Free
  • : John
  • : 30.06.2011

Dave?s DB Sorter Script has been written in perl. It is a database sorter that alphabetically sort a flat file database which contains records. In addition, it also deletes all duplicates that exist in that file

  • : Free
  • : Dave's DB Sorter Script
  • : 01.07.2011