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Designed for use with ad banners. In order for you to properly calculate compensation for banners, you need to know who is clicking through them. Every time you go to the URL of the CGI, it will redirect you to the location specified in the redirect variable and log your hit in the logfile.

  • : Free
  • : Ken Wronkiewiczaaaa
  • : 01.12.2008

ACTS is a sales tracking system. It tracks the information that is relevant to you as an administrator such as from where are your customers coming, which links send you sales, who forwards valuable traffic and much more. The script is easy to install and has been integrated with every payment processor and shopping cart software. It tracks the number of sales per day, first time visits from referrer/domains, sales from referrer/domains, archives data and much more.

  • : Shareware / $49.00
  • : Ascripts Customer Tracking System
  • : 22.12.2011

Be download Counter is multi-platform compatible. Be_Download Counter tracks the number of times a file has been downloaded from your website. You may view all download statistics from the Be_Download Counter Show Logs Utility. Be_Download Counter is simple to set up and can be called with a simple HTML tag on any of your web pages.

  • : Shareware / $25.00
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  • : 30.07.2007

Click Manager is a free, easy to install script that allows you to track the number of times a link is clicked. You can use SSI to show the number of times one, a combinations of links, or all links have been clicked. A stats page is available to show you complete stats and graphs. You can make stats password-protected if you want. This script has been thoroughly tested and currently has no known bugs.

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  • : Jeremy Scheff
  • : 26.08.2009

Not all web hosts allow server side includes, and many do not provide statistical information about your visitors. You'd like to know who is visiting your page, what route they're taking through your site, what browser they are using, and what time they were there?Maybe you want to know the sites which are linking to you and which links are generating the most traffic.Now this is all possible, even with limited CGI access. If you can run basic Perl scripts, and have access to SendMail on this server, CounterMail can retrieve the information from your visitors, and email it to you. You get to choose when the email comes; every visit, after 10 visits, 50 visits, or any number of visits-- it doesn't matter.Want to show a counter on your page? This script can be called using SSI, to show a simple count of unique visitors. A visitor won't be counted twice, even if the counter is placed on all your pages.Call it with an img tag, and add the string /blank.gif to the end of the script to display a one pixel gif. Or, call it with a Server Side Include to show the visitor count.This script also sorts the visit data by IP address, so it's easier than ever to see the exact path someone used on your site. I find this terrific to use with search engines. For example, someone searches on Google for "Cool Widget" and then goes to 5 pages on your site. It shows how long they were on each page, and how long they were on your site altogether. You can also see which page they exited from, and more!

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  • : 13.08.2007

Counts the amount of clicks received on any link. Comes with a control panel that displays the number of clicks with graph.

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  • : Miles Strabuck
  • : 27.07.2009

Increase your online profits, roi, and the general effectiveness of your website by knowing precisely which pages work best and what attracts the most clicks. With My Click Spy you can find out exactly which of your affiliate links, adsense ads, normal links, linked images or sound files are the most popular. Another great thing about My Click Spy is that it can help you protect yourself against ppc fraudulent clicks on your website - ex. if you have people clicking on your adsense ads repeatedly, Google has a tendency to BAN your AdSense account for click fraud. To counter this, with My Click Spy you can cause your adsense ads to become hidden for 24 hours (or show alternative non-adsense ads) for a particular user once they've clicked on them.

  • : Shareware / $47.00
  • : Warrior Alliance
  • : 16.02.2008

This is a simple way to count outgoing clicks to a single URL, from banners, images or text links. This script is not made for super high traffic numbers, but does a decent job of seeing what is being sent thru a specific link.

  • : Shareware / $25.00
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  • : 16.11.2010

Quickly & Easily Analyze, Test, and Tweak Your Online Advertising To The Point You Couldn't Stop Your Ads Pulling Power... Even If You Tried!

  • : Shareware / $147.00
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  • : 01.04.2010

This powerfully packaged ad tracking system logs and analyzes advertising & conversion stats, return on investment, affiliate sign-ups, opt-in list subscribers etc. in real time. While tracking hits as well as a number of sales and actions, it offers comprehensive statistics on unlimited number of campaigns. It is perfect for tracking PPC listings, e-zine advertising, classified ads, joint ventures, link exchanges, viral marketing tactics etc. It provides an overview of the marketing campaign. The script is free with no monthly fees, free installation, unlimited tech phone/email support. It does not require any special modules or mySQL database.

  • : Shareware / $147.00
  • : ProAnalyzer Ad Tracking System updated
  • : 29.01.2011

Sale Tracked is an click tracking software that has the ability to monitor your website sales leads. Whenever a sale is confirmed for your site through a search engine this program records those keywords used by the user in reaching your product and gives a detailed report on the sales. All sales procedures and the details of the sales procedures are stored and logged in a seperate file for future references.

  • : Shareware / $49.95
  • : Down To Earth Scripts
  • : 08.05.2011

This is a simple perl based tracking system which allows you to track the website referrer, url, and keywords used for the web site sale. This system can be easily integrated with paypal and other credit card processing companies. You can easily install this system on your web sites.

  • : Shareware / $49.95
  • : Quickboards
  • : 15.06.2007

Website is in Dutch. This script will help you to keep track of the users? clicking actions on your site. The scripts also gives you an option of not counting the clicks from some of the hosts and or IP addresses eg if you do not want to keep track of visitors from your own company. It also keeps track of how often a link has been clicked.

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  • : XWolf's ClickCounter
  • : 28.12.2007