calc is a perl written calculating script. This is a mathematical calculation script allowing users to add, multiply, substract and divide numbers. This programme functions in two distinct modes to offer users to do the mathematical functions. This is a handy small utility for any website or accounting programmes.

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  • : Daemon
  • : 08.01.2011

Dan's Sales Tax Calculator is a sales tax calculator written using perl. This is easy to customize the percentage of sales tax. By entering inclusive and excluding IVA price visitors can calculate the sales tax.

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  • : Dan
  • : 04.06.2011

Fatalyzer is a nice small programme to calculate the body fat content.Fatalyzer will calculate the percentage of body fat based on various skinfold measurements. The accuracy of skinfold bodyfat testing is largely based on the accuracy of the measurements and hence calipers are recommended to measure the skinfolds to get an more accurate result. It is a great programme to be added to your health or fitness based website.

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  • : Spelts Software
  • : 29.09.2007

Geozip Calc Distance Between Zip Codes is Unix compatible. Calculates distance between zip codes in the US or finds zip codes within a given distance. The sub-routines included can be used to calculate distance between latitude and longitude coordinates.

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  • : 14.04.2010

Paypal Calculator is Unix compatible. CGI script - integrate price calculation and order submission from your site to your PayPal account.

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  • : 20.08.2009

This calculator is a part of the Free Engineering Software Website which provides on-line analytical tools and an repertoire of free PERL programs. These scripts are designed to solve mechanical engineering problems in areas such as thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, economics and units conversions. These can be used to convert units of energy, pressure, volume, density, specific volume, specific heat, enthalpy, viscosity and coefficient of heat transfer.

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  • : The Engineering Units Conversion Calculator
  • : 18.05.2011

VeryInteresting Loan Payment Calculator is a programme that will give the users their monthly loan repayment amounts after they enter the total loan amount and interest amount. This programme will also display the total payable interest amount for the loan period. Users can change the loan payment periods, interest rates and see the difference in the repaying amounts. This programme supports a wide range of currencies like the american dollar, japanese yen, pound sterling etc.

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  • : Tesol
  • : 28.05.2011