From Book News, Inc. / Presents the complex techniques for production-ready Perl programs. Explains methods for manipulating data and objects and sets Perl in the context of a larger environment, providing the background needed for dealing with networks, databases, and GUIs. Major topics covered include object-oriented programming,- complex data structures,- using a database,- networking,- graphical interfaces, using the Tk toolkit,- interaction with C language functions,- embedding and extending the Perl interpreter,- and selected internals. Book News, Inc.?, Portland, OR

  • : Shareware / $34.95
  • : Sriram Srinivasan
  • : 04.04.2007

Text takes the reader from installation, through the core language elements (regular expressions, references, modules, and the like), and on to basic applied techniques. Also covers how to access and work with databases in Perl and write CGI scripts to generate Web pages. Perl 5.6 is used in all the examples, and a handy reference section is included. Softcover.

  • : Shareware / $39.99
  • : Simon Cozens
  • : 26.04.2010

All commercial systems involve sending information from a client computer (operated by a customer) to a server computer (operated by a vendor). The standard that's evolved to allow such transactions is called Common Gateway Interface (CGI). On top of its useful architectural discussions, CGI for Commerce does a fine job of explaining CGI data streams--something you're going to have to understand if you want to build programs that extract useful data from such streams. Other excellent CGI books exist, but none offer the kind of commercial orientation that's found here. / Book Description / One of the biggest opportunities to reach new customers lies on the Web. More than ever, companies with a Web site want to do more than just offer their customers information about products -- they want to sell their products on the Web. CGI for Commerce provides you with a step-by-step guide to installing a ready-made Web Store application as well as detailed information on how it works. Also included are numerous examples to demonstrate the features and flexibility of the store.

  • : Shareware / $12.94
  • : Gunther Birznieks, Selena Sol
  • : 28.12.2011

The appearance of the second edition of CGI Programming with Perl heralds the beginning of the neoclassical era of Web service. CGI--or common gateway interface--is the original back end for client-driven, dynamic Web-page service and deserves consideration as the Romulus of the Internet Empire. But, where first-edition author Gundavaram described the lonely Romulus laying the brick foundation of dynamic Web-page service in 1996, second-edition collaborators Guelich and Birznieks have pitched in to resurrect Romulus amid the crowded streets of modern Rome. Why bother? Surely four years have brought technological revolutions (Java, PHP, ASP, ColdFusion) that render CGI's original brick-by-brick approach as obsolete as, say, Roman mythology--or bricks and mortar.

  • : Shareware / $34.95
  • : Scott Guelich, Shishir Gundavaram, Gunther Birznieks, Linda Mui
  • : 16.09.2010

CGI/Perl teaches users how to write CGI programs using the Perl programming language, the most common way Web sites accept orders over the Internet. Users begin the book with an introduction to the Perl language and progress into developing forms and graphics using CGI

  • : Shareware / $56.95
  • : Diane L. Zak
  • : 11.01.2007

Perl is undoubtedly one of the more powerful programming languages available today, but it also can be one of the trickier ones to master. Cross-Platform Perl, 2nd Edition provides an extremely clear tutorial to ways of using Perl effectively, both on Windows and Unix versions. With plenty of simple examples and a cut-to-the-chase presentation style, this book can put the powers of Perl within the reach of almost anyone.

  • : Shareware / $39.99
  • : Eric Foster-Johnson
  • : 24.05.2008

Describes how to create custom web-based applications for a web site with the common gateway interface (CGI) protocol, and add interactivity with Perl scripts. The author introduces nine Perl building blocks that provide functionality commonly required by a web site, such as the print function, variables, subroutines, pattern matching, HTML forms, and databases.Book News, Inc.?, Portland, OR

  • : Shareware / $39.99
  • : Kevin Hanegan
  • : 07.01.2009

"Munging" is a computer term referring to the process of data conversion. Perl is particularly well suited to data munging and this programmer's guide provides advice on how to most efficiently manipulate data using Perl. After the manipulation of unstructured, record-oriented, fixed-width, and binary data is explored, the work moves into the realms of hierarchical data structures and parsers such as HTML and XML parsing tools. Finally, a demonstration of how to write one's own parsers for data structures is provided.Book News, Inc.?, Portland, OR

  • : Shareware / $36.95
  • : David Cross
  • : 16.01.2007

Effective Perl Programming has a clear layout: the text is easy on the eyes and the monospaced font makes a clear distinction between backticks and single quotes. Hall uses his PEGS (PErl Graphical Structures) notation to show the difference between Perl's different types of data structures and how everything ties together. / Packed with great examples and code snippets, this book is an excellent source of tips and tricks to make your Perl programs faster and easier to read. You'll also find a strong section on using the Perl debugger to improve your Perl programming skills. In yet another section, Hall walks the reader through the creation of a complete XS module that can boost the performance of array shuffling eight-fold. All in all, this is a great book for programmers who want to move beyond plain, verbose Perl toward a more succinct and powerful coding style.

  • : Shareware / $34.95
  • : Joseph N. Hall
  • : 17.04.2008

The book is studded with examples, exercises, tips, and tricks gleaned from years of "speaking Perl," but it avoids being prescriptive, and his casual advice is sometimes disconcerting. He discusses white space in formatting code, but he breezes past error handling. He teaches recursion without warning that it is a support nightmare. Often he hides behind Perl's creed that "there is more than one way to do it" to avoid advocating what the newbies need: one better-than-average way to do it. Johnson cannot be both advocate of Perl and teacher of beginning programming, though he has tried: had his experiment been bolder, it would deserve wider attention within the Perl and computer science communities. --Peter Leopold

  • : Shareware / $34.95
  • : Andrew L. Johnson
  • : 28.06.2009

With PERL 5, you can streamline or automate virtually any Web development task! Now you can learn PERL 5, by example, from two leading Fortune 500 Web developers! Master all you need to get results, as you build real-world practice sites that sell products, educate visitors, offer subscriptions, and display ads. Best of all, the finished sites are on the Web?so you can reuse the code and see exactly how your pages should look and work!

  • : Shareware / $29.98
  • : Micah Brown, Chris Bellew, Dan Livingston
  • : 17.12.2009

This free book is an excellent tutorial book for beginners. It is a collection of notes and sample codes written by the author while he was learning Perl himself. Topics include binary file, CGI, class, client server, DBM file, debug, directory handle, file handle, file test, function, hard reference, IIS, Internet, language, Linux, module, MySQL, name space, object, object method, online, open directory, open file, package, Perl, regular expression, RPC::XML, sample codes, SOAP, SOAP::Lite, socket communication, soft reference, split, subroutine, performance, TCP, XML, XML-RPC, XML::Simple. Key sections: Perl on Linux - ActivePerl - Data Types - Subroutines - Debug - Modules - References and Nested Data Structures - Objects - Typeglob and Package Exporter - Working with Strings - Input to and Output from Perl Programs - Input and Output in Binary Mode - Reading Directory Entries - Converting Perl Scripts to Executable Programs - Working with File Systems and DBM Files - Accessing MySQL from Perl Programs - String Performance. For more topics in Perl, see my other book "Herong's Tutorial Notes on Perl - Part B".

  • : Free
  • : Mark
  • : 14.02.2009

In this smooth, carefully paced course, a leading Perl trainer teaches you to program in the language that threatens to make C, sed, awk, and the Unix shell obsolete for many tasks. This book is the "official" guide for both formal (classroom) and informal learning. It is fully accessible to the novice programmer. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. / From Book News, Inc. / A hands-on tutorial featuring exercises and complete solutions, covering basics rather than advanced issues. Contents include Perl basics, the language's broad capabilities, brief code examples, system commands, and how to manage DBM databases using Perl. This second edition contains a new chapter on CGI programming. Book News, Inc.?, Portland, OR

  • : Shareware / $34.95
  • : Randal L. Schwartz, Tom Phoenix
  • : 07.10.2011

Based on the second edition of , modified to be applicable to Perl programming on Windows NT systems. Provides a "gentle" (from the preface) introduction (rather than a comprehensive guide), touching on most common operations and language idioms found in Perl programs. Each chapter ends with exercises. Book News, Inc.?, Portland, OR / Book Description / In this smooth, carefully paced course, leading Perl trainers and a Windows NT practitioner teach you to program in the language that promises to emerge as the scripting language of choice on NT. With a foreword by Larry Wall, the creator of Perl, this book is the "official" guide for both formal (classroom) and informal learning. Based on the "llama book," Learning Perl on Win32 Systems features tips for PC users and new NT-specific examples.

  • : Shareware / $34.95
  • : Randal L. Schwartz, Tom Christiansen, Erik W. Olson, Erik Olsen
  • : 04.04.2011

Assuming only a basic familiarity with Perl, Learning Perl/Tk shows you what you need to know to create graphical front ends for Perl programs. Author Nancy Walsh starts with a quick orientation, showing you how to set up Perl/Tk and giving you some simple examples of what GUI source code looks like. Then, she details the use and functions of geometry managers, which the Tk module uses to arrange interface elements. From there, she explores each widget individually, showing how to use buttons, checkbuttons, radiobuttons, labels, entries, and more. She also addresses event handlers. Her discussion of each widget is clear and liberally sprinkled with examples.

  • : Shareware / $12.97
  • : Nancy Walsh
  • : 21.09.2010

Written for readers with at least some Perl programming experience, Mastering Algorithms in Perl delivers a solid library of algorithms written in Perl for business and mathematical computing. From data structures to cryptography and more advanced mathematical algorithms, this book provides a worthwhile guide to extending Perl's coding capabilities. / The best thing about Mastering Algorithms in Perl is the scope at which it covers the universe of algorithms while refraining from getting bogged down in academic detail. Besides basic data structures--a lynchpin of books on algorithms--the authors provide dozens and dozens of algorithms for sorting, searching, and doing mathematical computations of all kinds. While they discuss "Big-O" notation and assume a general familiarity with math, they don't overwhelm the reader. (You can even borrow the code without needing a math degree to understand it.) The focus is on efficient, reusable Perl subroutines written and compiled by three Perl experts.

  • : Shareware / $34.95
  • : John Macdonald, Jon Orwant, Jarkko Hietaniemi
  • : 13.07.2010

Perl is still hot! If you are looking for a fast and effective tool for learning the most popular language for building interactive applications for the Web, Mastering Perl is the answer! It's designed for non-programmers and readers who aren't Unix gurus--unlike the leading books--and is written in the classic, unintimidating Mastering style. It also specially addresses the fastest-growing audience for Perl: Windows NT and 98 users. Each section of the book has a special "JumpStart" opener, which walks readers through a complex example illustrating key concepts, so they learn by doing.

  • : Shareware / $39.99
  • : Eric Herrmann
  • : 23.05.2008

Perl/Tk is the marriage of the Tk graphical toolkit with Perl, the powerful programming language used primarily for system administration, web programming, and database manipulation. With Perl/Tk, you can build Perl programs with an attractive, intuitive GUI interface with all the power of Perl behind it. / Mastering Perl/Tk is the "bible" of Perl/Tk: It's not only a great book for getting started, but the best reference for learning the techniques of experienced Perl/Tk programmers. The first half of the book contains the basics on how to use Perl/Tk, and then branches out into advanced applications with a series of extensive program examples. The result is a book accessible for novices, and invaluable for experienced programmers ready to learn the next step in the elegant and effective use of Perl/Tk.

  • : Shareware / $44.95
  • : Stephen O. Lidie, Nancy Walsh
  • : 03.04.2007

Modern Perl Programming will help you master Perl's most robust, powerful features?so you can make the most of the language whether you're a beginner or an experienced scripter. Michael Saltzman starts with a rapid-fire Perl tutorial and refresher. Then, using actual applications?not just code snippets?he presents expert guidance on the Perl features that deliver the most power, productivity, and efficiency.

  • : Shareware / $39.99
  • : Michael Saltzman
  • : 03.07.2007

Once in a while a book comes along that covers an area of development that has previously been largely ignored. Both MySQL and Perl are well documented in several tutorials, but in-depth coverage of Web development using the combination of the two is rare. MySQL and Perl for the Web zeroes in on this interesting pairing, illustrating practical application development possibilities using this popular duo.

  • : Shareware / $44.99
  • : Paul DuBois
  • : 23.01.2008