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This real time auction software is written in Perl and is very easy to install. Its salient features include administration modular, multiple categories with sub categories, single and dutch auctions, front featured auctions, featured auctions, category featured auctions, gallery feature, bold listings, buy it now feature, green marker feature, auction item, display like Ebay, accounting and billing, automatic image upload, displays payment condition shipping, ask the seller a question, feed back for all users, sellers edit, email a friend, view other auction items, relist with email confirmation, email sent for new items posted, email outbid notices, closing email sent to buyer and seller, deletes closed auctions after 30 days and many more. With this you can create your own page menu names in a few minutes, as well as easily add text and images to your pages.

  • : Shareware / $299.00
  • : Auction Bid Software
  • : 02.10.2011

A total modification of EA 1.53 including unlimited categories, proxi bidding, rate seller, sellers fees, and more.

  • : Shareware / $20.00
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  • : 16.02.2011

Auction Scripts is a full featured E-Bay type of auction script. Its salient features are featured auctions, main page gallery feature, category featured auctions, image upload, payment, condition and shipping display, deletion of closed auctions after thirty days, relisting of unsold items, seller and buyer feedback system, buy it now function, dutch fixed price auctions, proxy bid auctions, bold listings, highlight listings, sellers can edit their auction item, view other auction items of a seller, about me page, confirmation email for new items, billing receipt for new items posted, bid and outbid notice, closing email to buyer and seller. This program offers all features and facilities required in an auction script.

  • : Shareware / $229.00
  • : Auction Scripts
  • : 01.10.2011

Auction Scripts Software... In order to set up an online auction site with Auction Scripts, you will need a few basic things

  • : Shareware / $299.00
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  • : 13.08.2009

Our cutting edge designs enable easier manipulation by both administrator and home user; utilizing many features eBay have. Buyers and sellers can use the easily operated functions which minimalise troubles often gained in surfing more conventional sites. Which is why our auction is the most popular and cheapest auction sales website around. This Auction will generate you direct income with our 100% pay pal compatible system. Users are able to find out there account situation immediately. Therefore users can fund there account quickly and conveniently through there pay pal account. Once there payment has cleared It will automatically enter there Auction listing account. With our easy to use accounting administration pages You will be able to find out exactly which users are required to make a payment. Please have a good look around our demonstration auction site. Please feel free to register sell and place bids. Our Auction is a complete turnkey online operation. No training will be needed! It is so easy to use!

  • : Shareware / $149.99
  • : iFusion
  • : 30.05.2011

Auction Weaver LITE is a powerful, yet easy to install program which inlcudes unlimited categories and items, automated e-mail validation registration system, system generated passwords sent to users via e-mail, seller determines minimum bid increment and length of the auction, item display lists bidding history and product information, integrated search engine, easy bidding, multi-item dutch auction option, e-mail sent to both high-bidder and seller on auction close and much more.

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  • : 12.05.2008

Auction Weaver Professional is an easy to install yet very powerful user auction creation program. It allows you to host auctions that are either created by you or by your website visitors. Some of its salient features are unlimited categories and items, encryption of user passwords, optional non-registration, customizable fonts and colors, automatic bidding and much more.

  • : Shareware / $99.00
  • : Auction Weaver Pro
  • : 19.06.2009

Auction Weaver? Lite enables auctioning in your site to be managed by you and your site users.Its easy to use with unlimited categories and items. Its features are- Automated e-mail validation registration system keeps non-legitimate users out of your database,All outgoing e-mails configurable and customizable by the administrator,User passwords are encrypted to ensure no tampering by outside sources,non-registration mode to allow posting/bidding by anyone,Users can post descriptions, bids, and images,Item preview before an item is actually posted,Reserve prices supported which allow a seller to set a minimum amount that he/she will accept,Each item is given a unique ID number and URL, so sellers can advertise their auctions in newsgroups or via a link,sniper protection: auctions can close a configurable time after the last bid and the designated closing time,Users can view closed auction history and contact information depending on whether the he/she is the buyer, seller, or losing bidder,E-mail sent to both high-bidder and seller on auction close,Fast re-posting of items that were not sold,Multi-item dutch auction option.

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  • : Siteinteractive
  • : 16.08.2007

Powerful website membership management.Easy to configure and maintain.

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  • : 05.04.2007

Member Feedback / Lost Password feature / Advanced Search Feature / View New, Hot, Ending Soon Items / Email All Members / Advanced Admin w/ PayPal Accounting & Invoicing / Configurable fonts/colors / Configurable Headers & Footers / Image & HTML Allowed / Featured Option / Buy It Now Option / Reserve Auctions / Payments Accepted / Flexible auction lengths / No fees for registering / Reserve Price / Admin Deleting of Auctions

  • : Shareware / $10.00
  • : Peter Ferrigan
  • : 06.04.2011

This auction software is SQL-based, multi-lingual, multi-theme, and HTML template-based. It supports real time payment processing, Paypal, accounts and an accounting manager, invoices, a banner system, mailing lists, custom functions, category specific custom fields, location categories, nested categories, file uploads and more.

  • : Shareware / $499.00
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  • : 29.09.2007

An eBay type auction script that features Dutch fixed price auctions, optional featured auctions, a gallery, bold listings, auction postings from 1 to 14 days, image upload, payment/condition/shipping display, Auction item display like Ebay, auto relist if item isn't sold, seller and buyer feedback system, and more.

  • : Shareware / $229.00
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  • : 16.01.2007

A powerful online auction system and management tool. It features a secure feedback system, user's control panel and account system, realtime or syntax validation processing, admin interface, proxy bidding and bidding wars.

  • : Shareware / $9.90
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  • : 21.12.2009

Auctionsql - is both Unix and Linux compatible. AuctionSQL is a powerful and professional online auction system and management tool. By automating the most time-consuming tasks and by creating an atmosphere of control, fun and security the AuctionSQL is a powerful means of profit and online community resources. Included in your membership.

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  • : 14.10.2011

Easy to set up auction script with a list of user and admin-friendly features.

  • : Shareware / $299.99
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  • : 01.11.2008

A powerful online auction and classifieds software package.

  • : Shareware / $349.99
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  • : 06.04.2009

Bidsglobal Auction Software is multi-platform compatible. A modification of EveryAuction - added EAaccounting, member admin, changed display of categories and items, and more.

  • : Shareware / $12.00
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  • : 16.09.2008

This script contains most of the features of the major auction websites, including hold prices, instant buying, automatic email notifications, an auction countdown timer, automatic item closing, registration and email verification, a powerful search engine, user item services such as current item listings and more.

  • : Shareware / $25.00
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  • : 16.05.2011

Search the top auction sites on the net. Features include a URL and banner targeter, statistics, family filter, highlighted keywords, sorting options and more.

  • : Shareware / $109.98
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  • : 17.07.2009

Free online auction script that includes the ability to also run classifieds and want ads.

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  • : 14.08.2011