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A Great Banner Exchange is Unix compatible. It's the best online and QUALITY you can depend on and at a price you can afford. It allows paid banner, and accepts codes to make money with. keeps track of impressions and clicks. See the demo on the site. Has alot of features to even list here.

  • : Shareware / $79.95
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  • : 04.03.2011

The Ad Banners is a script that is available online for the purpose of managing the advertisement banners on your website. Apart from them you can rotate banners and display them on your site using tags. The script does not require any cookies, SSI or Java scripts. It allows you to place unlimited number of banners of size 468x60 and supports images or pictures of gif, jpg and png file formats. You can view the various screenshots and an online demo on the website.

  • : Shareware / $5.00
  • : Jason Deery
  • : 31.01.2009

Carousel is a random ad banner script written in perl. This script allows you to use either ready-to-paste HTML code supplied by affiliates, or you can use image locations and link URL's.The HTML for each banner is written to a flatfile database and retrieved at random for display. Lets you weight individual banners to display more often. / As of version 2.0 you can use this script with either S.S.I. or JavaScript. Once the script is installed you can generate the required code in the control panel. / You can also run a common text link under all your banners, easy to set up, just click "Text Link Setup" in the control panel. The text link can be enabled or disabled at any time without changing any of the banners. / This Tracks the Total number of times each banner has been shown, Clicks on each banner and text link without having to directly modify affilliate HTML, Click Through Rate (CTR) individually and combined. / It is designed for quick set-up and simple management. There is only two variables to set in the "location.cfg" file. One script both serves the banners and provides the browser based control panel. It will generate the code for your web pages for you. Just copy & paste! /

  • : Shareware / $9.00
  • : Brian E. Shold
  • : 14.07.2007

This CGI is designed for use with ad banners. In order for you to properly calculate compensation for banners, you need to know who is clicking through them. / To install, you need to create a file that is world-writable so that all of the click-throughs can be logged. For example, if you want it to be named logfile.log, type touch logfile.log and then chmod a+w logfile.log. / Next, rename the CGI to something with a .cgi extension. For each ad, you need a different CGI. / Now, you need to edit the CGI file. Change the $redirect variable to the URL you want to redirect to. The file you created two paragraphs ago needs to have its location placed in the $logfile. Finally, the ID you want to log each hit as should be put in the $id variable. / Every time you go to the URL of the CGI, it will redirect you to the location specified in the $redirect variable and log your hit in the $logfile. /

  • : Free
  • : Wireworld
  • : 28.07.2007

A banner advertisement package that is easy to use and will help you to control every banner in your campaigns. Multiple campaigns can be created and access can be given to multiple users.

  • : Shareware / $29.94
  • : Konstantin Rashaaaa
  • : 28.02.2008

This script is useful for advertisements, especially if you have multiple rotating ads on the site. This script can be expanded to read the gif file name and the corresponding URL from either a data file or an array. This can be used by a file using Server Side Includes (SSI). It can run on UNIX with access to a sendmail program. This script helps to increment a counter file to record a hit, and also return a hyperlinked image tag.

  • : Free
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  • : 15.04.2010

Adc2000 is multi-platform compatible. ADC2000 - simple, but very useful banner exchange software for small networks. Software has good targeting features (categories, time), works with GIF files, deliver full statistics to members. Also many other feature are included (maillists, counters for users etc). Visit product page to get full list of features.

  • : Shareware / $100.00
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  • : 23.05.2010

Adc2000 Popup is multi-platform compatible. Simple, but very useful popup exchange software for small networks. Software has good targeting features (categories, time), deliver full statistics to members. Also many other feature are included (maillists, counters, top ten, search engine, referral feature etc). Please visit product page to learn more.

  • : Shareware / $100.00
  • :
  • : 24.07.2008

Adc2000ng is multi-platform compatible. New generation of banner exchange programs. Has advanced targeting, multibanner support, multilanguage support, smart cheat analyzing system. Supports rich media ads, ability to install modules for popup, text, swimbanner, startup exchanges. Also counter and mailists modules available. Software has backup functions, scheduled email stats option and integrated help system (with FAQ/Knowledge base system).

  • : Shareware / $300.00
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  • : 12.09.2008

AD Center is a CGI script for creating your own Internet ad server. You can display your clients' banner ads on your site. AD Center keeps track of all impressions and click-through stats for each client, and your clients can view the stats for their advertisement(s) online. AD Center also has a banner rotation feature. Keeps complete stats information. Provides Banner Rotation feature. YOu can set time intervals for each banner. For example from 10:00 till 14:00, when banner will be showed. You can set individual advertising page, directory , site or zone for each advertizer's account. YOu can set probability of impression for each banner. You can set URL to banner, upload banner or paste banner code. YOu can show several banners per page. 3 Engines available: standart (cookie based), SSI and JS / Lock IPs for defined time. You can set ALT text for banner (for SSI and JS engines). You can set expiration date for banners. User can check out their total, hourly and daily stats / Enabling/disabling credit system / Click target can be set by admin (_top, _blank etc.). Provides Full Administration control /

  • : Shareware / $75.00
  • : TRXX Programming Group
  • : 15.09.2007

adcentersql is a multi-platform compatible program that is an easy plan, run and control campaigns. Supports rich media ads, popups, time and zone targeting, expanded statistics. SQL version has advanced DB management interface with special functions. Ads could be called using SSI, basic (HTML) and JS engines. Easy to integrate and use.

  • : Shareware / $50.00
  • :
  • : 20.10.2008

Ads Pro - Complete Banner Management is a multi-platform compatible powerful professional Banner Delivery System! Ads Pro is designed to give you full control over advertising on your website! Efficiency, Flexibility, and Simplicity all come together to create one of the most powerful advertising systems on the market. If you are selling banner ad rotation or just rotating your own banners on your site, this will be the best investment you will make on ensuring your websites success!

  • : Shareware / $39.99
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  • : 10.10.2010

The AdTracker Pro is an ideal solution for maintaining ad banners on your website and to publish banners using JavaScript tags. The features in this script is capable of limiting banners based on the number of clicks, impression, by the number of days etc,- ability to create unlimited campaigns and banner ads, call banners using JavaScript codes, you can view the click and impression for a campaign or banner, ability to define link text for each banner and much more. The admin section allows you to add, change and delete any campaign at any time, contains central management password to gain access etc. An online demo is available on the website.

  • : Shareware / $25.00
  • : webdevstore
  • : 11.07.2010

AdvertPRO is professional ad software, an advertising delivery and management application capable of serving and tracking all of your online ad and banner management needs. Is extensive online tracking and reporting not only a desire, but a necessity for you? Want to leave behind those revenue consuming ad delivery services? Or, does your current advertising management solution lack the features you need or not perform to your satisfaction? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need AdvertPRO.

  • : Shareware / $450.00
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  • : 07.12.2011

This is a powerful script that allows you to set up an advertisement program on your site. This is easy to implement script. This supports features like banner managment and banner statistics. / Banner statistics gives the details like number of times that a banner has been displayed, the number of times it has been clicked, and the chance it has of being clicked. This provides an easy interface, through which you can set and reset your banner parameters. /

  • : Free
  • : cgifactory
  • : 14.01.2010

Advertisement Manager is a Unix compatible script that rotates, tracks and manages your banner and text ads easily. Comprehensive features including unlimited banner sizes plus text, independent client login area, detail realtime stats for each client, area, campaign, banner or text (up to hours of day). Clean and straightforward user interfaces promise easier usage and familiarization. You can even customize it's color scheme to match your site. Free future version upgrades entitled for all of our clients.

  • : Shareware / $149.00
  • :
  • : 14.09.2009

Advertisement Rotation Manager Benefits / ARM allows you to easily add Advertisement Banners to your web site. / Each Banner contains a frequency, that allows you to control which Banners are the highest priority. / Display banners on multiple web pages with one installation. / Restrict banners to pages or directories using Perl Regular Expressions. / Each advertisement contains a description of the advertisement. / Impressions and clicks are tracked for each advertisement. / Impressions are tracked for each web page that contains advertisement banners.

  • : Shareware / $25.00
  • : Jonathan Macpherson
  • : 17.01.2010

Features include: Unlimited ad campaigns; integrated advertiser management and online billing ability; live account and campaign management, statistics; flexible banner targeting (hours, weekdays, days, site zones, geographical zones, keywords) and many campaign settings (activation and deactivation dates, duration).

  • : Shareware / $116.50
  • : Tobias Eichneraaaa
  • : 21.05.2007

Automated, easy-to-use tracking management software that helps you to convert more visitors into customers and save loads of cash wasted in unproductive marketing campaigns. / If you sell anything online, Alias AdTracking Pro gives you the ability to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars in expensive marketing mistakes. Imagine being able to handpick promotions, products or places that really make you money! /

  • : Shareware / $79.95
  • : Alias Soft Ltd
  • : 10.06.2009

The Amibanex banner exchange script is a simple script for banner exchange which is available online. The features that are available for the users in this script provides them with complete statistics and detailed monthly statistics for members advert clicked, advert displayed and adverts served by the member, shows actual running advert etc. The script contains an advanced admin section which is capable of editing the information in the admin database, set advert exchange ratio, edit or delete member accounts, send mail to member accounts and much more.

  • : Free
  • : Automarktregistrierung
  • : 15.10.2008