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Directly record audio to wav, mp3, wma, ogg, vox, au and aiff format on the fly without temporary files created. Support multiple sound cards and mixer lines Set volume level for mixer line Silence detection during recording. Get audio channel volume level Examples in VB, VBScript are provided,Support WMA speech codec and loseless codec

  • : Shareware / $99.95
  • : Ming Guang
  • : 13.09.2009

Friendly interface allows you to perform lots of different operations in easy way. You can use it to record your own music, voice or other audio, edit it, mix it with other audio or musical parts, add effects like Reverb, Chorus, and Echo, and master it so that you can burn it to a CD, post it on the World Wide Web, or e-mail it. Audio Edit Magic supports all major audio file formats.

  • : Shareware / $29.95
  • : McFunSoft McFunSoft
  • : 19.06.2011

Convert between all audio file types easily from one format to another with all possible settings.Audio Converter Pro, is a must have utility, indispensable for converting audio files from one format to another directly from Explorer with ID3v2 Tag and new Mp3 (Lame) support. Audio Converter Pro can convert (from & to) WAV PCM, MP3, WMA, ALF2, ADPCM, GSM, G.726, DSP, A-LAW, ACM, U-LAW, VOX, RAW (PCM, A-LAW, U-LAW), Ogg Vorbis, CDA files.

  • : Shareware / $29.00
  • : Bullet Proof Soft
  • : 27.05.2008

This ActiveX control allows you to add full-featured 'CD ripper' ability to your applications. CD Extractor Control supports CDDB and external encoders for multiple audio formats, such as MP3, WMA and OGG. External encoders are available separately. The control is fully documented and includes samples to get started easily. Can be used in any programming environment supporting ActiveX controls.

  • : Shareware / $150.00
  • : Streamware Development
  • : 30.08.2007

This is a Component Pack for Delphi 6/7 that is able to do various DSP Transformations on 8/16/24/32 Bit PCM integer and 32Bit PCM Float Buffers. Some Filters, like Amplify, 3DSound, BitRate Conversion and the FFT (which is used by the Equalizer, Spectrum Analyzer, ...) are optimized to use SSE/3DNow and extended 3DNow instructions.Included are also Wrapper components for all MS DMO Filters (available since DX8). These DMO Filters can only handle 2 Channels and 16Bit integer or 32 Bit Float Streams.Winamp2 Visual and DSP Wrappers, a Spectrum and Waveform Analyzer and a sample DSP/VIS Plugin API are also available in this Components Pack.The DSP Components are release under the Mozilla Public License 1.1. Some of the Components are based on Sources under different Licenses (GPL/WOL). These Licenses are explicitly mentioned in the Headers of these Filters.To get a better Performance the DSP Components uses John O'Harrow's FastMove, which is part of the FastCode Project and GLScene's RecyclerMM as MemoryManager replacement (needed for SSE Instructions).

  • : Free
  • : Milenko Mitrovic
  • : 03.03.2007

Magic Audio CD Burner is developed to fulfill the requirement of Audio CD burning needs in your Delphi/Builder program.Highlights* Add Full Featured Audio CD recording functionality to your Delphi or C++ Builder Program. * No DLL/ActiveX is required, Compiles directly in Executable. * Built-in ASPI Layer for Windows NT/2000/XP. * Support CD-R / CD-RW. * On the fly recording of wave, mp3 files* No disk space is required for temporary files. * Write on Rewritable CDs.* Tested with SCSI, IDE, EIDE, USB and Firewire CD/DVD Writers.* High Performance File/Disc Caching.* Burn Proof/Just Link support.* Source code in Delphi is also available

  • : Free
  • : Binary Magic
  • : 23.01.2011

Not only can you use McFunSoft Audio Studio to grab music from a CD, you also can record, convert and edit audios, in virtually any format. Stop there, and burn your improved audio files to audio CDs and MP3 CDs. You can record and convert audio in wide-covered audio format, rm, MP3, wma and wmv are all supported. More than 50 kinds of effects could be applied in audio editing. This is the only audio software provides all tools in audio industry.

  • : Shareware / $34.95
  • : McFunSoft McFunSoft
  • : 19.05.2009

Create audio-processing applications, which are increasingly popular in the software marker today, very fast. Just as well, you can add multimedia functionalities to already existing products, without spending much time on writing code. Our ActiveX controls save a great amount of time and human resources, as they cover the core logic of a program-to-be, and are supplied with test samples in different programming languages.It is royalty free.

  • : Shareware / $299.00
  • : NCT Company
  • : 28.08.2007

PhoneTone Decoder Control is not an end-user application program but a programming component for beginning to advanced developers. Component FeaturesAdvanced Custom Tones Monitoring Decode DTMF from wave file, wave stream or wave/in devices. Decode MF Signals (CCITT R1) Decode Tone Paging signals. (Supports EIA, CCIR, ZVEI1, ZVEI2, ZVEI3/DZVEI, PZVEI, EEA) Decode Bell 202 signals. Decode 1200bps FSK Caller-ID from... Decode TTY/TDD Baudot code from... Detect the custom tone signal from... Convert wave-form to spectrum from... ... Demo samples for VB and Delphi are available.

  • : Shareware / $99.00
  • : David simon
  • : 22.06.2010

Quick All Audio Converter can convert audio files between MP3, MP2, MP1, MPEG, WAV, OGG, WMA and VOX formats.It includes all the features of Quick MP3 WAV Converter, and has the ability to convert to or from OGG, WMA, VOX audio files. Also Quick All Audio Converter has a build-in audio player to play MP3, MP2, MP1, MPEG, WAV, OGG, WMA, VOX audio files.

  • : Free
  • : Goldzsoft Inc.
  • : 14.08.2011

Quick AVI Joiner is an easy-to-use and powerful tool to join multiple AVI video files into one larger AVI file. Quick AVI Joiner can join all formats of avi files together. The source avi files can have different frame size, frame rate, avi codec (such as XviD, DivX, MPEG4...), audio format,audio channel. You can set the output avi file's frame size, frame rate, codec, audio format, audio channel as you want.

  • : Shareware / $19.95
  • : Goldzsoft Inc.
  • : 09.09.2009

This Component can play many Alarm with PC Spker

  • : Shareware / $2.00
  • : Ali Reza
  • : 20.08.2009

17 free DirectSound components, with source, that allow complete and transparent access to DirectX from within Borland C++ Builder (BCB), including F1 help.An older version of the TDx_Sound_Library, which is one part of the TDx_Library, currently consisting of Draw, Sound, Input, Play and 3DI v1.70.

  • : Shareware / $34.00
  • : Hugh Edwards
  • : 22.10.2010

This component permits to control the output from the sound card. You can control the volume of audio CD-Rom, Wave, Midi or LineIn device It provide events for updating other control, like a trackbar.

  • : Free
  • : Marco Caselli
  • : 01.11.2007

A component which retriveves the title of the follow file formats :XM, MOD, IT, S3M.THE LAST 3 FORMATS WERE WRITTEN BY Alessandro Cappellozza FROM K-Soft 2000.

  • : Free
  • : J?ni Duarte Silva
  • : 10.11.2008

join/merge a lot of video/audio files into avi or wmv files , even if these media files are of different file formats. add an effects (over 50 effect) between any combination of video clips, picture. (required Window XP and Windows Movie Maker 2.1) Support Custom WMV Profiles.You can configure streams to use variable bit rate encoding (VBR), uncompressed audio or video stream, Video Size, Buffer Size, Frame rate, etc. User define output video size. Resize specific video resolution. Export video frames to separate image files/memory(Picture Box, HBitmap) and resize to specific size. Support input vob file format. (need dvd decoder)

  • : Shareware / $100.00
  • : jimmy LEUNG
  • : 13.08.2008

The Wave Audio Package provides seven components for playing and recording of wave audio formats, two components for storing wave data as Delphi resources, one audio mixer component, and one high resolution multimedia timer. The package has also a set of useful functions for manipulating wave audio's and format conversion.

  • : Free
  • : Kambiz R. Khojasteh
  • : 02.03.2007

X2CD Muisc CD Burner is a handy tool for you to make your own music CD with almost all kinds of media files. For example, convert your favorite DVD soundtracks to mp3 files then burn those files to CD.Features: Supports almost all MMC compliant CDR/CDRW drives. Normalizing is supported to make the volume of the tracks equal. Creates a Soundtrack CD directly from a DVD or VCD. Media Player - supports mp3, divx, wma, avi, ogg and other formats. Audio Converter - converts almost any kind of media to WAV or MP3 files. CD Ripper - rip tracks from your Audio CD just by one click. 100% WinXP compatible. CD Database - manage your CDs with CD album database. FreeDB support - retrieves the CD information from the Internet. Creates CD Covers. Fully flexible skin architecture. Supported Audio Formats include: 1. MP3 audio files: .mp3, .m3u 2. MPEG 1/2 Audio/Video files: .vob, .avi, .mpg, .mpeg, .mpa, .mpe, .mp2 3. Divx MPEG4 video files: .avi, .mp4, .divx4. DVD IFO files: .ifo5. Dolby AC3 Audio stream files: .vob 6. Windows media files: .asf, .wm, .wma, .wmv, .asx, .wmp, .wmx 7. Ogg Vorbis format files: .ogg, .ogm 8. Other format files: .wav, .au, .snd, .ivf ...... X2CD Music CD Burner burns media files directly to audio CDs. It does not generate a temporary WAV file. Simple and faster!For non-44.1KHz audio, X2CD automatically uses a high quality resample function to convert it to CD audio format. On the other hand, X2CD is a cute multimedia player which supports mp3, divx, wma, ogg and other formats. It's also including a converter to convert almost all kinds of media to wav files or mp3 files for further processing, and including a CD ripper to rip the authentic music from your CD. X2CD supports FreeDB to retrieve the CD information from the Internet for you. You can save record to or load a previous record from your CD album database.

  • : Shareware / $24.95
  • : Jet Zhao
  • : 16.02.2008