Image Processing


Need CAD - DXF Export? DXF Exporter allows programmers to create DXF files as easy as possible. All you need is to draw image using Windows GDI functions onto DXF Exporterls DC or make a metafile and give it to the Exporter. DXF Exporter reads Windows Metafile structure and makes DXF file automatically. Hatches supported. Demo available.

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  • : CADSoftTools
  • : 29.09.2010

Vectorizer for CAD/CAM/GIS professionals, designers and illustrators. Available also as Raster to Vector SDK, ActiveX and Com Component. Converts, digitizes and refines architectural, mechanical, various technical drawings, maps, math graphs, graphics for books and journals and more from raster to vector. Digitizes math graphics. Also refines vector graphics, creates fine lines and shapes. Scanned drawings are recognized and represented in a vector format to be imported to your CAD or drawing program. Supports input from TWAIN scanners and the following raster formats: BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PCX, TGA. Output in vector formats DXF (AutoCAD), AI (Adobe Illustrator), EMF ( Enhanced metafile, WMF and ASCII XY ( MS Excel, Mathematica, Lotus 123 etc.). RegSft ID 48794.

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  • : AlgoLab
  • : 25.08.2007

This component is a Delphi wrapper for the fabulous ImageMagick library. ImageMagick is a very portable library that excels in the vast number of file formats it supports.

The wrapper class is named the TMagickImage class, descending from TGraphic. It supports assignment to and from TBitmap, so you can easily load an ImageMagick image, then assign it to a standard TBitmap for visualisation.

Some key methods of TMagickImage:

LoadFromFile(const Filename: string);
Load an image from disk into TMagickImage. TMagickImage uses the filename's extension to determine which kind of file it is. For example: gif, jpg, jp2 (jpeg2000), pdf, png, fpx, tiff, svg and many others.

SaveToFile(const Filename: string);
Save an image to disk, again the filename determines in which format the file will be saved.

Use this one to assign to any TBitmap. Showing a TMagickImage in a TImage component is as easy as Image1.Picture.Bitmap.Assign(MyMagic);

  • : Free
  • : SimDesign
  • : 03.11.2007

EasyMap VCL is a Delphi/C++Builder components set for creating your own GIS related solutions without MapInfo, MapX, MapObjects, WinGIS and so on.

EasyMap VCL allows to add following functionalities in Delphi/C++Builder application:

aaaL MIF/MID vector maps displaying in Longitude/Latitude projection;
aaaL Map objects related data in grid or tabular controls displaying;
aaaL ZoomIn/ZoomOut/Pan/Selector map tools;

EasyMap Object Model allows to display on the map embedded into your application data from most of known datasources: RDBMS, flat DBs, your own formats etc.

Royalty free product.

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  • : microOLAP tech
  • : 26.11.2011

GDI+ is a new graphics subsystem for Windows and provides a new set of graphics APIs for rendering 2D graphics, images, and text. GDI+ is the only API for drawing in the .NET Framework, but in Delphi it is a complement to the current GDI to provide more advanced rendering capabilities.Here's what you get with GDI+: antialiased 2D drawing, alpha channel support, universal transformations and floating point coordinates, gradient brushes, cardinal splines, scalable regions, and a new programming model.The GDI+ feature can be easily redistributed. GDI+ is standard on Windows XP. For Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT« 4.0, and Windows 2000, you can simply copy GdiPlus.DLL into your app's directory.GDI+ uses a different programming model from GDI. Instead of selecting brushes and pens into a device context, in GDI+ you pass the pen or brush into every drawing command. Graphics elements are no longer drawn with both the pen and brush together; they are outlined and filled using separate functions (such as DrawRectangle and FillRectangle).I've tested all functions of GDIPlus API for Delphi 5/6, so i'm sure this API is fully fonctionnal. You will find 82 sample applications to learn how to use most of GDIPlus features.

  • : Free
  • : Henri Gourvest
  • : 16.11.2007

ImageEn is a component suite for image processing, viewing and analysis. It can load and save from several image file formats, acquire from TWain scanners (single and multi pages), capture video, applies filters, merge images, select image regions (Magic Wand supported) and other.ImageEn allow you to include professional graphics software features in your applications.

  • : Shareware / $55.00
  • : HiComponents
  • : 28.10.2008

Programming tool for creating, editing, viewing, scanning, and printing the most popular industry image formats such as JPEG, TIFF, and BMP images.

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  • : Kaed System
  • : 14.10.2007

TArtImg is a TImage descendant with many effects (ChangeRgb, AntiAlias, GrayScale, Laplace, HiPass, Sharpen, Soften, SoftenLess, FindEdges, Blur, GaussianBlur, SplitBlur, EdgeEnhance, DraftOutlines, Invert, Chalk, Emboss, RuggedRustyEmboss, TopographicalEmboss, CustomFilter, Contrast, Brightness, AddColorNoise, AddMonoNoise, Saturation, Mosaic, Solarize, Posterize, PencilDrawing, MonoBrushDrawing, DrawBrushStrokes, AddAlphaGradient, Interlaced, Spray, HorizontalMirror, VerticalMirror, AddSimpleFrame, AddGradientFrame, AddArtisticFrame, AddBitmapFrame, AlphaBlend, TileBitmap).Using TArtImg component is very simple, just install it, drop it onto the form, load a 24bit bitmap , and use one of the procedures. That's all.

  • : Shareware / $25.00
  • : Bednarik Boldizsar
  • : 29.01.2011

Be from TImage component;Easy to use,only controled by mouse;Set zoom ,border and border color; Support more Image format,JPG,ICO ,WMF,BMP and so on.Can work under at Delphi 4.0 5.0;BCB4.0 5.0

  • : Free
  • : hongbin.fei
  • : 11.08.2010

TPictPrev is a component to display images. The images can be loaded / saved from / in files and from / in strames. This way it can be used also for Database operations (loading / saving the images from / into BlobStreams). It also allows you to Acquire images from your scanner (or any other TWAIN device). Supported image formats: BMP, JPG and GIF. The component has internal functions to increase/decrease brightness and contrast, zoom the image, copy/paste from clipboard. All these functions are executed by pressing the different buttons of the component's GUI. There are several methods to load / save / acquire an imge. Once the image is loaded, it is automatically displayed in the component's GUI. From this moment, the component's buttons become enabled, and the user can modify the brightness, contrast, zoom factor of the image. All these functions are implemented in the TPictPreview component.

  • : Shareware / $10.00
  • : Istvan Mesaros
  • : 06.06.2009

You can now easily implement the TWAIN standard into any Delphi application with the TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi. By using the VCL components included in this toolkit, you'll be communicating with TWAIN scanners and cameras in just minutes. The TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi also provides a project template for writing your own TWAIN driver. Examples show how to implement the VCL components into your applications and how to write a TWAIN driver. An extensive online help is included with this toolkit.

  • : Shareware / $125.00
  • : 16.05.2009