Make your way through challenging levels of block-breaking mayhem in this arcade-style action game. The object of Warkanoid is to destroy all the bricks on the screen by hitting them with a bouncing ball. Warkanoid features huge variety of power-ups, state-of-art music, nice sound effects, themed levels and lots of Internet-related functions. You won't be disappointed with this 21st-century adaptation.

  • : Shareware / $19.95
  • : KraiSoft Entertainment
  • : 24.10.2011

WinPoker is a five-card draw version of the popular card game with nice graphics, played with a standard 52-card deck. Each hand starts with the option to pass or throw away selected cards. Discarded cards are replaced by new ones dealt from the deck. You play until you run out of money.

  • : Free
  • : RPSoftware
  • : 17.10.2011

Logical game with various difficulty levels for all age categories - Master Mind.The game develops logical thinking, smartness, tenacity, the ability to combine facts, to classify and perceive the given system and environment in a very effective and relaxing way. Thanks to the simplifying settings the game is also suitable for small children.

  • : Free
  • : Robert Mesaros
  • : 06.10.2011

Breakoutx is a funny game of dexterity and ability where the uniques rules is not to leave fall a lovable ball and to rebound it in a bar to break blocks Every 10,000 points a live is gived to permit a major duration of the game. There are some scenes of diferents forms to permit a major ability of the game. The 10 best records are stored and the best record is exposed to permit a challenge to the others players of the family or friends and the date of the records are also stored to have a major challenge. Four fun melodies are played and you can disable the sound optionally. Enjoy this game.

  • : Shareware / $20.00
  • : Rodrigo Ruiz
  • : 24.04.2011

A logical game with tactics elements. Magnificent graphics and great music.Requires DirectX, 800x600x32 resolution.

  • : Shareware / $10.00
  • : LEVIATHAN Creative Group
  • : 29.03.2011

Explore Esther's Playhouse and discover the fun. Play 15 exciting activities while learning the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors. Each activity includes full color graphics, animations, sound effects, high quality music, and spoken voice feedback. Esther guides you through her playhouse to help beginning readers and writers develop their skills. All activities teach fundamental skills required in most educational programs. Multi-language support allows you to play and learn in English and Spanish.

  • : Free
  • : Star Light Press
  • : 17.02.2011

Runika is a original logical game with tactics elements in which you can win by destruction all runes on each level. Runes are destroyed when you get 3 or more equal runes abreast. You can collect the runes in horizontal and vertical direction only. Please note, that 3 equal runes are minimal but enough to destroy them. If you have 4 or 5 equal runes on the level, you must destroy it at once.

  • : Shareware / $14.00
  • : LEVIATHAN Creative Group
  • : 12.02.2011

The Invert Game; help file including description of rules and strategy for minimum number of moves.

  • : Free
  • : Christian Maas
  • : 03.01.2011

Forza4 game representation. Allows to work through local network and Internet.

  • : Free
  • : Marco Bianchini
  • : 13.12.2010

Tarneeb is one of the most famous card games in middle east, this is Beta version of the game, language of the game is Arabic.

  • : Free
  • : Issam ali
  • : 25.11.2010

All you need is 4-32 friends to play - Great fun. Option allows block of teams if wanted (so you get some good teams and bad. What happens if you get Trinidad and Tobago? Options include a worst team prize and per-team pricing (you oay much less than Brazil).Special Charity Option also included - so that a certain amount of the pot goes to your favourite charity. Also supports different currencies so Ukranians will be happy.We will give 10% of our profits to Charity.Finally this is 100% Delphi so none of the usual XLS nonsense out there.In a few clicks it makes the tickets to pull from a hat and a list to stick on the wall - no complaints or argumentsWithin an hour your office will get the sweepstake sold and done.

  • : Shareware / $7.00
  • : Martin jenkins
  • : 12.07.2010

Make your graphics look better with an easy-to-use JPEG 2000 decoding component. J2K-Codec can help game developers, screensaver creators and many others to improve their products--to achieve better image quality and reduce installation package size. The new image compression standard based on wavelet technology has many interesting features not available in the old JPEG, such as alpha-channel and varied resolution levels. Give it a try!

  • : Shareware / $99.00
  • : Alex Saveliev
  • : 13.06.2010

A game of spaceships combat with 3 ships to choose and 2 player mode.

  • : Free
  • : Infinito Studio
  • : 09.06.2010

3D TVMax game.

  • : Shareware / $9.95
  • : tvmaxdigital
  • : 31.05.2010

An Open Source 6/49 Lotto Database Application based on the South-African National Lottery which started on Saturday 11 March 2000. Your chances of winning a 6/49 Lotto Jackpot is about 13 983 816 to 1. But using SL4 might just increase your chances of winning.Lotto Databases include:U.K. Lotto;S.A. Lotto;S.A. Lotto Plus.SL4 Features include:Full SL4 Database Access;Lotto Number Statistics & Analysis;Drag and Drop Functionality;Winnings Checker;Plus many more features...

  • : Free
  • : Nico van der Westhuizen
  • : 25.04.2010

Feed the Snake is a new modern remake of the popular classic snake game. You are a little snake. The goal of the game is grow, grow and grow. You start as a small worm, but you may end as a mighty python. To grow you need a food. This won't the problems for you: you can find a lot of tasty meal. But be caution! You can't live without moving. The edges and stones stop and kill you immediately. You move around different game fields, trying to gobble up good food, growing longer along the way. There are a couple of gameplay changes that help this version surpass the original python. Most importantly, there is a vast variety of power-ups and inedible food.The amazing graphics will keep you enthralled. Two players mode is available - so play the snake game and have fun with a friend together.

  • : Shareware / $12.95
  • : RealApex
  • : 30.01.2010

Crazy Teris is a classic tetris game. Crazy Teris comes from classis tetris, but with many funny features. You can appreciate pleasant music while you play the game. And you can hide the main window quickly when you don't want somebody to know you are playing game. There also have a beautiful clock to remind you of time.

  • : Shareware / $9.00
  • : BlueRain Software
  • : 26.01.2010

The famous game in full drag-drop with four levels (3 to 6 disks). A visual solution in Turbo-Prolog is also given.

  • : Free
  • : Jean Claude Meier
  • : 23.01.2010

Chess Magician is designed for Chess beginners and experts and even advanced experts. They alike would find many features that would increase their enjoyment of chess as well as improve their skill with the game.You will play against the famous Gigantic Computer who claimed to be unconquerable, and get the almighty AI Magician's help if you need it. You should connect to the Internet first, and then compete with the remote Gigantic Computer. You can set the level of the Gigantic Computer from 1 to 9, ranging from 900 ELO to 2400 ELO. You may change its level even when you two are in competition.Time limits rule, save and restore games, exchange through PGN file, chessboard layouts print out, board skins are all supported.

  • : Shareware / $25.00
  • : Huntersoft
  • : 11.01.2010

A sandpile simulator (it's a kind of Conway's Game of Life, really). Fun to watch. Comes with extensive documentation on complex adaptive systems, which is what the sandpile model is.

  • : Free
  • : Troels Jakobsen
  • : 25.12.2009