Data-Aware Controls


VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase SQL Anywhere is based on the Embedded SQL database interface, provide direct access to Sybase SQL Anywhere and allows avoiding Borland Database Engine (BDE), ODBC, ADO, SQL Links and Sybase Open Client.Key features:- High-performance native access to Sybase SQL Anywhere.- Compatibility with standard and third-party Delphi data-aware controls.- Easy installation and distribution.- You donlt need to install and to configure Sybase Open Client.- No additional Sybase DLLs needed when deploying your applications.- Full BLOB support.- Minimized driver size and use of system resources.- Cross-platform support via Borland CLX for Windows and Linux.- Royalty-free product. This means you have to register VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase SQL Anywhere for each developer, but not for each user of the application you have developed.Compatibility- Borland Delphi 7- Borland Delphi for .Net 8- Borland C++ Builder 6.0- Sybase SQL Anywhere 8.0.2- Sybase SQL Anywhere 9.0.0- Sybase SQL Anywhere 9.0.1To download the VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase SQL Anywhere Trial, please visit: you for cooperation!VISOCO Software Team

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  • : 16.01.2008

Fastest DB-aware multicolumnar treeview control.Based on FlyTreeView/RapidTree controls.Get TreeView and Grid in one control for representing your data!Lookup features, simplified reorder/moving DBNodes by IndexFieldMany reasons to get:DB Support (four fetch modes for each column)Smart mechanism for loading/updating tree nodes.Support for automatic generating unique Key values for each Node (not required indexing files/autoincrementing fields).Scroll bars support for use more number of columns on FlyTreeView.Smart mechanism for moving nodes in DB-aware.DB support for Drag-Drop,Move/reorder Nodes .DB Support for Imageindex, StateIndex, SelectedIndex of Node.DB - Cascading update StateIndexes (for logic operations with Checkboxes/optionbuttons).

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  • : 18.10.2011

dgExport (dgDBExport, dgSGExport) components gives you the possibility to export the data from a TDataSet or TStringGrid into an external file, in ten different file formats:

Comma Sepparated Values - CSV
HyperText Markup Language - HTML
Plain Text Format - TXT
Rich Text Format - RTF
MS Word Document - DOC
Extended Markup Language - XML
MS Excel Sheet - XLS
Tab Delimited Text - TAB
Data Interchange Format - DIF
Paradox table - DB

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  • : Istvan Mesaros
  • : 14.04.2008

This utility helps you in visual creating and editing any table you wish. Now you can easily import your table from Paradox and DBase formats by means of EasyTable Manager. While importing your table it creates a new table and imports all your data automaticaly. EasyTable Manager is also able to write your data to BLOB fields. It allows you to import your *.bmp file into a ftGraphic field, *.rtf file into ftFmtMemo, *.txt file into ftMemo or any file into a ftBLOB field. EasyTable Manager can also export data from a BLOB field to a file. It includes all the sources. EasyTable Manager is a good example of the EasyTable's work and it will help you in programming with EasyTable.

EasyTable Manager now includes in the EasyTable delivery set.

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  • : 17.06.2010

Devrace FIBPlus is a fast, flexible and high-performance component library for Borland« DelphiO 3-7, Borland« C++ Builder 3-6 and Borland« KylixO 3 intended for work with Borland« InterBase« and Firebird using direct Interbase API. FIBPlus combines simplicity of architecture with development convenience that enables to create powerful and effective applications. FIBPlus allows use of all Interbase features and benefits: array-fields, blob-fields, generators and full control of transactions, support of all standard and third-party visual data-aware components, special features for optimization of InterBase network traffic and a set of special design-time experts. For more information on FIBPlus, visit

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  • : Serg Vostrikov
  • : 14.01.2007

TDBComboSpinEdit allows the user to choose from a range of numeric values by clicking on special "spin buttons", or by clicking on the combo button that allows extremely fast and precise input, even for floating-point numbers. Users can also enter the value in a text box, as with an edit control. TDBComboSpinEdit supports non-numeric prefixes and suffixes, such as currency symbols as well binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal numeric systems. The Position property, which retrieves the current number, can vary within the range determined by the properties Min and Max. When the combo button is pressed, one or two track bars appear, depending if the decimals property is zero (integer) or greater than zero (floating-point). These track bars allow the user to quickly pinpoint the desired value. These track-bars can even zoom in to allow more precision. Also supports Delphi7 and BCBuilder 6

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  • : 02.02.2007

TOVDBEnumComboBox component helps to associate integer values kept in database field with descriptive strings - with which user works. Descriptive strings are filledin Items property; and the component shows the string with ItemIndex equal to data field value (and, vice versa, stores in data field an index of string selected by user).

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  • : Oleg V. Paschenko
  • : 18.04.2010

TPictPrev is a component to display images. The images can be loaded / saved from / in files and from / in strames. This way it can be used also for Database operations (loading / saving the images from / into BlobStreams). It also allows you to Acquire images from your scanner (or any other TWAIN device). Supported image formats: BMP, JPG and GIF. The component has internal functions to increase/decrease brightness and contrast, zoom the image, copy/paste from clipboard, crop portion of image using your mouse. All these functions are executed by pressing the different buttons of the component's GUI. There are several methods to load / save / acquire an imge. Once the image is loaded, it is automatically displayed in the component's GUI. From this moment, the component's buttons become enabled, and the user can modify the brightness, contrast, zoom factor of the image. All these functions are implemented in the TPictPreview component.

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  • : Istvan Mesaros
  • : 14.08.2009

TPrintDecisionGrid is advanced descendant of standard TDecisionGrid with ability to print / print-preview report pages.It is native Delphi 3, 4 or 5 Client/Server Suite component.TPrintDecisionGrid doesn't need any additional printing tool to do this work. Now you shouldn't use Form.Print method to print DecisionGrid - there's a special component, which can print large crosstab reports very quickly and accurately!TPrintDecisionGrid allows you - to print report (available in design-time) all the cells of grid are automatically distributed among horizontal and vertical pages - to preview report pages in special PreviewForm (available in design-time) you can navigate through pages in both horizontal and vertical directions - to adjust best column width so all the cells' strings will be entirely visible - to set page margins Left, Top, Right, Bottom (in millimeters) - to define in your report title and subtitle this is optional additional information about query result in grid - to switch on/off color in your report so you can save printer toner - to use your own Print-Preview forms you just have to place on your modal form special TPDGPreview component and specify OnPreviewReport Grid's Eventsince version 2.0 - to set Header and Footer on each report page you can customize their text using static text and predefined parameters (such as Page Index, Number of Pages etc.) in Design Time and a special event in Run Time. - to duplicate FixedColumns and FixedRows on each horizontal/vertical page so your End-User will read more understandable printing output - to vary size of cells in report using ReportScalePercent property initial value 100% means that Grid cells and text strings will have on paper the same size, they have on screen - to add in report your own text or pictures using special OnReportPrintPage Grid's event - to switch on/off various report options (such as need print Title) using special ReportOptions set property - to copy data from cells to clipboard (available in design-time)since version 3.0 - to generate HTML Report you can produce web presentation your DecisionGrid as well as paper presentation!

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  • : 25.05.2009