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HydroS ColorComponent Kit contains eleven components written in Delphi 3.0. This is a useful collection of components and procedures to display and manage with bitmap color(s) and palettes. Some components (HSRGBSLiders, HSColorField, HSRGBField, HSHLSField, HSColorDialog, HSColorRibbon) are Adobe Photoshop look - like (sliders, dialogs, colorfields). HSColorBar is Corel colorbars component look - like. HSColorGrid, HSRainbow, HSSlider is just another grid, rainbow and slider Delphi component(s).

  • : Free
  • : HydroS Team
  • : 24.05.2007

TIBXUserProfile - component for IBX components (Interbase) - tested on Delphi5 (IB6/FB)TIBXUserProfile allow set ovisibleo and oenableo property of components of forms application in Run Time in depend from current user profile (role). Profiles of users to keep into Interbase table in Blob fields. Use follow table structure:CREATE TABLE PROFILE(ROLENAME VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,PROFILE BLOB);Table may be additional fields. Fields Names oRolenameo and oProfileo may be other names. Table Name may be other name too.

  • : Shareware / $15.00
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  • : 30.11.2008

InfoPower is a suite of visual components specifically designed to give professional database developers unmatched power in their Delphi and C++ Builder applications. Infopower includes a greatly enhanced data-aware grid, advanced edit controls including controls for lookups, dates and times, visual filtering dialogs, picture mask validation support, record viewers, incremental searching, QBE support, a powerful and versatile new datainspector component, true virtual dataset support, custom framing and transparent effects in its edit controls, and so much more.Now in InfoPower 3000, we are pleased to announce a major upgrade to our award-winning InfoPower component suite. From its powerful new hierarchical grids to its new multi-record data inspector, Woll2Woll Software brings you the professional qualities you demand. Click here to see what's new in Infopower 3000! Or download the latest versions by clicking on the links on the left sidebar.

  • : Shareware / $199.00
  • : Woll2Woll Software
  • : 15.12.2009

Instrumentation ModelKit is a revolutionary solution in the field of instrumentation and graphic components for .NET. Full featured graphics editor allows creating new visual components having unique look and functionality by means of a few mouse clicks. It can be both common controls: ProgressBars, Meters, Dials, Sliders, Gauges, Odometers, Switches and specialized elements: Manipulators, Scales, Thermometers, Special-purpose Devices etc.

  • : Shareware / $750.00
  • : 9Rays.Net Team
  • : 23.01.2008

Need professionally looking device emulators for creating professionally looking computer simulators or software interfaces? Developing these components on your own and hiring a designer is likely to take a lot of time and will cost thousands of dollars. Why not use already existing solution to save time and cut costs? Instrumentation Widgets is a library of meters, indicators, scales, sliders, gauges, knobs, buttons, dials, tanks, thermometers, switches, matrixes, leds and other .NET components that emulate hardware devices. They are all 100% native .NET framework managed components written in C#. In addition, all controls use double buffering to produce smooth animation and avoid flicking. To this day, there are over 30 ready components in the library and more are scheduled to be added soon, which makes Instrumentation Widgets an indisputable leader in this area. With the largest collection of various components available, including compass, oscilloscope, odometer, toggles, multimedia buttons and buttons with skin support, Instrumentation Widgets is the natural choice of software developers. Especially, when you consider the fact that all device emulators are fully customizable and scalable. Software users can change size, color, font types, value range and other properties of each component. Another advantage of this package is data binding feature - all properties can be bound to data source of any kind. Conveniently, the library does not require any special skills or time spent on documentation studying, which makes integrating Instrumentation Widgets' components into other software applications a simple and straightforward process. No designer or artist expertise is necessary. Best of all, Instrumentation Widgets can be tried and tested absolutely free of charge. Get your copy now!

  • : Shareware / $215.00
  • : 9Rays.Net Team
  • : 22.02.2009

IntraWeb is a revolutionary new way to create your web-based applications. IntraWeb delivers an excellent means for creating Internet, IntraNet and ExtraNet applications in a quick and maintainable manner. Using IntraWeb you can deploy your applications as stand alone services, ISAPI DLLs, or Apache DSOs.Other web-based development tools require you to deal with issues such as state tracking, CGI scripting or complex client configurations. Not so with IntraWeb! You simply create your application using the IntraWeb component suite within Delphi, install it on the server and then your clients access it using an HTML 4 compatible web browser. And unlike other tools which claim to be RAD, IntraWeb is two way. All return input from forms is handled transparently by IntraWeb. No adaptors, no input bindings, no HTML, no CGI or JavaScript coding is ever required, just pure Delphi code. For added flexibility, the application can also be run locally as a normal executable.So if you would like to create, debug and maintain web-based applications as quickly and easily as your normal Delphi applications, you need to be using IntraWeb.

  • : Shareware / $599.00
  • : Atozed Software
  • : 30.09.2009

iO is the worlds first Voice Controlled Peer-to-Peer Media Manager and Content delivery system. It allows you to instantly publish your Media to a variety of formats including Flash on the Web.It's advanced organizing capabilities make managing your pictures and videos incredibly. easy.It allows you to instantly publish your images and videos to any one on the Web - directly from your computer. In addition iO features a number of state of the art organizational features that make the tedious job of maintaining media quick and easy.iO is one of 2 products featured in Intel's P4 launch.iO also includes a Web-ID to allow visitors to access your media by a simple URL name.In addition iO has over a thousand skins available.

  • : Shareware / $50.00
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  • : 21.03.2009

Complete suite of real-time instrumentation display components for instrumentation applications and automation programming. Includes a collection 48 components: Real-Time 2GB per channel high-speed Strip Chart, switches, logarithmic gauges, pie chart, percent bar, 7 Segment Displays, LEDs, SMPTE indicator, timer (9 independent), panel, compass, bitmap rotation, and object canvas control. Full Pascal source included in registered version and are Royalty Free.

  • : Shareware / $895.00
  • : Iocomp Software
  • : 26.04.2007

Demo Program for Linux (ELF Binary, i386) of 60 CLX Instrumentation components included with Instrumentation Pack Pro 3.0 & 3 CLX, High-Speed, Real-Time Plot, Strip Chart, & Scope (Oscilloscope) components included with Plot Pack 3.0. Sliding Scale, Angular & Linear Gauges, Knobs, Sliders, Switches, Spectrum Display, Compass, Thermometer, Phone Pad, Thread Timers, Log Scales, &more. True Analog/Digital Scope. Easy to Configure Charts, Stackable Graph Scales, Unlimited X & Y Axes and Channels, Visual Layout Manger, High-Speed for Real-Time, Intelligent AutoScale, Logarithmic & Scientific Scales, Date/Time Support, Full-Featured ToolBar, & more. Pascal source included in registered version. Extract tarball & run the script from konqueror/nautilus or a shell prompt.

  • : Free
  • : Iocomp Software
  • : 14.02.2010

This is an add-on set of components for use with the Delphi Development System. These components support fast efficient editing of any size text file without speed or memory limitations on how big a file you can edit. There are four word wrap modes including a WYSIWYG mode, and any ANSI font is also supported with user defined tab stops. EMail extensions include uuencode/decode. Multi-level undo/redo, drag and drop editing, fast search and replace and more.

  • : Shareware / $30.00
  • : MWA Software
  • : 12.08.2009

JamDTA is a Delphi component that allows you to build DTA-files that contain standardized information about money tranfers (wire transfers) between German banks. Click on the button below for more information in German languange.

  • : Shareware / $59.95
  • : Jam Software
  • : 18.01.2008

JanBasic is a set of basic components: TjanOutBar is a visual and functional Outlook 2000 tabbed buttonbar replica and an example of both using TCollection and of creating a completely owner drawn control; TjanCheckBox with custom size and color; TjanRadioButton with custom size and color; TjanLabelEdit; TjanTimeEdit; TjanButtonEdit; TjanCheckListButton; TjanEditListBox; TjanColorButton; TjanRoundedButton; TjanRunButton; TjanPanelButton; TjanTiledPanel; TjanBitmapButton.

  • : Free
  • : JanSoft
  • : 14.09.2009

Jazmine Calendar/PIM Widgets suite (JCW) is a set of visual components thatallows you to create elegant and sophisticated PIMs, Calendar, Task orScheduling type applications. JCW include all the components necessary toget the job done quickly and efficiently. Standard views like Outlookcalendar/task and Lotus Organizer planner are available. Custom schedulercan be created by manipulating and combining any of the relevant controls.JCW is resource-centric, so creating those resource schedulers (conferenceroom, doctor/patient, operating room, etc) is a breeze!

  • : Shareware / $249.00
  • : Hopeton Palmer
  • : 02.03.2011

JB Components: - Standard components - Data-Aware - Miscellaneous92 Components.With XP-style support.All sources are clen and fully commented.Please visit homepage to see screenshots and download trial demo version.Thank you.

  • : Shareware / $15.75
  • : Aleksandr Mefodiev
  • : 17.12.2010

JB Delphi Components v.3.0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Easy adjustment for definite purposes - this main rule for all components which you will use in your applications. (Bugs-free - second rule)These components already meets that requirements.:: The interface ::1. Support more than 20 built - in drawing styles2. Easy addition of your own styles:: Use ::1. Easy adjustment of each component (Source codes included)2. It is a lot of directions for expansion of opportunities:: Debugging ::1. If at use of any JB-component your application raises an error - simply STOP to correct source codes2. All components were tested many times. Result: Bugs-free version 3.0:: And don't forgot:: NOTHING costs($) so cheaply and is not appreciated so dearly.

  • : Shareware / $29.75
  • : Aleksandr Mefodiev
  • : 22.10.2010

The JEDI Code Library consists of a large set of thoroughly tested and fully documented utility functions and non-visual classes which can be instantly reused in your Delphi and C++ Builder projects.The library is built upon code donated from the JEDI community. It is reformatted to achieve a common look-and-feel, tested, documented and merged into the library. The library is grouped into several categories such as Strings, Files and I/O, Security, Math, Unicode and many, many more. The library is released to the public under the terms of the Mozilla Public License (MPL) and as such can be freely used in both freeware/shareware, opensource and commercial projects.

  • : Free
  • : Joint Endeavor of Delphi Innovators JEDI
  • : 22.08.2007

JEDI Visual Component Library (JVCL), a library which consists of a large collection (currently ca 500) visual and non-visual components which can be instantly reused in your Delphi, Kylix and C++ Builder projects.

  • : Free
  • : Joint Endeavor of Delphi Innovators JEDI
  • : 12.10.2007

New packages technology, unique around the world, to create all the repositories of the application (images, labels, hints, backgrounds, colors, fonts and variables).Resizable skinsMultilanguageMulticonfigurationSuperMenusPrivilegesMore than 40 components totally customizable.

  • : Shareware / $166.00
  • : J.A.Molina & F.R.Molina
  • : 28.08.2011

The most powerful, integrated and innovative group of components conceived for both Delphi and C++Builder. Features:New packages technology (backgrounds, colors, fonts, texts, images, ...). Resizable Skins. MDI Skins.Multi-Language.Multi-Appearance. Privileges management. Independent regional configuration. New mask system.Embedded windows (multi-list).DataType controls.Transparency and shadow effects. Buttons with dynamic effects. Menu bars that are extremely sophisticated. Status bar completely customisable.PageControl totaly re-written. Label+, Edit+, ListBox+, RichEdit+, Image+, Checkbox+, Combobox+, ....Containers+.Associated label.Associated buttons.Data-Aware components.Global Functions.Package Forms.Automatic load/save of parameters. More than 40 totally customisable components. And much more....

  • : Shareware / $202.00
  • : JfActiveSoft
  • : 12.06.2011

An additional visual component for Kylix. Encapsulates Dial Qt widget.

  • : Free
  • : Andrei Borovsky
  • : 03.04.2007