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Components Collection

abfComponents 4.0

The abfComponents product is a base part of the ABF Visual Components Library, contains a set of powerful and easy-to-use common components, lots of classes and procedures. Product is compatible with all 32-bit versions of Borland Delphi and C++Builder. Contains: TabfApplicationProperties - properties and events of global Application and Screen objects. TabfAutoRun - automatically runs your applications.TabfOneInstance - prevents running of the second copy of the application.TabfShutdown - easy implementation of shutdown, restart, etc.TabfTrayIcon - places an icon in the system tray (near the clock). TabfWndProcHook - hooks WND procedure of any window.TabfFileStorage - can store a file in the *.dfm resource of the form.TabfWav - plays any system or custom sound.TabfThreadComponent - an encapsulation of the tread for easy usage.TabfThreadTimer - timer of milliseconds precision.TabfFileOperation - easy way to perform different file operations.TabfFolderMonitor - allows monitor changes in some folder on the disk.TabfRegistryMonitor - allows monitor changes of some key in the registry.TabfStartButtonProperties - properties of the Start Button.TabfColorPicker - a simplest way to get a color value under the cursor.TabfEdit - an enhanced edit control that supports a text alignment and can have a flat look.TabfComboBox - a combobox with new additional abilities, can show images.TabfImage - an enhanced image control, supports proportional scaling, has a smart caption and can work with image lists.TabfImageListBox - an enhanced list box, can show images from the image list.TabfGroupBox - control is an enhanced group box, has a checkbox and can disable / enable owned controls at once.TabfScrollBar - a great replacement of the standard scroll bar control, especially for custom graphic interfaces. TabfDatePanel - an easy-to-use date editor.abfComponents is free for non-commercial usage. If you are planning to use this product in some commercial project you should purchase the source code or purchase a full version of ABF VCL.

  • Стоимость:  Free
  • Разработчик:  ABF Software, Inc
  • Добавлено:  16.09.2007


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