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abSecurity Builder Professional 3.0

(protect any control, not just buttons and menus; versions for C++B 6, Delphi 7 included)
Control the user access to the application's GUI components (menus, buttons, edits, tree views, radio groups, etc. every control) as well as to non visual functionalities. Just drag/drop, connect, set a few properties and you get a securized multiuser application.

With Security Builder you can:
- Build the security model of your Delphi application at design time with just few mouse clicks, - Add and remove users on fly,
- Change users profile on fly, Add and remove securized items on fly, Securize your non GUI functionalities,
- Set predefined User Groups - Supervisors, Power Users, ...
- Much more...

The library consists of three component:
- abSecurity - control center encapsulating the application security template, implementing all Security Builder functionalities,
- abActionList - ActionList control providing a connection to abSecurity component and to it's control center functionalities,
- abAction - an TAction derivative, adding the ability to Enable/Disable and change Visible/Invisible status.

Fully functional/no sources
Source price $150/75/25

  • Стоимость:  Free
  • Разработчик:  Peter Petrov
  • Добавлено:  03.10.2009


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