The Arca MP3 Action 2000 is a manager for your MP3 song collection. A Windows Explorer like interface lets you browse your MP3's and generate custom play lists like a professional DJ.

  • : Free
  • : Arcasoft Solutions, Inc
  • : 04.07.2010

Avignon Concept is the first Personal Data Manager having not just standard data management for Books, Contacts and Music, but also your full fledged personal Document manager. Avignon Concept has off-course a To-do manager, which, combined with the Avignon Concept Calendar and Planning functions, gives you the complete system you always wanted to have. On top of these functions, Avignon Concept also delivers a Finance manager enabling you to run your all your worldwide bank accounts.Avignon Concept has more than 40 standard reports, which can be run to screen and in PDF format. These reports have also the possibility to filter your data and give you all the information you need .Avignon Concept is for free and is available in English, French, Dutch, German and Hungarian languages. Real-time change of the language is included in the package.New in version 2006 (Build 6.060525): Some small updates in several windows.Some small updates in the languages.

  • : Free
  • : Gallieni Productions International
  • : 10.07.2009

An easy to use application for you to remember important birthdays. Simply add a few people's names and birth dates and setup the reminder. It's located in the tray until a birthday is due.Birthday comes with two selectable languages: English and Swedish. You can also translate it easily into whatever language you like. More language files can be downloaded from the Birthday website.

  • : Free
  • : Jorgen Edelbrock
  • : 22.05.2011

Booking Plus is a booking program for every one that needs to book Tables, Rooms, Conference rooms, Sports Clubs, etc. Also for keeping customer registration and information, making reports of all information. And see complete over look of booking.

  • : Shareware / $450.00
  • : MB Consulting
  • : 05.05.2007

Utility to store list of files and directories for removable media. Doesn't require additional DLLs, ActiveX or Database Engine to be installed. Keywords search supported.

  • : Free
  • : Plxadnio Cruz
  • : 15.12.2007

CD-CAT application allows you:keep catalogs of your CDs in the MS Access database;import in the database description files of files and folders on your CD;browse the CD catalog database in an Explorer-looking window;perform searching for files that match the specified criteria;check if the files you're about to write on a CD already present on your old CDs.Requires: DAO 3.0, BDE and CD-ROM drive. Full version (with DAO and BDE) could be downloaded from homepage.

  • : Free
  • : Kiev Software Factory
  • : 11.09.2010

GUI application that will catalog CD's (or any other drive) in a tree-like list that can be searched.

  • : Free
  • : Uri Fridman
  • : 11.06.2007

A free German Win32-Windows Software manager. For example you can manage all your Software on a CD-Rom clear and easy with this Program without or with Installation of it on a hard disk. It's also possible to run the Exe-Program direct from a read only CD-Rom, Zip-Medium, etc. It's much powerful. Integrated is a strong file manager, extraction of Rar- and Zip-Archives, and many more...

  • : Free
  • : Sebastian Sauer
  • : 26.03.2007

Have you ever tried to locate an important document, searched for it everywhere and still cannot find it? If you want an organized and orderly filing system, then you need the File Folder Organizer.File Folder Organizer is computer program that helps you organize and manage your paper documents that are stored in file cabinet. No document scanning is needed or required. Rather than actually transferring the documents to your PC, the program allows you to maintain a database of the contents of your filing cabinets. Document titles for recipes, magazine articles, manuals, pamphlets, research papers, proposals, books, product information, client information, bills, blue prints and others are keyed into the program's database. You can also organizer your software, cassette tapes, CD, DVDs, and videotapes. This Windows based program is easy to use, it has the same look and feel as Microsoft Windows Explorer as it presents all keyed information in a tree hierarchy. The tree hierarchy allows you to examine what is filed in your file cabinets without physically accessing the file cabinets. You can Drag and Drop, rename, cut and past, copy, move and delete for ease of access and management of such information. The program has many features that make it powerful yet user friendly. Features such as the Find command so the database can be searched to locate and retrieve the documents from the file cabinets and the Print command so labels and index reports can be printed. Filing may not be your favorite task but with the proper tool, you can successfully set up and maintain an organized, effective filing system.The program's helps eliminate the manual task of sorting and organizing material to be filed, improves the efficiency of filing and retrieving filed material, prevents the potential of miss-placing filed material and provides browse and search capability.

  • : Shareware / $49.95
  • : OPERA Tech
  • : 22.02.2007

There is no need to check every CD for a file or files when you have iceCDInfo 1.0. iceCDInfo 1.0 is a CD organizer which scans your Data CD or MP3-CD and saves the necessary information about the files (filename, path, CD's name).You can exchange the name of the CD-name with the name you write on the CD itself or the CD-Label.With one click on the desired CD-name you will get a list of all files on the CD. You can also search for a particular file or files by entering the filename or part of the filename with % (wildcard).Do you only remember the path or part of it? No problem, by choosing Search in Path you will get all the files under corresponding directories.Do you have hundreds of CD's? And the only thing you remember is a part of the CD-name? Well, again no promblem . By choosing Search in volume you get all the CD's that correspond to the word you search for.Requires : Microsoft JET OLE DB version 4 or higher.

  • : Shareware / $45.00
  • : Tomas Helgi Johannsson
  • : 14.08.2007

A program that is designed to organize your MPEG audio file collection.Features:scanning for *.mp? files;support for MPEG versions 1-2.5, layer I-III and MPEGplus;reading all MPEG properties inclusive ID3-tags (versions 1.1 and 2.3);collection, volume and folder information; searching for name, property, ID3-tag or duplicates; saving search results; playing file(s) with its associated application; creating play lists;ID3-tag editor;support Xing VBR;importing from another collection;support for very big collections;updating volumes;building diverse collection reports (*.txt, *.dif, *.html);multilingual interface;printing CD-covers;File Rename utility.

  • : Free
  • : Jurgen Faul
  • : 21.01.2008

This program create good looking HTML files from your pictures & photos named .jpg or .jpeg with self-generated thumbnails (some options available). The thumbnail's target file HTML too (serialized from 1 to ~.html) with Your full sized photos. Options: HTML background color select (auto hex converter included), border size (yes/no), border color, TABLE cols (1-9), cellspacing, cellpadding, 3 style of framemaker (really 2 style), frame size...

  • : Free
  • : Netboy
  • : 14.06.2009

Count the times you have searched for a document but could never remember where you stored it. That's a lot of productive time wasted. Why not store all your information into Notebase single file storage system which is organized, easy to use and provides instant access to all your documents and files. With features like password protection and encryption, Notebase is the ideal solution to help keep your documents and information easily accessible and secure.Notebase also includes a 'Pack & Go' feature which packs your Notebase file into a self-executing file that can then be viewed on any PC system (with or without Notebase installed). This feature is ideal for software developers or organisations who distribute Help and Knowledge-base information.

  • : Shareware / $29.95
  • : Bitlogic Software Solutions
  • : 14.01.2011

Notebase is the latest in Document storage and distribution. Count the times you have searched for a document through that mangled tree structure or clutterd desktop, that's a lot of productive time wasted. What you need is a central storage location for all your documents or files with one click access to each and all when you need them. Notebase is the answer to this problem, store all your information into Notebase's single file storage system.Ideal Application for Developers needing quick access to information. Along with password protection, compression and encryption you can be sure your documents are safe.If you need to distribute files or information then Notebase includes a 'Pack & Go' feature which packs your information or files into a single executable file which can then be viewed on any PC system (with or without Notebase installed).

  • : Shareware / $19.00
  • : 08.06.2009

Never again re-key legacy data:ParseRat v2.0 Parses, converts and restructures files. Reads most files including XML, web pages and tables, page image print files and other multi-line data blocks from other processes, fixed format, delimited, dBase, structured binary, etc. Can import from system clipboard. Valuable for extracting data from legacy processes or those where data can only be exported as printed reports. Reads ASCII and EBCDIC.Intelligently parses and converts dates (including Julian and Y2K), names and addresses into components, genderize names, etc. can generate Soundex and perform intelligent DeDuplication.Restructure names into different element sequence (e.g. from phonebook format to mailing list format including elimination of noise words like fax line or residence). Generate titles (Mr, Ms. etc) from first names.Convert addresses into standard (user defined) formats.Automatically recognize and extract URL or EMail addresses from input records.Convert string output to UPPER CASE, lower case, Proper Case (Mixed Case - with intelligent handling of capitalization exceptions like McDonald, O'Rourke WordPerfect). Convert numeric information from decimal, hex or scientific to decimal, hex or scientific notation.Convert measurement units and perform arithmetic on incoming fields.Output as XML, fixed format, delimited, mailmerge or dBase. Can export to system clipboard for pasting into other programs and databases. Can be used to generate repetitive code from imported lists of parameters.No Language to learn, all done by point-and-click in Windows.

  • : Shareware / $49.95
  • : Guy Software
  • : 27.04.2011

Gnostice PDFWiz is a powerful Windows application to manage and organize PDF documents. PDFWiz supports filling and reading of PDF forms, compressing, securing, appending and merging of multiple PDF documents, stamping, setting bookmarks, and many more functions that can transform plain PDF documents into customized, easy to use containers of information. PDFWiz operates on existing PDF documents and can even create new ones by extracting pages from existing documents. You can also create PDF photo albums in a snap by putting together a collection of picture files and setting some basic properties.

  • : Shareware / $29.95
  • : Gnostice Information Technologies
  • : 12.10.2011

Samba Professional is a software and multimedia catalog manager.It is designed for people who want to have a professional database of their software and multimedia. It is also recommended for software sellers, because they can visually design CDs with their software, copy them to the hard drive and burn them with Nero Burning Software.

  • : Free
  • : Zyl Soft
  • : 27.08.2009

Cool Notes is a program that anyone can use. Cool Notes sits conveniently in your system tray if you minimize it. You can store any text based information that you would like and even add pictures to your notes! There is no limit to what you can use Cool Notes for. You can easily cut and paste information into or out of Cool Notes. You can also export your notes to PDF format. You can print any note! Cool Notes is so easy to use it only takes a couple minutes to learn how to use it.

  • : Shareware / $15.00
  • : Sault Custom Programming
  • : 14.06.2010

If you have Windows NT and IIS or Windows 95/98 and PWS, that is a windows-based system plus a web server, and you need to publish a simple railroad/ bus/ flights timetable, this program may help you. There are two binary files, one to create the database your site will depend on, and one to perform the actual search. Delphi source code included, required Interval Software's Spider classes.

  • : Free
  • : Diego Amicabile
  • : 01.12.2008

Keeps track of your software purchases and all the pertinent information that goes with it. Organize all your software and finally know what you have, who you purchased it from, Serial numbers, product keys and moreu

  • : Shareware / $20.00
  • : SDS
  • : 26.06.2009