Usual TBitBtn with Color property forgotten by Borland.

  • : Free
  • : UtilMind Solutions
  • : 16.03.2010

The CaptionButton component applies an additional custom button to the title bars of your forms + special menu item associated with this caption button to the system menu. Contains a lot of customization features such like a popup menus, multiple button states, custom tooltips, custom cursors etc.

  • : Shareware / $17.95
  • : AppControls.Com
  • : 15.06.2009

The CaptionButton collection is the set of 5 useful components which may add an additional button on the form's title bar and menu item to the system menu, associated with that button.

Package contains 5 components: TCaptionButton, TFormTopmost, TFormRoller, TFormTrayIcon, TAppAutoRun.

  • : Shareware / $27.95
  • : AppControls.Com
  • : 16.07.2007

Citisoft buttons pack contains flexible buttons to fulfil your needs for buttons design. Included in this pack are eight buttons, namely ctNewGradientButton, ctNewColorButton, ctImageButton, ctShapeButton, ctPixButton, ctCaptionButton, ctFormRollButton and ctMorphButton.Preset button colors are included in the ctGradientButton and ctColorButton to ease your design job. With the ctImageButton or ctPixButton, any image can be turned into a button with full transparency support. The demo shows various uses for the buttons.Download the exe demo to get the taste of the buttons.Add color to your applications by using these colorful buttons.

  • : Shareware / $26.00
  • : CitiSoft Inc
  • : 25.04.2007

TColorPickerButton is a special speed button which can be used to let the user select a specific color. The control does not use the standard Windows color dialog, but uses a popup window very similar to the one in Office97, which has been improved a lot to support the task of picking one color out of millions. Included is also the ability to pick one of the predefined system colors (e.g. clBtnFace).Version 1.2 includes two minor bug fixes and an improved layout. Now you canchoose the border style of the preview rectangle (none, flat, raised, sunken).

  • : Free
  • : Mike Lischke
  • : 09.06.2007

This component enables you to chose a color from a ColorDialog and view the selected color on a rectangle area drawn on the Colorbutton. This way the users know exactly what color is currently selected! Looks just like the buttons found on the options section of Internet Explorer 3.0.

  • : Free
  • : Steven Martins
  • : 29.07.2008

Image Button is a COM based component that allows you to assign changable button icons for each state, where mouse over, mouse leave and mouse down.

  • : Shareware / $29.00
  • : Mohamed Aly
  • : 14.01.2009

This is the real time saver when you need to use checkbox to edit the value of some property. Instead of writing event handlers you just use DCPropCheck and specify there Component and PropName properties. Just look at how it's done in the included demo project.

  • : Free
  • : Dream Company
  • : 17.05.2008

Contains three components: DsCheck ReleaseDsGroup ReleaseDsRadio Release

  • : Free
  • : Djoko Susilo
  • : 17.03.2009

Features: normal or round box; 3 different glyphs: check, cross or dot; border: normal, lowered or raised; optional: flat look; optional: hot color (font color changes on mouse over); optional: disable focus; font and background color changeable.

  • : Free
  • : Steffen Goldenstein
  • : 17.02.2007

The Delphi TButton control does not have the ability to display multiline captions or captions containing mixed colors, fonts or styles. However, since buttons have the intrinsic ability to host other controls - such as labels - this limitation is quite easily overcome. The steps to be followed are discussed here.

The EXE demo with sourcecode shows a working example.

  • : Free
  • : BrandsPatch LLC
  • : 08.08.2011

Extend TBitButton with new function - make flasher caption. Thanks to Ertugrul AKIN for the idea.

  • : Free
  • : Eryto Milanski
  • : 11.05.2008

The FrameCaptionButton component is custom button in the title bars of form. Contains bitmap, design, caption etc. button styles and custom events (OnClick, OnPaint).

  • : Shareware / $10.00
  • : VIST
  • : 03.04.2011

GroupBox derivative that recursivly enables / disables all children as well.

  • : Free
  • : First Internet Software House
  • : 04.12.2007

Enhancement to Delphi's TSpeedButton control, this version adds a Repeat behavior. The OnClick method will be called repeatedly while the button is held down. Source available for purchase.

  • : Free
  • : Chuck Gadd
  • : 23.11.2008

Provides you the enhancements that you wish the standard Delphi TGroupBox had. This component allows different background colours, Left, Right, and center justify the caption at the top or bottom of the component. And two other special styles that give it a large border at either the top or the bottom.

  • : Shareware / $15.00
  • : BYTE Computer & Software Ltd
  • : 01.12.2008

HydroS Neo Button is Neoplanet look - like button. Contains 20 color skins.

  • : Free
  • : HydroS Co.
  • : 21.06.2011

HydroS Skin Button help to make buttons as Xara Web Style or Fireworks. You can make you own skin bitmap and load in button.

  • : Free
  • : HydroS Co.
  • : 17.12.2009

JanButton is a set if 16 Geometrical TButton descendant buttons: ellipse, triangles, pentagon, octagon, ring-shaped etc. with font and surface color; an example of using windows regions.

  • : Free
  • : JanSoft
  • : 01.08.2011

Wrap Button, Wrap Check Box & Wrap Radio Button. Descending from TButton, TCheckBox & TRadioButton respectively, these controls add the necessary properties and methods for AutoSize and WordWrap capabilities. If that's not enough, how about properties for any text justification horizontally and vertically. Also, the TWrapCheckBox, TDBWrapCheckBox and TWrapRadioButton all have a property, ButtonLike, that determines if the control appears and acts like a push button.

  • : Shareware / $49.00
  • : KnightHawk Enterprises
  • : 09.05.2008