Web Traffic Analysis


PowerStat2 is a c based program used for analysing the website traffic daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and gives report in statistical mode. This tool is very powerful for every webmaster to keep their sites track record up to date perfectly. Powerstat is the correct solution for them to analyse their sites traffic and to get report about their sites like, how many visitors have entered today, their country name, type of browser, type of OS, remote address, referer links etc., It displays report in graphical mode.

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  • : 01.09.2010

STstat Distribute analyzes the log files that many popular web servers such as Apache, Netscape, and IIS produce. It displays a comprehensive site usage report.

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  • : Spiros Trivizas
  • : 14.03.2008

Summary is a C based tool which is used for analysing the website traffics. This tool is built-in web server that publishes reports to the web. Users can sort the reports on any column to search specific item quickly. It gives the reports of the websites like, number of hits per page, unique visitor, number of hits made by the visitors to your site periodically etc., Users can search their required reports on search words and phrases. It also shows visitors system information like, visitors screen resolution, color depth, size, OS type and more.

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  • : Summary
  • : 22.08.2009

The program periodically queries custom webscript for new notifications/messages while you are connected to internet. When a new message is received a blinking envelop image appears in the Windows tray. The messages are displayed in HTML format and might contain Links, Images and Animated GIFs, HTML Tables and Forms, Cascading Stylesheets, etc. The program can be used for a variety of tasks such as order notification systems for online stores or internal messaging systems for dating or community-type websites.

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  • : Ilya S. Lyubinskiy
  • : 24.04.2009

WebReport is a C based program and which works for analyzing the website traffic and gives report of web server logs statistically. This program can compile on any unix platform. It displays the report in HTML and in text output which can be placed in a web directory or it can / be emailed to the specific address. To log into any number of sites configuration file is used in this tool.

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  • : Inter 7
  • : 22.06.2009

Webalizer is an online tracker program which is built in C language that analyses the webservers log and gives report in HTML format. It gives every report about the website files. This tool is extremely fast and very handy to use. It supports common and combined logfile format. It gives report about refferers site, type of browser, type of OS etc.,used by the site visitors in statistical mode.

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  • : Bradford L. Barrett
  • : 19.02.2011

Wusage is a web traffic analysis program which counts number of visitors who have visited your site and where they are coming from, which OS used by them to enter your site, which site links them to access your site mostly and every details are analysed by this tool.

  • : Shareware / $75.00
  • : Boutell
  • : 23.07.2009