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Networking Tools

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EBA:FTP Sync component is a full-featued ActiveX FTP Component that provides a simple interface for synchronizing files and folders between a client and a server running an FTP Service. FTP Sync is ideal for use in any application that requires file synchronization, as it does not require any user input. This makes a great solution for both client-side applications, as well as embedding in server-side components and scripts.Access through an ASP script, or Visual Studio application. Straightforward implementation allows quick integration with your application. Sync your website, photos, or do scheduled file backups. Run FTP Sync as a sheduled event in Windows Scheduled Tasks.

  • Стоимость:  Shareware / $59.95
  • Разработчик:  eBusiness Applications
  • Добавлено:  13.11.2007

This C based script can be used by the users in server monitoring. It can be easily run as a daemon or as an ordinary process. It monitors hosts and services on users network and it comes with the ability to email or to post a page when a problem is found and also when the same problem is solved. It displays the history, status etc., of the service which is in progress. And it has several enhanced features in it for the benefit of the users.

  • Стоимость:  Free
  • Разработчик:  Ethan Galstad
  • Добавлено:  27.07.2007

This script comes with the ability to assist users in server monitoring. It does not run in the background all the time but is fired by crontab. By using this tool users can find more than one output by creating more than one config files. This powerful tool can be utilized by the users in presenting detailed information in a protected folder through output and also to offer extended server status info to their community.

  • Стоимость:  Free
  • Разработчик:  Huseyin Uslu
  • Добавлено:  05.09.2010