Email Systems


This is a program which can be used by the users to have an automatic SMTP mailer. This program comes with ability to automate the email capability by mailing content from a HTML form, logs etc., in an automatic action. Users can use this program with ease to automate their email systems.

  • : Free
  • : Blatman
  • : 25.05.2010

This is a powerful library that uses the SMTP and POP3 protocols with many / enhanced features. This library performs auto detection and collection of bad email addresses, export and import of XML and EML, progress monitoring etc., This tool offers complete MIME capability that allows posting and retrieving of encrypted mails. This tool has the power of controlling cryptographic / service providers. This tool provides MHTML which allows the users to send and receive HTML emails with style sheets and images.

  • : Shareware / $99.00
  • : Chilkat Software, Inc
  • : 12.02.2007

Cwmail is a multi-platform compatible fully featured Corporate Web Mail System for institutions using the web as their primary method of access to email, or for ISPs wanting to provide their users with all the features one would expect of a modern email interface. This complete web-based email package allows all email processing to be handled via a web browser rather than from an email client package. This eliminates all those troublesome email client installation and setup issues in one go. Users can access their email.

  • : Shareware / $485.00
  • : RF
  • : 12.04.2009

EdgeDesk is a web-based e-mail and collaboration suite for Windows and Unix servers that includes WebMail, Calendar, Tasks, Journal, Notes, Bookmarks, File Storage and Instant Messaging. EdgeDesk is a carrier-grade, high-function solution which allows Telcos, Portals and Service Providers to deploy a robust, scalable, manageable web-based e-mail and collaboration services to consumers, enterprises, employees and virtual ISPs. The unique and fully distributed software architecture of EdgeDesk enables it to deliver the industry's best load balancing performance and availability for web-based e-mail and collaboration services. Its robust multi-tier architecture and scalability provides a strong foundation for optimizing critical business functions throughout your organization. With EdgeDesk you can allow your customers and employees to access their e-mails, calendar, files, photos and even chat via the web using a user-friendly and fully-customizable interface, all they need is a web browser (such as IE or Netscape), a cellular phone, a PDA or any other device with internet connection. EdgeDesk broad range of features and functionality allow Service Providers, Telcos and Portals to offer value-added messaging and collaboration services to consumers, businesses, employees, and virtual ISPs. Its native support for load balancing and fault tolerance assures availability, integrity and performance of mission-critical business transactions. Anyone interested in offering fifth generation, multi-access messaging and workgroup solutions can benefit from EdgeDesk. From large service providers to freemail portals, our award-winning web-based software can help your company reduce costs and generate revenue. /

  • : Shareware / $495.00
  • : Minter Software
  • : 20.05.2007

Webmasters can install this Linux server on their system to check the users email boxes periodically. Every user who is logging in to this server needs to define entire email account information like their login information, time delay, regular expressions, mail servers etc., When a mail is received on the mail server then this program will display an user defined icon and the user can download only the unread new email thus avoiding unnecessary downloads and saving time.

  • : Free
  • : Daniele Florio
  • : 06.07.2011

Xp is a Windows compatible web based email server with POP, WAP, secure delivery, receipts, aliases, filtering, signatures + mailing lists. ASP source incld. Free version supports 2 mailboxes on 1 domain.

  • : Free
  • : RF
  • : 21.07.2008