Discussion Software


Webmasters can easily design an interactive online discussion board using this ISAPI application and it is mainly designed for MS IIS servers. This tool works efficiently and quickly. This tool supports remote server administration which allows easy installation of this system easily on the remote servers. Webmasters are able to customize this system according to their needs by changing the fonts, color etc., This system has many automated features like deletion of old messages when the list number becomes very large by using the self maintenance mode. It also offers hidden email modes to protect the users messages from spams and read only, news, question answer modes to provide articles, news etc., on the websites.

  • : Shareware / $39.00
  • : Peter Houri, APD-Soft LLC
  • : 27.07.2008

Webmasters can use this specialized, efficient, powerful system to manage online discussion forums, and also allows multi threaded discussions. This system allows the visitors to read the messages on forums and to send information to the forums. This system is very efficient and fast. This system is highly secure and saves the users information from spammers.

  • : Free
  • : Doubrovkine Daniel, Vestris Inc
  • : 20.03.2008

Using this application, administrators can make modifications to the messages sent by the visitors through internet by using passwords. Using this tool, visitors can post and receive messages in the forums. Webmasters can customize the HTML documents used by this application according to their needs. Webmasters can declare the number of entries they need for each page and this application allows the webmasters to customize their desired language to be used in the forums too.

  • : Shareware / $59.00
  • : CGIMachine
  • : 21.08.2008

Using this efficient system, Users can send and receive messages in the forums faster. This system allows the users to express their views in the forums and it offers high security to the users by using passwords. This tool offers the instant messaging system using which the requests made by the users are immediately responded and their needs are satisfied. This tool can be easily customized by the webmasters according to their needs. This system offers multiple numbered threaded message folders and multiple controlled user handling features etc.,

  • : Free
  • : Lion Templin
  • : 30.08.2008

Using this tool visitors can easily post and receive messages in the forums. This tool allows any number of users to interact in real time. This tool can be easily customized by the webmasters according to their needs. This tool has the facility of storing important files or documents of the users to avoid duplication. It is designed to meet the needs and requirements of the customers.

  • : Shareware / $3,995.00
  • : Akiva Corporation
  • : 13.10.2011

Webmasters can use this interactive system for easy construction of a number of discussion boards and conferences. This tool allows multiple users to share their views online with one another. Using this system, multiple servers can be grouped very easily regardless of the software and hardware. It offers a highly secure instant messaging technique which allows the users to interact with security to their information. This tool has an interface through which the users can view all the boards, conferences and groups at a single glance.

  • : Shareware / $5,995.00
  • : Akiva Corporation
  • : 22.03.2009