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This program is basically used by website owners on their website to count how many visitors have visited their site and whoever is currently online. It offers twenty five counter digit models, the users can use it according to their sites background. It gives report accurately of their site visitors. It stores the reports in counter database to retrieve later. It has password protection facility which does not allow unauthorised person to view the records.

  • Стоимость:  Shareware / $59.00
  • Разработчик:  CGI Machine
  • Добавлено:  22.03.2007

CGI Machine Free counter is a C based counter program which is used by webmasters on their website to count their site visitors entry. It gives every report of their site visitors accurately in statistical mode. Users can get source code for free counter from this site. Free counter uses one graphic number style for the counter digit.

  • Стоимость:  Free
  • Разработчик:  CGI Machine
  • Добавлено:  09.05.2008

This program is built in C & C++ which is used by web site owners on their website to view how many visitors visited earlier and it will display last thirty days statistical report. It also counts and gives the tracking information about their visitors entire information like, system configuration of their site visitors, their origin etc.

  • Стоимость:  Free
  • Разработчик:  Frank Cremer
  • Добавлено:  18.12.2011

This is a c based program which is basically for counting number of visitors visited your site. It gives the reports statistically and also it gives site visitors entire information. It helps web owners to keep their site visitors track record up to date. This tool supports enhanced features like, various types of fonts and digits, manipulating images, stores visitors information in a log file etc.

  • Стоимость:  Free
  • Разработчик:  Muhammad A Muquit
  • Добавлено:  03.02.2009