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This software allows users to make and maintain a directory service on their own. Users have the ability to create and manage unlimited categories and subcategories that looks like the yahoo directory service. This program offers users with facilities to customize all html pages, repeated visitors to your site offering informations they need and creating a directory service with your own unique categories and subcategories. An online demo is available on the website.

  • Стоимость:  Shareware / $49.95
  • Добавлено:  24.05.2011

This script comes with the ability to assist users in server monitoring. It does not run in the background all the time but is fired by crontab. By using this tool users can find more than one output by creating more than one config files. This powerful tool can be utilized by the users in presenting detailed information in a protected folder through output and also to offer extended server status info to their community.

  • Стоимость:  Free
  • Добавлено:  05.09.2010

A dating site solution that includes chat, forum, galleries, different modes of membership, customizable design and more.

  • Стоимость:  Shareware / $149.00
  • Добавлено:  14.03.2007

It is the newest component, which provides you with a cool button in the Tray icon area. The Tray Button 98 behaves like a standard MS IE 3.0/4.0 button, just in the Tray area near Windows 95 clock. You may choose any 32x32 or 16x16 icon to see how it will look in the Tray. The VCL component includes ability to change Icon, Tooltip, popup menu, to catch click and double-click mouse events.

  • Стоимость:  Shareware / $10.00
  • Добавлено:  16.06.2007

It is an online tutorial that teaches you in detail about the variables, variable declaration and data type for the purpose of working with data. Using DIM statement in VBscript variables can be declared and the samples describe how to utilize / call the variables all over the script. And the given related articles lets you learn the ASP in detail.

  • Стоимость:  Free
  • Добавлено:  20.11.2009

The POD-I is a simple and easy to use script with which you will be able to rotate the images on your website every day. The script will select a random image from your image directory and displays it as a thumbnail image on your website. It can be clicked to view the larger size of the image. The script is fully based on templates and can be customized easily. You can view a sample demo on the website.

  • Стоимость:  Free
  • Добавлено:  11.02.2009